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What to bring to a picnic

There comes a beautiful time for flowering trees, light clothes and country joys. And what kind of a trip to nature without kebabs?

Even the most real gourmets appreciate the captivating taste of juicy, grilled meat over an open fire.

A thin note «haze» makes the dish impeccable.

However, in order to have a feast, you need to try: preparing a tasty kebab is not so simple as it may seem at first glance.

We will talk about the products that you need to buy for a picnic, and kitchen utensils for cooking chicken on an open fire.

We are interested in both gadgets for cutting chicken, and various devices that will make cooking chicken kebab easy and enjoyable.

The right kebab begins with a choice of meat.

Chicken skewers are the easiest to make chicken legs and wings: you have to be careful with white chicken breast meat — it is easy to overdry, and if you fry on charcoal, it is better on the grill than on skewers.

Chicken meat should be not just fresh, but fresh!

After all, only in this case, the kebab will turn out soft and juicy.

Fresh chicken has a whitish-yellow skin with a pink tinge.

The sticky surface of the skin indicates that the product has begun to deteriorate. On the cut, the muscles of fresh chicken are slightly wet and do not leave stains on paper.

Fresh chicken has a faint smell of fresh meat, only spoiled products have an unpleasant and musty smell. The internal cavity of the carcass is wet, shiny, without mucus.

There are no visible blood clots, impurities, feather debris, trachea, esophagus and intestines in the carcass of a high-quality bird.

A quality carcass has no fractures of the legs and wings, curvature of the back and chest bone, as well as dark pigment spots.

The chicken should look appetizing still in the store and make you want to cook something tasty!

Fry chicken skewers need a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

Before removing it from heat, check that the juice inside the chicken meat is translucent.

Any meat, like offal, is better previously pickle.

It would be good to do this at home, in advance, and not upon arrival at the place.

We offer you a proven marinade recipe that will give the meat an exotic taste.

3 kg of chicken meat «Petelinka«(Shins, thighs, wings) take half a cup of low-fat kefir or matsoni, half a cup of olive oil, a quarter cup of saffron infusion, 5 cloves of garlic, 4 medium onions, 2-3 teaspoons of black pepper, a teaspoon of orange zest, 5 lemons and 100 grams butter. Blend the marinade from the infusion of saffron, kefir, olive oil, salt, crushed garlic, finely chopped onion, orange zest, pepper and juice of three lemons. Place the prepared chicken pieces in the marinade and place, with the lid on, in a cool place for an hour.

Put the marinated bird on the barbecue grill. Melt the butter, add the juice of two lemons, a little infusion of saffron, salt and black pepper. Beat until smooth.

Grill the skewers, smearing the chicken with butter and lemon sauce and often turning them over.

Their chicken kebab, marinated in this way, is incredibly tasty! Note that the marinades «Petelinki«Difficult to prepare, but there is a remarkable way out — you can make a choice in favor of ready-made options, which are often not inferior to home ones. For example, those who follow the figure, will be pleasantly surprised juicy kebab from lean chicken breast in a spicy barbecue sauce.

In the same sauce are offered and usual for country picnics. wings and hips.

Lovers of traditional flavors «PetelinkaWill please chicken marinated in spicy herbs. This kebab always turns out especially juicy and fragrant.

A convenient bucket in which meat is sold is light and airtight, so you do not have to reinvent the original packaging in order to transport meat to nature.

The choice of grill is a delicate matter.

There are portable braziers of different types; you choose, and we only briefly describe the main options.

Disposable barbecues are a small tray of aluminum foil with a wire grid and thin metal legs.

Coal is laid inside; products are placed on the grid.

Folding and portable grills (grills) are usually small “suitcases” that are conveniently transported — in the trunk of a car or in your hands; if you handle them carefully, you can use them many times.

They are usually provided with a grill; however, if you remove the grill, you can use skewers.

The position of the grill of the portable grill in many cases can be adjusted to your liking: more often two or three heights are provided relative to the coals. This is very convenient: the meat can be lowered closer to the coal or raised away from them. The ideal distance between coals and chicken is 15-20 cm.

This is necessary so that the meat does not burn outside, but it does not remain raw inside.

For cooking kebabs best to use birch firewood, and to ignite the fire — birch bark.

Some experts claim that chicken shish kebabs are better suited firewood from fruit trees.

Wait until the fire burns, because the kebab is made on the coals.

Ready coal, packaged in bags will greatly facilitate the process of cooking kebabs.

Burning a fire with charcoal, you can start, again, with birch bark, and you can — with special liquids (just do not use kerosene: then you can not eat kebab!).

If you need to ignite coals regardless of the brazier or grill (that is, if you save the iron walls of the grill), you can use the so-called «starter».

So called metal capacity for coal in the form of 3-5-liter mugs.

You kindle coal in it, wait about twenty minutes, then shift the contents of the starter to the folding brazier.

Often this luxury has to be purchased separately.

Residents of our country will certainly take a picnic tomatoes, cucumbers, radish and potatoes.

Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes are a good accompaniment to chicken kebabs, just like potatoes, which can be put right in the coals.

For cooking on the grill are great zucchini, Bulgarian pepper, cobs corn and eggplants.

They can be fried next to chicken.

As an accompaniment to the kebab salad is perfect.

For the salad you will need tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh cabbage, bell peppers, as well as all sorts of greens — spinach, lettuce, sorrel, cilantro, parsley, dill, chard, onion, basil, rucola and that there is still a soul wish.

Salad it is better to do on the spot, taking with them vegetables and dressing sauce, so the salad will look more appetizing.

Salt is needed in any case.

Do not forget her.

Spices and seasonings — to your taste.

Someone, in addition to pepper, needs soy sauce, Provencal herbs, cumin, curry, narsharab — there are plenty of options.

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