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What is possible and what is not for those who already have stomach problems

What is possible and what is not for those who already have stomach problems

New Year’s holidays — not an easy test for the stomach.

Even if you are completely healthy. Although it is fantastic. There are no such people.

So, during the night of the feast is to follow the basic rules of proper nutrition.

Especially people who already have stomach problems.

To feel like an exile at the celebration of life is a nasty feeling. You can, of course, pretend that food interests you only from an aesthetic point of view. But much nicer culinary delights to try.

We will not advise you to put a pile of special pills next to the plate. Let remedies await their hour without ostentatious drama.

We will talk about the food itself.

Alas, but the classics of the genre — salad dressing "Russian salad" — this time there is no place on the table, After all, salads with mayonnaise and proper nutrition are, as they say in Odessa, two big differences.

And let Yevgeny Grishkovets relish describe how to absorb them well the next morning with spoons, straight from the pan. We will not do that. Although, of course, I want to.

Mayonnaise should be dealt with mercilessly — no matter if it is homemade or super-light olive, it should not be used.

According to doctors, this product is not the most favorable effect on the pancreas, so we fill the salad with unrefined olive oil.

Fatty foods are also prohibited., especially as snacks. We’ll have to give up pork, as well as fatty fish — such as salmon and salmon. But perch and cod are perfect.

In addition to them, turkey meat is recommended — it is soft and easily digestible, besides it is rich in proteins and contains almost no cholesterol.

Therefore, if a dish with turkey meat is not fatty and not fried (or rather stewed and combined with delicate sauces), then we give it the green light!

In addition, when drawing up the menu, doctors recommend to give preference to products whose use does not cause gas formation in the body.

If the trouble does happen, and you feel a slight bloating, take a complex enzyme preparation "Unienzyme with MPS". It includes "Simethicone", relieving unpleasant symptoms, and plant enzymes diastase and papain will help to digest uncleaved carbohydrate and protein residues that accumulate in the stomach and intestines.

Take "Unienzyme with MPS" need 1-2 tablets 1-2 times a day after meals.

I must say that to combine products with each other must also be very careful.

Not without reason in the classical Jewish cuisine mixing milk and meat products is excluded.

  • When in a salad and meet sour cream, and meat, This inevitably leads to intestinal problems.
  • For the same reason give up cabbage, and any, including broccoli. Cabbage is dangerous and raw, and pickled — especially as a traditional snack to vodka.
  • In no case do not put nuts in salads, they have a high percentage of fat, which adversely affects the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Do not use in the original and unusual combinations for us, for example, grapes and eggs.
  • Beans, lobio, satsivi — in the black list.
  • The same applies to hot spices — they often provoke heartburn.
  • As for eating eggplants, then if you bake them in the oven, without fat, please. But in any case, do not add to the eggplant paste of walnuts. But zucchini, like cucumbers, it is better to avoid.

Well, you say. It turns out that the most delicious is impossible.

Do not despair, all is not lost.

  • Doctors offer to include in the menu filler fish, which, when properly prepared, is not at all disgusting. And yet, for example, you can make bits with fish or squid, better steam.
  • But the main delicacy is shrimps, which are very useful both boiled and even fried. The main thing is not to buy shrimp with a lot of ice and snow: this is a sign of repeated thawing. A simple recipe: sauté a couple of chopped garlic cloves in olive oil, fry the shrimps, sprinkle them with lemon. Then any herbs are used: marjoram, basil, oregano. By the way, do not eat a lot of fried shrimp, which is also important. Shrimps can be washed down with a pair of glasses of dry red wine or a pair of glasses of good cognac. But not more.
  • Another delicacy is cheese. Preference should be given to hard varieties, but Rokfor, Brie and Camembert will have to say "goodbye". However, practically all our country has already said goodbye to these cheeses. So you haven’t lost anything.
  • Allow yourself some cheeses in the salad. However, for those whose situation is complicated by gallstone disease or pancreatitis, any cheese is completely contraindicated.

A good remedy for heartburn or pain — "Maalox". It is used as an adsorbing and coating agent with increased acidity of gastric juice. The drug neutralizes acidity and soothes pain in the upper digestive tract for several hours.

Tablets or suspension are usually taken an hour after a meal or when a sudden pain occurs.

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