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What is green buckwheat and how to eat it

Marina Pankova, on the instructions of Gastronom.ru, bought a bag of green buckwheat, sprouted cereals and now actively feeds on green shoots.

Green buckwheat — This is ordinary buckwheat, dried in a natural way.

Therefore, the color of her preserved natural, greenish-yellowish, and not brown, which is obtained after heat treatment.

Connoisseurs are convinced: more useful than raw green buckwheat can only be buckwheat germinated It turns out that sprouted green buckwheat is an important component of the diet of every self-respecting syroeda.

About this to me, an avid lover of everything roasted and steamed, told my friend Katya, a passionate syroed with 20 years of experience.

— You have no idea how healthy and tasty sprouts are! — she said enthusiastically. — This is a very special food, a holistic living organism, which is in the stage of maximum vital activity!

Try at least to add them to the salad — you will see how your activity itself will increase!

Raw foodists believe that the dormant forces of seeds come alive during germination and release tremendous potential.

At this time, abrupt changes occur in the seeds: inhibitors (substances that inhibit chemical reactions) are destroyed, proteins turn into amino acids, starch — into malt sugar, fats — into fatty acids. Approximately the same thing happens when digesting food in our body.

It turns out that by eating sprouts, we free ourselves from unnecessary work.

It is believed that the seedlings — this is the most enzyme-rich food on the planet. The fact is that the enzymes are destroyed when heated, so in the usual food for us (boiled, fried, stewed, baked) there are no enzymes, and we eat little raw fruits and vegetables.

Not receiving enzymes from food, our gastrointestinal tract works with overload throughout life, because of which nutrients, vitamins and microelements are absorbed worse with age, immunity decreases, diseases come more often and, as a result, we age faster.

By consuming sprouts, all this can be avoided.

Sprouting green buckwheat at home turned out to be quite simple. I acted according to the instructions from the package. First soaked a portion of the cereal in a small amount of water.

By the way, it is better to use dishes not deep, but wide and flat — in order to ensure maximum oxygen access to the sprouts.

After 6 hours, buckwheat almost absorbed all the water.

Of cereals I got mucus, which I, following the recommendations, washed under running water. Then I put the damp, slightly swollen cereal in the kitchen in a warm place by the stove and periodically mixed it. After about 15 hours, the seedlings sprouted in the kernels.

It is believed that the most delicious buckwheat — with sprouts 1-3 mm long.

So I tried them.

Curious — a slightly nutty flavor and a rather dense texture.

I added the seedlings to the salad of fresh tomatoes and greens, seasoned it with olive oil. The seeds of germinated buckwheat did not spoil it at all, but only added originality. True, I have not yet felt the magical effect of seedlings on myself.

But Katya advises not to despair — from the first time this is not enough for anyone.

But my younger son has a miracle salad flatly refused — he said that the seedlings buckwheat remind him of nasty worms.

Well, yes, really — it seems a bit.

Green buckwheat for germination, 500 g, 80 rubles, Russia, Altai Territory

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