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What happens to your body in a year of veganism

Veganism is becoming more popular every year. Since 2008, there are 350% more people who have completely abandoned animal protein!

But not everyone is what exactly will happen in a year with the body, if you radically change the diet.

Veggie has a long and difficult history.

In Russia, the first society of vegetarians appeared before the revolution. "Slaughterhouses" printed magazines, created restaurants and argued with the most famous doctors of their time.

Among the most famous people of pre-revolutionary Russia who refused steaks and meatballs are: Ilya Repin and Leo Tolstoy, who actively implanted among their followers the doctrine of "human" attitude towards animals and their lives.

Today, vegetarianism has taken a strong position and is one of the most popular among "non-standard" power systems in the world.

And veggieism has a lot of forms and variations — from lacto-vegeterianism (rejection of meat, but not from milk), to raw food diet (consumption of only raw thermally vegetables and fruits).

One of the strictest forms of vegetarianism is veganism or veganism — rejection of the consumption of any animal protein.

Simply put, such a food system not only taboos meat, but also any dairy products, eggs and fish in any form.

Vegetables and fruits are the main food of vegans.

Veganism is becoming more and more popular every day.

According to statistics from British scientists, since 2008 the number of vegans in the world has increased by 350%!

Someone becomes vegan simply because he pity the animals. Someone wants to be slimmer and healthier.

Everyone’s motives are different, but we are sure that anyone who wants to drastically change the food system and abandon vegetable protein should know what will happen to his body during the transition to veganism.

First few weeks you will feel a surge of energy.

Excluding processed meat from the diet and increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits consumed will dramatically increase the level of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your body.

You will feel the improvement in the work of digestion. But it may also happen that you will be disturbed by gas, colic, bloating and even irritable bowel syndrome.

This is due to the fact that you will consume a lot of fiber and carbohydrates, which the body is not used to cope with in such quantities.

But everything is likely to get better, one has only to wait out the transition period.

In your intestine will be much more beneficial bacteria, contributing to the acceleration of metabolism.

In three to six months You will notice how your skin condition improves.

The body will become more water from vegetables and fruits, and it will wash all slags and toxins from the body.

However, by this point your reserves of vitamin D that you have accumulated over the years of meat-eating will run out. Lack of this vitamin will put you at risk of heart disease and oncology.

In addition, a low level of this substance in the body provokes the development of migraines and depression.

Teeth without this vitamin will also become worse.

If you follow the principles of veganism, you can not avoid the use of food additives.

The level of iron, zinc and calcium will also fall.

Hence the conclusion — a balanced vegan diet is initially unthinkable without food additives and vitamin complexes.

That is why, before joining the ranks of vegans, we advise you to consult a doctor to pick up the necessary drugs.

After 6 months your vitamin B12 levels can become critically low.

The symptoms of the lack of this substance — shortness of breath, memory loss, exhaustion, tingling in the hands and feet.

If you do not take supplements or vitamins to balance your diet, your bones will not thank you either.

Mineral reserves in them will literally "to eat" your body.

The enamel of the teeth becomes thinner and may even begin to crumble.

Of course, some vegetables, such as broccoli, contain calcium. and in others — B12.

But if you do not make up your diet with almost medical precision and take supplements, you will soon feel an acute shortage of nutrients in your body.

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