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What goes around comes around

There is an opinion that food habits are laid down in us since childhood. Like, than mom and grandmother were fed for lunch, then you will love all your life. And although from this point of view it is possible to argue, there is still some truth in it.

Therefore, the sooner parents will be engaged in the gastronomic upbringing of their children, the easier it will be for them (the children) in adult life. Here are some sensible tips.

Start with yourself.

You would never convince the child that you need to eat right, if you regularly consume sandwiches with sausage, chips and other not the most useful things before his eyes.

The child will ask a reasonable question: “Why are you allowed, but can’t I?” And if you really can’t do without harmful delicacies, eat them at least secretly from children.

Involve the baby in the process.

Rather than long and tediously explaining to children why it is necessary to regularly eat a healthy but unloved dish, involve them in preparing dinner together.

Let them clean and cut the vegetables themselves, watch how the water boils in the saucepan, and check the time. And then they will solemnly invite everyone to the table.

Children will be interested not only to treat home, but also to try it yourself, what happened.

At the same time they learn to cook.

Expand your culinary horizons.

And your, and child. Then you can find a lot of tasty and healthy outside the usual diet.

In a family where one of the adults constantly says “I don’t eat this,” children, too, are beginning to refuse new unusual tastes.

Gradually explain what a newbie product is good at, but do not overload the child with knowledge about the benefits of this product.

When traveling abroad try to try local products, telling your child interesting stories about them.

Curiosity often overpowers children’s conservatism.

Teach your child to behave at the table. Give him cutlery as soon as he is able to hold them. So you will teach the heir to eat not only correctly, but also aesthetically.

And most likely your children will do the same with your grandchildren.

Do not deprive children of sweets. All children love them very much.

And sweets like to spoil the teeth, increase the waist, disturb the metabolism … But this does not mean that you need to completely deprive the child of candy.

Just make a choice in favor of dark chocolate, candy with natural ingredients, honey.

But bars with a dozen stabilizers and flavor enhancers exclude without hesitation.

Cook what children like.

Kids love to eat with their hands. Therefore, they are not indifferent to burgers, hotdogs, pizzas.

Well, on health!

Just cook these dishes yourself, and do not buy at fast food points.

Juicy burger of good meat with fresh vegetables, homemade pizza with broccoli and cheese, salmon pie and spinach — great food for both children and adults!

Keep on hand vegetables and fruits. As snacks, they are much better than cookies and rolls. Let the child always have access to a vase with a carrot and cucumbers, cut into strips, with quarters of apples and pears, with grapes and bananas, with dried apricots and raisins.

Starving children will eagerly gnaw at all this.

But the nuts do not leave unattended.

Children also love them, but even an adult can eat only a handful of nuts a day.

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