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What do meditation classes give

You can plunge into this amazing state to the sound of your favorite music or by reading a fascinating book.

It is as if you disappear for a while from this world, plunging into a state of rest. And when you return — you feel an amazing surge of strength. And where is it just taken!

The Dalai Lama helped find the answer to this question. He allowed scientists to explore the brains of meditating monks.

Amazing things came to light.


Tests have shown that in a meditating person, the activity of the front part of the brain has been activated, especially of the left frontal lobe. This, according to scientists, helps reduce anxiety and start thinking positively. The activity of the parietal lobe, which, we need for orientation in time and space, on the contrary, significantly decreased.

It is not surprising that during meditation the feeling of space and time is dulled and a feeling of unity with the Universe appears.

In short, meditation is an amazing state stimulating the work of some and slowing down the activity of other parts of the brain.In general, this is a great way to improve the quality of life: relieve tension and soothe the soul, reduce stress and anxiety, and allow a sense of peace to cover the whole body.

This allows you to accumulate power, so that was what to spend when circumstances require.

There are other problems that meditation helps to solve.

The person is most susceptible to various infections under stress.

Conversely, relaxing therapy — for example, meditation — enhances the immune defenses, increasing resistance to, for example, colds.

Studies show that meditation promotes the formation of antibodies necessary to fight bacteria and viruses.

A study in Los Angeles at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center showed how effective meditation is in treating hypertension. The study involved a group of patients who tried to meditate for the first time in their lives.

After 16 weeks of regular classes, their performance improved significantly: blood pressure and blood sugar decreased.
High blood pressure and high sugar can lead to atherosclerosis and the formation of blood clots.

And much points to the fact that meditation can stop dangerous processes.

In the journal “Stroke,” published by the American Medical Association, a report was recently published stating that the risk of atherosclerosis of the cervical arteries (and therefore brain stroke) was reduced in people who practiced transcendental meditation.


Meditation is gradually becoming an accepted means to alleviate chronic pain.

When a person feels pain, he also experiences fear and anxiety, which further intensifies the pain.

As a result, a person gets into a vicious circle.

Relaxing and calming meditation helps break it.

Psychologists use meditation in some extreme cases, for example, to calm too aggressive people, such as prisoners in the British Lancaster Prison.

Meditation has helped reduce the depression, hostility, hopelessness and helplessness that prisoners experienced.

And in one of the American prisons for two years after release, only 56 percent of the prisoners who practiced meditation again went to jail, compared with 75 percent of those who had never tried to meditate.

So, as we see, there is every reason to practice meditation.

Having spent a little time and energy for mastering this technique, you can get at your disposal an excellent tool for healing body and soul.

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