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What can you eat in the parks of Moscow on vacation

In Moscow parks you can not only walk, skate and feed squirrels, but you can eat too! On vacation days this is especially true.

Oysters in the Park «Charge«

In the eponymous city park, located near the walls of the Kremlin, restaurateur Alexander Rappoport opened the Zaryadye gastronomic center. On a modern food court, equipped with eight gourmet islands, they prepare dishes of cuisines from the Russian Far East to the Black Sea.

The assortment includes the freshest wild oysters and hedgehogs from the Sea of ​​Japan, Caspian flounder, Far Eastern crab, smelt from the Barents Sea, Murmansk salmon; steaks and cuts from Voronezh, Bryansk and Kazan; soup and shurpa; geese, ducks, quails; baking southern regions and porridge from the oven in clay pots. The special pride of the establishment is Lepilna, which produces and sells more than 10,000 dumplings a day, as well as: dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, dumplings, pasties.

For dessert — cakes, eclairs, cakes, sweet pastries in the area «At the Samovar».

Udon and Tom Yam in Gorky Park

A street corner with a simple and warming Pan-Asian dishes of the “Brazier” grill-bar chain — “Brazier.

Noodles & Rice.

This trend is a favorite of the brand chef of the Ivan Kravets network — he brought authentic recipes of sauces and marinades from Vietnam and Singapore. In the «Brazier.» Noodles & Rice ”installed induction woks, which are not inferior to gas in the quality of cooking.

In the format of street food in the corner give full-fledged restaurant dishes — large portions of noodles: egg and chicken, rice with shrimps in Vietnamese pad-thai sauce, glass with pork and udon with beef and black pepper, as well as spiced rice with various fillings, crispy spring rolls with sweet chili sauce and Thai spicy soups tom yam and tom kha gai.

Dumplings on VDNH

The highest tubing hill in Moscow, a large skating rink, a Christmas fair, animators for children — there will be entertainment for the whole family.

But it is possible to consolidate the connection of generations in the cafe «Varenichnaya №1», which is located immediately behind the pavilion «Robostantion» Moreover, this cafe is dedicated to the topic of space exploration: models of Soviet space satellites hang over the ceiling, the airship is one and a half meters long, and one of the halls resembles the room of a young designer with a fighter model and life-size screws.

As in any Soviet apartment, in the style of which all the interiors of the network are made, in the corner of the nursery stands the Typhoon vacuum cleaner, and the walls are decorated with photos of smiling Yuri Gagarin.

The menu consists of dishes familiar to guests: almost two dozen types of dumplings and ravioli with different types of toppings.

Deer cutlets in Sokolniki

After the figured pas on the ice rink, skating on the tubing from the hill and on the dogs in the husky park, you will certainly develop a remarkable appetite.

You can go to one of the oldest places in the park — the Lilac Cafe, which has existed here since 1956. True, in the 90s the building burned down, but several years ago it was restored in the style of the 60s.

Chef Roman Orlov offers creative dishes with Pan-Asian and Middle Eastern motifs: Far Eastern scallop tartare, wok-thai tomatoes, pea soup with smoked pork belly and scorched black potatoes, fillet of muksun with lemon pearl barley risotto, steamed marbled goby steak, deer cutlets with celery cream, buckwheat panakota with chocolate brownie.

Recreation Park Sokolniki

Langoustines on the grill in the Garden.

N.E. Bauman

Hot rink visitors and frozen park visitors will find dishes to taste at the Food Store food court. Here are a few corners: grilled seafood in the “Seaman’s Song”, Italian cuisine at Pasta Deli, fragrant pastries at Sasha Bread, warming coffee drinks at 7 Cups, hearty food and Chinese dumplings at Bolo, Neapolitan pizza at Chipp, burgers and pockets sandwiches in OK’Food Story.

In the Food Store you can buy food and takeaway.

Sad them.

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