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What are we going to do with the eggs? 5 quick egg pastes with different tastes

What are we going to do with the eggs? 5 quick egg pastes with different tastes

Painted eggs — the most common Easter gift, which is always in place. But remember that boiled eggs are stored no more than a week — and after they turn from food into a memorable souvenir. If there were too many souvenirs, then without delay let them go on the pie.

Any of these instant cooking appetizers can decorate the Easter table.

Mushrooms fit any: and fried, and pickled. If you use fried — just make the mass a little sharper and scroll through them in a blender or meat grinder with fried onions. With pickled eggs on 5 steep eggs you will need about 150 g of mushrooms, 3 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 tbsp. mustard, 3 tbsp. sour cream.

Mushrooms are quite acceptable to replace with pickled cucumbers — but still more interesting with mushrooms. Serve with toasts from Borodino bread or on rye slices

The perfect complement to morning toast and toast.

All you need is to press the blender button.

5 eggs will leave 1 can (250 g) of tuna preserved in oil, 100 g of pickled cucumbers, 3 tbsp. mayonnaise or sour cream, 1 tbsp. l mustard It will be great if a fresh baguette is found in the house, but with a usual rifled loaf it is also very good.

If you are thinking of making sandwiches with this spread, be sure to add fresh cucumber, celery stalk or lettuce leaves.

Spread wafer bread alternately with mushroom, nut and tuna pate — you will have a puff snack cake

In student circles, this is not a cunning, but very tasty version of a cheese salad called “Belochka”.

Why — no one knows. But the fact that not a single feast in high school dormitories is complete without Belochka is an indisputable fact. Recipe for 3 minutes: rub cheese and eggs in one bowl, add garlic and greens, passed through a press, and season with mayonnaise.

Proportions — as you like.

You can slightly complicate the plot and add finely grated fresh carrots or sweet peppers, use paprika instead of garlic or season the salad with mayonnaise, natural yogurt — “Belochka” it will be only good.

In a beautiful feed "Squirrel" can be quite aesthetic snack

Know-how from the Soviet past. Once smoked sausage was in short supply, and not everyone could afford it. But such sandwiches, where the sausage was present, as it were, but not all of it, allowed us to feed the guests and save the budget.

We do not recommend saving on sausage — for 5 eggs you will need 300 g of sausage (best of all — smoked, with small fat), a bunch of green onions, dill, just a little bit of mayonnaise, just to avoid painfully dry, and half a can of sweet corn .

You need to cut the sausage as small as possible so that it becomes a single whole with the eggs, and leave the corn whole — so that there is something to chew.

This mix is ​​delicious stuffed rolls of eggplant or zucchini, tomatoes or baked potatoes.

Delicate, creamy pate with a nutty flavor will appeal to the whole family. Especially it is worth taking note of vegetarians — the feeling is that it is a meat snack, although there is not a single gram of meat in it.

For 5 eggs you need 250 g of roasted onions, 50 g of walnuts or cedar coarse nuts, a couple of garlic cloves, a piece of butter, salt and pepper.

All quickly in a blender — and on a hot toast.

Nut pate — a vegetarian dish in which there is meat taste

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