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Weekend Tours — Weekend in St. Petersburg

What to do Muscovites in St. Petersburg in the autumn? Nobody has canceled the classics of the genre: take a ride on the Fontanka tram, look around the Arrow and other postcard views from the Trubetskoy Bastion of Peter and Paul, walk along Kolomna, which has not yet been touched by globalization.

You can sit on the second floor of the Book House in cafe zinger and soak up the Kazan Cathedral, which stretched across through Nevsky, or climb onto the observation deck of the Smolny Cathedral, or find the former attic of B.G. on Malaya Konyushennaya Street. In the end, go down to the subway and drive through the first St. Petersburg «red» branch, leaving at each station and watching the Stalin Empire style in its best forms.

Even if you follow at least a third of the above, you may want to eat.

In St. Petersburg there are places worthy of attention and respect.

For the latest gastronomic tendencies of the northern capital, go to Voznesensky Prospect, 6, where this summer opened in the W Hotel miX restaurant. Inexplicably, but a fact: the St. Petersburg public acquired Maestro Ducasse before the capital, miX offers a mix of French and modern cooking — the efforts of the French team, led by the right hand of Alan Ducas, Alexander Nicolas.

From the terrace, which is on the ninth floor of the hotel, it is convenient to look at the figures of evangelists at St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

True, soon the door to door with W another hotel opens — from an international brand Four seasons.

The gastronomic public of the cultural capital held its breath.

For the best meat the way lies in Stroganoff Steak House, located on Horse Boulevard side by side with the Manege.

In the brutal entourage, hanging buttresses and green lamps “from Ilyich”, pre-revolutionary Russia in monochrome on the walls, age personnel and classics of the genre: NY, Ribay, Chateaubriand and other charms of the protein diet.

For panoramic and moving views go to Rybu on the top floor of a business center on the street. Academician Pavlova — even on weekdays, in the panoramic windows the ripples of Bolshaya Nevka and the endless stream of the Vyborg embankment freeway flow into Ushakovskaya.

Actually fish in Fish almost not — there are Spanish padron peppers, Kenyan beans and soy sprouts salad and homemade chocolate truffle.

If you are lucky, you will meet media person Aram Mnatsakanov, who is also part-time owner of the establishment.

Sushi adepts go to the next Fish Bar: in the interior of industrial minimalism, in the exterior of the TV-tower in fine detail.

For fish — fresh whitefish, pike perch, pike and catfish, all this comes from Ladoga and Ilmen — to go to the newly opened tavern Grolle, the tavern settled down practically in the solution of the pedestrian street of Vasilyevsky Island. The windows of the Cathedral of St. Andrew the First-Called, in the menu were original: Caesar with Olivier is not, fed with rustic soup with dumplings and beef, buckwheat pancakes with pike caviar, kebabs with barbecue and the notorious smoked fish, fried, all.

The tavern works round the clock.

AT Farm — that diagonally from the eternal parking lot of Aurora, near Sampsonievsky bridge, lodging in a bruise, go for good honest food, look at a local landmark — the champion of Russia among sommeliers Yegor Aleshkov, eat from the hands of chef Zinnat Akbashev kazi with baked eggplant, saffron soup with halibut and shrimps and a cake of roasted white chocolate.

Pizza is baked — on the wood, there is a very active pastry shop with its own bread and buns.

For Italian food, which is accompanied by sane prices, the path has already been laid for two years on the “second Nevsky” in St. Petersburg — the Bolshoi Prospekt of the Petrograd side is called so, where the next project from Ginza was located on two floors in the former Svet cinema.

AT Capulet total with surplus: varicose ficuses, empty and full wine bottles, long loafs falling out of baskets, wooden panels, cut-out buffets, long-legged hostesses.

Plus, all the expected charms of inexpensive Italian, which until one o’clock in the morning are given by two cheerful Italian — Gaetano Calabrese and main pastry chef Matteo Lai.

For the same Italians, but with an average check, it is more expensive to head for the Trinity Bridge, from which Strelka is again visible, then move towards the Savior-on-the-Blood, where about a hundred meters away Barbaresco restaurant, opened at the beginning of the year on the Stables. A drinker can find something to occupy himself with in the original low vaults inherited from the former taxis. Not only the title drink appears in the hefty wine list — magnums and perverts of other varieties and blends contain all the numerous shelves on both floors.

Eating Italian food offers something with an emphasis on Piedmont, then making curtsy of Sicily — in order to put the kitchen in the restaurant at a time about time, the chefs come from the Apennines.

In the setting of leather, copper utensils and at times Mr. Depardieu (a friend of the organizers), in the plates are saffron risotto, ravioli with ricotta and Florentine beef with spinach, powdered with rosemary oil.

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