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Weekend tour — a trip to Riga

Berga bazars — a democratic analogue of the Moscow Tretyakov passage, in addition to shops and boutiques consists of gastronomic shops and cafes.

Every second and fourth Saturday (from 10.00 to 15.00) on the territory Berga bazars there is a farmer’s market and a small flea market.

Seasonal bio-products, delicious ready-made food and the author’s works of Riga designers — you can try everything and try on what you need by discussing the merits with the sellers. And if you get tired and want to eat, then here, for example, a small pastry shop Kanela with an impressive assortment of cakes (60 kinds) and cookies (30 items).

I personally liked the double-layer cookies of rye flour with a berry layer and small puff «snails» in caramel.
Dzirnavu iela, 84

A small dessert kingdom with a distinctive assortment. The coffee house, opened in 1910, is still fragrant with fresh coffee and pleases with handmade chocolates (including dragees and truffles).

Especially good are sweets stuffed with Riga balsam.

The place is interesting for the historian, for the architect, and for the grocery store.

The market is located in 5 pavilions, which were built on the basis of transported from Courland steel structures (floors) of the former Germanic hangars for airships. Now in all of Europe, there are nine hangars for the zeppelin of the First World War.

Five of them are in Riga. One of the most colorful is undoubtedly the fish pavilion. Here, among other things, Latvian seafood, rivers and lakes are represented in all their beauty, from crabs and eels to black caviar.

By the way, sturgeon and sturgeon caviar are produced in the lake region Latgale under brand Mottra and is on the market more expensive than the Iranian: a jar of 28 g — 22.50 lats; 56 g — LVL 42.50; 90 g — 65 lats (1 LVL about 60 rubles). We also recommend you to pay attention to the excellent local product — salted and smoked fish.

Try it, eat it and take it as gifts — for example, Roy delicacy (smoked mackerel with garlic), smoked herring, smelt, fried lamprey in jelly and, of course, the famous Riga sprats.

In a trendy little restaurant Kitchen Dishes are prepared from farm seasonal vegetables bought just at the choice of the chef at the Central Riga Market.

In fact, there are two chefs working here — Karlis Robert Celms, Latvian of American origin from San Francisco; and Sergey Yaramishyan, Russian. The chefs are always open for communication, which the guests of the restaurant eagerly enjoy, since the kitchen here is literally open.

Food in Kitchen resourceful and homely honest.

Chefs boldly experimenting with a combination of Latvian products, interpreting the local cuisine in an international format. It does not work with the usual restaurant blanks, and if something is done in advance, it is exclusively home canned food — for example, pickled rhubarb or candied melon.

And desserts in Kitchen always «according to the chef’s inspiration.»

Colorful and atmospheric place. Here, despite the very center of the city, there is a special, somewhat mystical atmosphere; in many thanks to the interior and product that is sold. This is the famous Riga Balsam, the assortment of which is now expanded with “currant” balsam and cream balsam “for girls”.

I recommend to buy a gift «magic» chocolate — this is a set with disappearing candies, as well as wonderful chocolate «Signs of the Zodiac», from which «a bird flies out.» Coffee, cookies, muffins and pastries are also available.

Be sure to go through the bar and you are on a noisy and busy street. Calciu get into a small, secret world.

This is the «courtyard of the convention» in which the building of the beginning of the XII century has been preserved.

The Museum of Porcelain is now open in it, from the exposition of which I learned that the famous Kuznetsovsky porcelain hails from Riga.

Of course, man is not the only dessert alive. Therefore, our way is in the very center of the Old Riga, on the Town Hall Square. Purpose — House of the Blue Guard, or rather, a restaurant Salve, in which is presented the Riga urban cuisine.

This is a pleasant place — and the location, and the interior, and the menu, and the cost of food.

The tasting menu of six-course Latvian cuisine costs 17 LVL.

The portions are large, the food is nourishing and cooked with special attention to the national cuisine.

If you do not master such a number of dishes, be sure to try rabbit pate, gray peas with bacon and, undoubtedly, one of the desserts with rye bread.

“Three Cooks Restaurant” opened recently — in September. As the name implies, the restaurant is managed by three chefs, one of whom is the popular TV presenter Mārtiьš Sirmais.

The center of the restaurant is an open kitchen, which occupies about half of the room. AT Trīs pavāri food delivery is given no less importance than quality and taste.

That only is a tasting set of seven sauces that are served on a wooden tray in original flasks, or sparkling proseco, which is cooled here with «steaming» dry ice.
Torņa iela, 4

To spend a romantic evening, make a pleasant wife or girlfriend, go to the fish restaurant Le dome, which is located in the boutique hotel of the same name, in the very center of the old town, near the Dome Cathedral.

The chamber cozy room of the restaurant under the white stone arches disposes to intimate conversations. The kitchen of the restaurant is managed by a young and ambitious Alex Zhilyuk — a representative of the new generation of Latvian chefs. Bright, original, prone to taste experiments and at the same time paying tribute to the classic gastronomic school, he skillfully combines Italian, French, Russian and Latvian culinary traditions in his art.

The basis of the chef’s gastronomic concept is the Baltic fish (Baltic herring, pike perch, flounder) plus the principle of seasonality.

There is in Riga and a gourmet restaurant. This is the hotel’s gastronomic restaurant. Bergs. Last year, he ranked 20th in the top of the fifty best European restaurants on The European 50 best restaurants.

Chef Kaspars Jansons undergoes frequent internships at Michelin-starred restaurants, and the creativity that lies in his dishes confirms this.

The kitchen of Kaspars is refined, light and experimental.

It’s nice that the menu, along with the duck from France and the sea bass from Greece, also contains local products worthy of a restaurant of this class.

This, for example, pike perch, pike and beef, and in the winery you can catch and Latvian wines.

The grapes for them are grown in one of the northernmost vineyards in Europe.

If you ask a resident of Riga to recommend any restaurant with a stable quality and decent service, then most likely he will call Neiburgs, located in the hotel of the same name.

The interior is full of air and light, the extensive menu is a mix of modern gastronomic trends and Latvian traditions.

The success of the establishment also lies in the fact that the restaurant creates a sense of celebration in everyday, everyday life.

Baltic herring, pearl barley, chicken liver, rhubarb, mushrooms, pumpkin, beetroot, cottage cheese … The products of the Baltic region turn into a rich, healthy and relevant lunch or dinner here.

Malvina Ruse, Rizhanka: I find it hard to imagine a henno-gastronomic map of Riga without Vīna studija. The first studio, on the corner of Elizabetes and Anthonyas, opened three years ago. Under the same roof there is a shop, a bar and a wine school.

When buying wine, they will first ask you thoroughly, and then they will help you professionally and with enthusiasm. Well-known people in society will help to solve difficulties: labels with their opinions about a particular wine are a proprietary “studio” find.

Among the extensive and constantly updated range (600 wines from different countries) there are many real rarities on the shelves. A light Mediterranean-style snack complements the experience. Periodically there are special days of customers with great discounts and tastings, evenings with the participation of winemakers, small creative exhibitions.

This is my favorite «open club» for all who appreciate life, wine and friendly conversation.

By the way, I recommend to everyone who came to Riga as a large company (up to 10 people) to spend an evening at the Studio under the supervision of a sommelier. Sommelier consultation (1.5 hours), 6 tasting wines, light snack — cheese assortment, testing samples of wine aromas — 125-200 lats for the whole company. Now Vīna studija has two addresses — Elizabetes iela, 10 and Audēju iela, 16 (department store Centrs).

In November, will open another institution — at Stabu, 30.

An open kitchen will work here and hot dishes for wine will appear in the menu.

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