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We test meat grinders

The first mechanical meat grinder was invented by Baron Karl von Dresse — the one who invented the first “stepping” bicycle, without pedals, and in honor of which the self-propelled platform that moves along the rails is called a railcar.

Following him, a similar design was proposed by Austrian Peter Mitterhof, wanting to facilitate the work of his wife. The grinder is based on the rotation of Archimedes’ screw (auger or screw shaft).

Archimedes used a screw to transfer water to the irrigation canals, and Baron used to move meat from a mouth, or a bell, through a sharp knife to a lattice.

The size of the holes of the grill affects the quality of minced meat.

The disc with the smallest holes (3–3.5 mm) is perfect for making delicate homogeneous pates and souffles.

The middle lattice, with openings of 4.5–6 mm, is used for minced meatballs and meatballs, for grinding vegetables, cheese and nuts.

With the largest grill, with holes of 8–9 mm, it is easy to get minced meat for homemade sausages, as well as scroll dried fruits and chopped hard cheese.

The first mechanical meat grinders in Russia began to be produced in the Chelyabinsk region, in the city of Kasli.

In the manufacture of the meat grinder, only pure, food tin was used, and many stages of production were carried out manually.

Therefore, Kasli meat grinders with the famous emblem — a horse rearing up — were highly valued not only in the USSR, but also abroad.

Today, lattices and knives of domestic meat grinders are most often made of cast iron, and some parts of the body are made of aluminum. In imported devices, as a rule, stainless steel is used. Some parts of the body can be made of food grade plastic, but there is nothing wrong with that.

It is durable and must withstand the load on the case. Undoubtedly, the internal parts — auger, knives, grates — must be metal.

The tray for feeding products is preferable from metal — there are no scratches on it and it does not change color when in contact with products.

Forged self-sharpening knives better stamped: they improve the quality of work and last longer.

In addition to screw grinders are kutterny. They work on the principle of a coffee grinder: at the bottom of the tank there is a rotating horizontal knife.

The stuffing in such a meat grinder turns out juicy, tender and small, like pate.


In order to test the most popular auger meat grinders, we bought 7 kg of non-frozen second-class beef, cut out the largest strands and, after cutting the meat into medium-sized pieces, set about making minced meat.

Used with this grid with holes of medium diameter. Meat scrolled all meat grinders — however, with different performance.

The devices were safe in operation, light and easy to assemble.

The function of the reverse, which allows you to turn the grinder screw in the opposite direction, we did not need — “the magnificent seven” perfectly coped with meat, small veins and films.

Moulinex ME651
● Power — 1900 W
● Result — 1 kg of 2nd grade meat in 70 seconds.
● Quantity
grids — 2
● Additional nozzles — 5 drums for a grater and cutting;
3 nozzles (kebbe — for making thin sausages, for biscuits,
for homemade sausage)
● Number of speeds — 1
● Reverse — is
● Price — 7490 rub.
Multifunctional meat grinder, which at high power runs smoothly and evenly, without jerks and frightening hum.

The meat grinder is equipped with a metal front panel — this is not only relevant, but also speaks of the strength and reliability of the device.

Stuffing turns out excellent, almost like chopped by hand.

Bosch MFW 1550
● Maximum engine power — 1550 W
● Rated power — 500 W
● Result — 1 kg of meat
2nd grade in 90 sec.
● Number of grids — 3
● Additional nozzles — no
● Number of speeds — 1
● Reverse — no
● Price — 4290 rubles.
The manufacturer of this meat grinder originally approached the storage of components: additional grilles are located on the rear panel in small open shelves-compartments.

The kit includes an additional safety sleeve. The motor is not the most powerful, but the stuffing turns out to be homogeneous, on a solid «four», and not so much time is required for its preparation.

Of the shortcomings — a fairly narrow neck.

Tefal ME 71013E
● Power — 1800 W
● Result — 1 kg of 2nd grade meat in 90 seconds.
● Number of grids — 3
● Additional tips — 3 (for cookies, kebbe, homemade sausage)
● Number of speeds — 1
● Reverse — is
● Price — 6499 rubles.
The front of the grinder is made of stainless steel, which makes it reliable and safe to use.

The design allows you to store all the nozzles in a special compartment.

When “meeting” with wiry meat, the motor does not work quite evenly, but this does not affect the quality of minced meat — in our case, in any case, it turned out to be excellent: loose, of the right consistency, with visible fractions.

Panasonic MK-G1800PRWTQ
● Power — 1800 W
● Result — 1 kg of 2nd grade meat in 50 seconds.
● Fastening — metal
● Drive — metal
● Number of grids — 3
● Additional nozzles — no
● Number of speeds — 1
● Reverse — is
● Price — 9990 rub.
The working mechanisms of this meat grinder does not use plastic — only high-grade steel. Threaded fastening clamp reliable and durable, the unit for storing wires and components thoughtful and convenient.

The motor runs smoothly and quietly enough. Please note that the holes in the middle grill are actually quite small and the scrolled meat looks more like not a medium ground beef, but rather a uniform paste with a pleasant smooth consistency.

The functions of the reverse and off the device are assigned to one button, which is not very convenient.

Vitek VT-1671
● Power — 1600 W
● Result — 1 kg of 2nd grade meat in 60 seconds.
● Number of grids — 3
● Additional nozzles — 3 drums for grating and cutting vegetables, 2 nozzles (for sausages and kebbe)
● Number of speeds — 2
● Reverse — is
● Price — 3990 rubles.
The device is equipped with a system to protect the engine from overload and overheating, has a very roomy tray, different thoughtful, functional design.

Many plastic parts, including the mount, but the most important — a meat grinder head, drums, grates and a knife — are made of high quality stainless steel.

The motor in the processing of meat is uneven, jerky, but the stuffing turns out to be properly cut, crumbly, good consistency.

Braun Triumph G 3000
● Power — 1500 W
● Result — 1 kg of 2nd grade meat in 150 seconds.
● Number of grids — 3
● Additional nozzles — 1 (kebbe)
● Number of speeds — 1
● Reverse — is
● Price — 5390 rubles.
This meat grinder is distinguished from other very convenient tray. Due to the deepening, even the “wettest” filling (bread soaked in milk or water, fried onions) will not create problems. Performance is not very high, despite the high power.

As soon as there are films, the motor is in trouble.

Stuffing is not enough friability.

Kenwood MG700 Pro 2000 E xcel
● Power — 2000 W
● Result — 1 kg of 2nd grade meat in 30 seconds.
● Number of grids — 3
● Additional tips — 2 (kebbe, for homemade sausage)
● Number of speeds — 2
● Reverse — is
● Price — 9990 rub.
Thanks to the all-metal vent, screw and knife, this meat grinder is strong, durable and reliable. The wide mouth of the cast metal allows you to work with fairly large pieces of meat. A specially designed nut wrench makes it easier to assemble and disassemble the grinder without physical effort.

The device produces an excellent «loose» stuffing.

* Prices of online stores at the time of publication

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