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We are going to hike with the child

The best way to take a break from the metropolis is to go away from civilization for a while. To touch the virgin nature, to experience some of the hardships and hardships, to love the hot water flowing from the faucet a few days later, like a real man-made miracle.

And if you take along a second-grader spoiled with gadgets, this will be a great way to show him the real world.

However, before you pack your favorite picnic blanket in a backpack, you should figure out how to prepare correctly before you go hiking with your child.

If you have never slept in a tent before, you should not buy all the equipment of a sports supermarket, preparing for a week hike. Test your strength one or two nights at the nearest authorized parking lot near the reservoir or at your own summer cottage.

Feel the unevenness of the ground with every inch of your back, hear the child’s moans for the twenty-fourth time how he missed cartoons and fears “over that spider”, and then decide whether you want to continue this experiment on a prolonged scale or three meals a day and a soft bed is more suitable for your moral well-being.

For an overnight stay in the open air, you will definitely need:

It is advisable to choose a camp house with through ventilation and a spacious vestibule, so that you have where to leave things. Check the seams and gluing, they must be strong, without the slightest holes, because what could be worse than a flowing tent and a sudden three-day rain?

Choose a tent based on the exact number of people living.

In a double tent, the three of them will be crowded, and in a triple room, for example, the two of them can be cool.

Overnight in a tent is already a real adventure for a child.

This may be a heat-insulating camping foam, or a more convenient, but also an expensive option — a self-inflating mattress mat, 2-3 cm thick. Do not be fooled by the imaginary comfort promised by lush inflatable mattress manufacturers promising you royal nights in a tent.

Such mattresses excellently let in the cold, so that you will have to spread a foam mat under them.

In addition, they have the unpleasant property of suddenly partially deflating or bursting, so that in the middle of the night you risk feeling like a bug rolling back and waving when trying to get up from a half-filled mattress.

Determine the temperature at which you will have to exist in the campaign. Of course, when studying the forecast, it is worth paying attention to the coldest night hours.

Moreover, keep in mind that when the camp is located near a reservoir, the temperature in the tent at night may turn out to be a couple of degrees cooler than in an optimistic forecast.

Extremely useful and convenient thing in the parking lot.

Protect from rain, sun and wind, create an atmosphere of a cozy «living room» at least on the coast, at least in a forest clearing.

Certainly, its romance in the sitting on the foam rugs around the fire or on a checkered rug with a basket of fruit is. However, your knees and fifth point will definitely thank you for a comfortable folding stool or chair.

Well, the table is vital if you do not want to engage in cooking and eating food right on the ground among the sand, grass and omnipresent ants.

Al fresco lunch is always a joy

A mug, a spoon, a bowl, a knife — this is exactly what this abbreviation, which is well known to all travelers, stands for. It is best to choose metal options — from stainless steel or aluminum.

If you want wooden — to be closer to nature, plastic — to feel better, faience — to be beautiful, like a blogger, to be photographed with food under the canopy of blue spruce trees, just try to wash the oily plastic or wooden plate with cold water. And yet — scrape out fifty fragments from the trunk of a car.

And then — to the store for a stainless steel bowl.

By the way, you can grab the plug, which is not included in the KLMN list.

But, for example, scrambled eggs, vegetable salad or kebabs are more accustomed to eating it.

Phrase "camp kitchen" does it draw a pot hanging on tripods in your imagination? The picture is undoubtedly beautiful, but modern technologies allow to approach the issue of cooking more practical.

Inexpensive gas stove and several replaceable gas cylinders — and at any time you can heat, fry or brew something in a matter of minutes.

Remember that evenings and moonless nights away from the city may well illustrate the saying "at least take out your eye".

And in order not to extricate yourself really, you should think about the lighting. In the arsenal it is desirable to have:

— headlamp for every adult and child

— a convenient and bright hand lamp to illuminate distant parts of your camp if necessary and take the raccoon who steals the remnants of porridge by surprise.

— static light in awning and tent.

LED festoons working with finger batteries are perfect — they spend a little energy, and create a festive atmosphere for all 100!

Light in the camp on moonless nights is very important

Mosquitoes, midges, and gadflies — these buzzing enemies can be great at spoiling holidays, so stock up on an effective repellent.

The same raccoon who ate your porridge for sure will bring the whole family with him to the next feast, including the maternal grandchildren.

But seriously: you do not want to see your provisions scattered throughout the camp or covered with ants, hide all the products in airtight containers that are difficult to open even with very tenacious legs.

If you go on a long hike, the task of collecting a lifting backpack with everything you need is calculated literally on the scales. Approximate daily menu for an adult: breakfast — oat-flakes, 50g dry; lunch — snacks, dry bread, cookies, dried fruit, dinner — buckwheat / rice, 80 grams in dry form. However, if you are going on a hike with a child, we still recommend the auto-pedestrian format: to get to the place of the supposed parking by car, where you can load everything you need, and make radial expeditions-expeditions.

In this case, if you have a mobile box cooler, you can afford even younger things for the younger participants of the campsite.

With the gas burner you can quickly and easily cook hot dishes.

Drinking water.

If you are not sure that you will find a spring with crystal-clear water at the proposed parking place, stock up with purchased bottles at the rate of 4 liters per person per day (including cooking).

And remember, even if at first glance you find clean water, it should be boiled or filtered using special camping filters before use.


Mark the arrival of the first parking place in a big way: barbecue, salad of fresh vegetables, cool wine.

Further, alas, without access to civilization and the store, will have to do with canned products.

Adults — the classic stew, children — canned meatballs and meat puree in the format of baby food.

Retain its freshness the first two or three days, then have to do with croutons and bread.
Dairy. Today, in any store you can find milk that can be stored for months at temperatures up to 25C.

If it’s hotter, it’s better to use powdered milk.

Omelette will bring you breakfast only if the air temperature during the day does not exceed 20 degrees — it is at this temperature that the CPS recommends storing eggs for 25 days (do not forget to see the production date).

Scrambled eggs for breakfast are also possible in hiking conditions.

Cereals and pasta.

Classic buckwheat, rice, pasta — ideally combined with stewed meat, cooked quickly and at least quickly consumed even by small "badly", walk up in nature.
Dry ration.

Cookies, breads, crackers, gingerbread cookies will not only be a wonderful addition to a cup of tea with freshly picked thyme, but will also be useful during hiking expeditions around the area.
Vegetables and fruits. Fresh greens, cucumbers and tomatoes will pamper you for the first three days of rest outside civilization.

Longer-playing carrots, potatoes, cabbage go further.
Tea and coffee — an indispensable and important attribute of any self-respecting camping.
Sugar, salt, spices and sauces — taste.
Of course, making up your grocery basket, you should focus on your personal preferences.

The main thing is not to collect a lot of perishable products, otherwise you are coming not so sad as ruinous "funeral chicken tobacco".

Modern children rest "in the wild" will certainly benefit. It remains to relieve their grief for the gadgets left in the city apartment and switch to real rest!

Take with you balls, water pistols, badminton. Come up with a quest — search for treasure with various tasks for endurance and knowledge, let the guys in the end get a well-deserved box of toys and sweets.

Such a holiday they will remember for a lifetime!

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