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Waffles in an electric waffle iron

As a child, Elena Ilyina felt that the most delicious thing in ice cream was a waffle cup, and in a chocolate cake her waffle base.

So she mined waffles in her childhood, removing them from the finished product until an electric waffle appeared in the house.

My mother tried many ways to cook. waffle, and the recipe was found, according to which they turned out perfect — thin and crispy.

The idyll reigned until our cat became interested in a notebook with recipes soaked in the smells of food.

Several pages, including «with waffles«, Were literally eaten.

Then the waffle maker was gathering dust for a long time and finally disappeared during the next repair.

But a couple of years ago I was presented with a new electric waffle iron.

I immediately began to try different recipes and found the best one!

Due to the fact that not too much oil and eggs are used, waffles retain perfect crispness for several days.

What do you need:

  • 250 g flour
  • 120 g butter
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tsp. vanilla sugar
  • 200 g sugar

What to do:
Melt the butter.

In a large bowl, beat the eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar, add the butter and mix well.

Mix flour in baking powder and sift into the oil mixture.

Mix everything well with a mixer.

Heat the waffle iron.

Grease the baking surfaces with oil, if so indicated in the waffle iron instructions.

The first waffle as the first pancake: on it we test the degree of heating of the waffle iron, the baking time and the amount of dough that is required to obtain the desired thickness of the waffle.

If you want to do wafer rolls or horns, then lay out the hot waffle on a flat surface and immediately start to turn off.

The hotter the wafer, the easier it folds and less breaks.

So that your fingertips do not get so hard, dip them first in cold water, and then grasp the edge of the hot waffle.

Elena Ilyina:
“In my family, the grandmother was the bakery chief — she knew how to bake cakes“ like in a village ”: a huge number of cakes and cheesecakes with different fillings from a huge amount of dough.

Mama rarely baked and it was a Soviet classic: Honey cake, nuts with condensed milk, biscuits in mayonnaise, tubes with marmalade.

Experiments with Bird’s Milk, as I remember, have failed.

In my opinion, baking is a real pleasure: from the smell of spices, from the snowfall of flour that is sifted into a bowl, from whipping butter and sugar from yellow to white, from turning thin ordinary-bodied proteins into white glossy peaks, from the secret life of a dough full rustles and sounds, from the warm smell of yeast dough, which is so nice to put in place and observe how it is persistently chosen back.

When I need to organize my thoughts and ideas, I bake cookies, which are cut with molds.

When I did not cope with the next technical device, I take out the waffle iron — it always submits to me. When you need to calm down internally, bake cupcakes.

Tune in for the holiday — cakes.

This kind of baking therapy turns out. ”

Elena Ilina’s recipes:


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