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Visited the production of oil Oleina

Company Bunge, founded in Amsterdam in 1818, today it is a large concern headquartered in New York specializing in vegetable oil. In Russia, in 2008, the company opened its own high-tech plant in Voronezh region.

It is there, on imported equipment, that the refined sunflower oil of the brand, known throughout Russia, is produced. Oleina.

A correspondent was able to visit this plant. Gastronom.ru.

The reality of the modern Russian market is that refined vegetable oil is much more in demand than fragrant, including unrefined sunflower oil: more than 3/4 of sunflower oil purchased in Russia belongs to the class of refined oils.

This tendency is understandable because refined oil is convenient to use for frying: it foams and splashes less, it burns less in the pan.

As for fragrant sunflower oil, apparently, the time is not far off when it enters the premium product segment.

The plant in the Voronezh region produces only refined deodorized oil.

These are several brands of oil, of which one of the most Oleina.

Sunflower seeds collected in the central and southern regions of Russia are delivered to the plant in the Voronezh region.

The raw materials are used exclusively in Russia: the properties of the seeds themselves contribute to this — because of their ease of transporting raw materials from far away, it turns out to be expensive.

Raw materials initially undergo a rigorous laboratory analysis — the level of moisture, acidity, and its possible contamination by pests are determined.

If the moisture level is higher than normal, the seeds are slightly dried.

Acceptance of seeds is interesting, among other things, and the fact that 30-ton trucks with grain are tilted to an angle of 38 degrees is an unusual and beautiful sight.

After receiving the raw material, the seeds enter the russel-branch, where they are brought down, breaking the husk to get the grain.

After that, the seeds are sifted, and the kernels are fed to the moisture-heat treatment.

It turns out the pulp, which, thanks to screw pressing, gives the first press oil (it is immediately filtered from impurities).

Next, the oil is refined. This process consists of several stages.

Hydration is the removal of phospholepids from the oil with citric acid: this oil stops foaming when frying. Then the oil goes through the bleaching stage, that is, it is given a beautiful presentation with the help of white clay.

Then, in the process of winterization (freezing), waxes (paraffins), which are contained in the feedstock, are removed from the oil using cellulose.

Finally, the oil undergoes deodorization, that is, the substances responsible for odor are removed from it with the help of steam and temperature.

So it turns out that the oil that residents of Russia with pleasure use in the kitchen.

Capacities of the plant, built in 2008 according to European technologies, make it possible to process 540,000 tons of raw materials per year and produce over 200 million bottles of sunflower oil per year.

Butter Oleina, as well as other brands of oil from the factory Bunge, exported to other countries, including Mongolia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

Interestingly, refined bottled oil is not the only product that leaves the factory. Bunge in the Voronezh region.

Nebulised oil is also produced, which is then bottled by other companies.

The by-products of butter making are granulated husks (it is used as fuel) and the meal that goes to feed livestock.

The company Bunge brings together many factories in different countries of the world.

Production of oil of different varieties (olive, soybean, rapeseed) and different brands has been established in Spain, IT, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine.

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