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Viennese strudel, step by step recipe with photos

Disputes about who came up with the strudel, do not make sense. It was prepared throughout the Austrian Empire right up to its collapse.

And, perhaps, the Viennese strudel — the best that remains of this empire.

  • egg yolks — 2 pcs.
  • wheat flour — 250 g
  • butter — 2 tbsp. l
  • salt — pinch
  • apples — 1 kg
  • raisins — 100 g
  • sugar — 100 g
  • fresh bread crumbs — 100 g
  • chopped almonds — 75 g
  • butter — 100 g
  • powdered sugar — 2 tbsp. l
  • sour cream — 125 g
  • cinnamon — 1 tsp.
  • 1 lemon juice

Apple strudel (Apfelstrudel) — thin dough roll with apple filling -.

Strudel (or strudel, mute.

Strudel) — Austrian dessert. Traditional avtriysky strudel.

Apple pies (or, as they are called in English-speaking countries, an apple pie) will be eaten.

I’ve been making this recipe for a long time! Super! Now this is my signature dish)) I absolutely agree that water should be poured in parts. I experimented a lot with stuffing. With cranberries / lingonberries / pumpkin + apple.

Any combination with a bang! And instead of breadcrumbs (forgive me experienced cooks), you can use regular bread crumbs for tea or oatmeal cookies (!).

Soon the New Year, I strongly advise you to bake the strudel.

The house is filled with the magical scent of a holiday ..

And I just ate the strudel in June of this year in the cafe Central in Vienna.


In my opinion this is one of the easiest strudel recipes and the most delicious.

The only thing I replace almonds with walnuts, and I roll out the dough not on a towel, but put polyethylene on the table — it is very convenient and the table does not need to be cleaned after the flour and the dough is removed very easily and nothing sticks.

It seems to me that those who fail the dough are likely to measure the flour and water either by eye or by cups. Try to use scales, then it will turn out great and you will not have to add anything. I began to use the scales after I got acquainted with the recipes of bread and baking by Richard Bertine, he even weighs yolks and proteins for his baking.

And it always turns out perfect.

About stretching, rolling on a towel, etc. Rolled on a piece of sheets.

It is smooth, the dough does not tear.

Stretched by hands and dough well according to the recipe of the Hungarian retouch with cherry. (https://www.gastronom.ru/recipe/23431/vengerskij-retesh-s-vishnej) There they stretched it all with their hands.

But there is another dough.

According to this recipe, I don’t get enough of flour and knead at once. Feel the dough. Lipnet a little sleep and knead.

Flour is different, and with different flour, with different amounts of flour, you will feel the moment when the dough practically does not stick to your hands or to the surface. Gorgeous roll, he was surprised.

Strudel turned out SUPER! The basis of success "felt the dough" when kneading. Survived, repulsed necessarily.

Strudel, not cracked at all when baking. ps

I liked both the dough and the taste is much more retouching.

I want to make a correction: the dough should not be rolled out, as it is written in the recipe, but stretched by hand, it is very elastic, the strudel is prepared, I tell you as a person who attended a master class for its preparation in Vienna.

And only then it is impossible to fold on a towel and a towel, for it is impossible to roll a rolling pin on a towel (as written in the recipe). And, yes, if there is little experience in cooking, it is better not to cook it yet, since there are inaccuracies in the recipe that the novice will not notice right away

I read the comments and decided to do it completely according to the recipe. All is well.

Rolled on the table top sprinkled with flour. The only thing "knead the dough".

It seemed to be steep like dumplings, but here it turns out soft. Share who cuts apples, what size slices. How does it lay out?

What would then look beautiful and neat after baking. ps Temperature — was guided by 200 C.

good day, Elena! Our family is the most favorite dessert.

Cooked for this recipe 20 times, if not more.

Every time we get there, the last piece, the son always says, mom and not if we cook, another strudel))) I cook strictly according to the recipe, everything works out perfectly.

Excellent exhaust dough!

I recommend everyone to try.

Elena, how can you make shortbread dough from 250 g of flour, 2 tablespoons of butter and 125 ml of water?

This, of course, is not filo, but unleavened dough, which can be stretched into a thin layer after an hour of sucking. "Recently, I began to notice a lot of errors on the site, a pity. " — The recipe was published in 2007.

I succumbed to good reviews, although the composition of the test was in doubt.

Judging by the recipe, you should get a shortbread dough, and "filo" and how to pull it into a thin layer? As received on the output. Bottom line: I made something like a cake with apples from the above test (well, don’t throw it away!) I spent another min.

45 for plain fresh dough, pour it with butter (15 minutes. Kneading + 30 minutes in the fridge) and it naturally rolled out perfectly.

Recently, I began to notice a lot of errors on the site, a pity.

Have not tried)) But you need to try. I hope very tasty

Made a strudel for this recipe, just super. Friends (both on a diet)))) mummed with pleasure. To which the husband said: Diet, diet, just do not know how to cook.


It turned out very tasty, they smiled at once.

Instead of towels used parchment paper, it turned out great.

And the flour took more than the prescription to make the dough, not sticky to the hands. instead of almonds used walnuts.

I did it twice 🙂 It turns out very tasty. very good recipe Dad was delighted 🙂

A good recipe, delicious.

But not only the strudel remained from the Austrian Empire, learn history. Or do not rush about what you do not know.

flour is necessary at times more, because if you cook strictly according to the recipe, then the dough will be liquid, and should be "cool"as for ravioli. And so nothing, tasty, though the stuffing made without raisins and with cream 35%

I did not add raisins, took dried almonds, added some marzipan to the dough, did not smear it with sour cream, but, as advised below, in two or three layers with butter. yummy. I learned how to wish for a beloved woman — she is delighted.


Preparing strictly according to the recipe. Girls. No words!

Strudel turned out just excellent. The dough turned out elastic, soft, well, just great. After the cake has cooled 15 minutes have passed and it was gone) I recommend it to everyone.

Tastier than served in restaurants in Moscow)) Good luck to all.

Pamper your loved ones!

The recipe is good. somewhat modified: instead of butter in vegetable dough, 2 tablespoons; the dough was settled under a warm bowl for about an hour. The dough is incredibly elastic, rolled out on the table, sprinkled with flour, to the thickness of tissue paper (the tabletops were clearly visible), did not grease with sour cream. The roll wrapped itself without a single break and crack)) During baking (I have 50 minutes), I smeared with melted butter three times.

The top layer is delicate, fragrant, with a creamy taste.

2 hours after baking, they washed the dish)) I recommend!

I bake often.

Instead of 2 yolks, I put 1. In the dough, add 1ct spoonful of lemon juice.

Knead the dough for 10 minutes. in the bread maker. I roll it out on an ordinary table without any towels and fold it coolly. The thinner the dough, the tastier it is.

Add + dried apricots and prunes., A little vanilla.

The first time I make strudel. Already in the oven. ))) Somehow even anxious, will it work out ?! I decided to cook this dessert spontaneously, so I did without crackers (I tried to take into account user comments, many of them are useful.

Be sure to write about the result.

And the next time I go to the store first, so as not to depart from the recipe.

I did everything according to the recipe, while I was reading, it seemed terrible how difficult. but we are not looking for easy ways. The result exceeded all expectations. the husband, who hates baking with apples (thanks to the mother-in-law tasteless apple pie) and any other dishes containing apples, just purred with pleasure while eating my strudel. Thanks to the grocery store.

True, the kinder liked only the strudel crust — he did not appreciate the stuffing!

Calorie in the recipe should be corrected) and even scary to cook.

Calorie content: 4217 kcal for 1 portion probably meant 421?

Serha dough turns harsh, but generally very tasty strudel.

I recommend meringue instead of sour cream.

Those. Beat 4 squirrels, add 10 tbsp. Sahara. And the rest is further according to the classic recipe.

I bake 15 minutes, at a temperature of 200. You can also add dried apricots and prunes, just do not spoil)))



Cooked almost according to the recipe, was not at hand almonds and cinnamon. It turned out very tasty!


I did everything exactly according to the recipe, it turned out just SUPER.

Only she used not a towel, but waxed paper, oiled with vegetable oil, and also smeared a rolling pin with oil.

Thanks for the recipe!

Cool recipe. One of their best.


For those who are especially gifted, it is necessary to point out that 1 kg of apples with skin and hearts, or not some meticulous individuals (for example, I) will try to stick a kilo of peeled apples into thin dough and break the strudel at the most interesting moment.

Thanks for the recipe! It turned out very tasty!

Serving vanilla ice cream especially tasty to strudel!

Just lick your fingers!

By the way, the finished puff pastry (bezdrozhzhevoe) goes very well, the strudel is very tender, eaten instantly :)))) almost never has time to cool down.

A puff pastry strudel is, of course, very funny))

It turned out just gorgeous! Especially delicious with a scoop of ice cream.

The only remark — it is desirable to cover with foil during cooking.

Slightly changed the recipe — bought ready-made puff pastry, did not add bread crumbs, butter took 25-30 grams, all other ingredients "approximately". Yummy!

It turned out 2 rolls (dough 450g).

at 200 gr. from 10 to 15 min. I cook, the apple stuffing doesn’t crawl, the strudel keeps its shape, I usually water it with shock. (in a water bath black chocolate with butter, some milk, a little sugar will melt to crunch, you can drip "Baileys"). I put the glaze on a hot studel. are working

Yes, dear friends, this strudel, was served to the gods on Olympus as a dessert, I have a little pre-road coffee and this is our main dish =))) Pts delicious!

Who reluctant to mess with the dough, you can buy ready-made filo. It is closest to the classic pastry for Viennese strudel. also the thinnest. At home it is very difficult to cook.

We have Filo sold everywhere.

And Mozart.

Strudel won.

The recipe is super !! And the dough, and filling.

I have already made it several times so plastic that it rolls out and stretches to a very thin state.

Just at a temperature of 200 degrees, the strudel is baked for 15-20 minutes, nothing more.

Yes, the dough really needs something else, because it turns out to be very solid, and so 5)))

the dough made another (stretch), and took the stuffing from this recipe.

It turned out super.

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