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Video exercises for slim hips

Yana Verlovitskaya, instructor of group programs of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit: “This set of exercises for the hips is optimally selected: only 4 approaches, but they involve the main muscle groups of this zone, working through which you will really achieve a beautiful relief. The main task of the exercises is to work not so much on quantity, but on quality.

Do not strive to do as many repetitions as possible, the main thing is the correct technique and quality of movements.

And to help yourself, be sure to imagine what muscles are involved in the work and how you feel when doing this or that exercise. ”

The exercise program is recommended for 9 weeks: 3 times a week

Attention: between classes, you must pause at least 1 day!

1) Fitness ball

The ball should be well inflated, but not so much that it was difficult to hold on to the exercise.

How to choose your ball size:

Your height = ball diameter
Below 155 cm = 45 cm
155-171 cm = 55 cm
171-186 cm = 65 cm
187-200 cm = 75 cm

2) Dumbbells

Rather, only one dumbbell. At first, a dumbbell of 2 or 3 kilograms will suffice.

If you are a beginner, try switching to a 4-pound dumbbell in the eighth week. If you have any experience in fitness, then on the sixth week.

But always be guided by your feelings: the last repetition in the set should be given to you with a noticeable effort, but the weight should not interfere with the exercise technique.

Exercise technique

Execution rate: rising, slowly count to three, dropping down — just as slowly count to five.

Between sets, pause for 1 minute.
Breath: during the rise / maximum exhalation, exhale, during the return to the starting position / relaxation — inhale.

To perform the exercises regularly and as efficiently as possible, try to work out not only at home, but also in the gym: the trainer will correct the technique of exercises and give useful recommendations if necessary, and observing the obvious results of those who work with you in the gym will definitely increase your motivation.

Yana Verlovitskaya
Instructor of group programs of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit.
He specializes in fitness strength and cardiovascular training in the style of X-PUMP, X-RACE, STEP FIT.

Mariyat Mukhina, nutritionist:
“The hip area of ​​women has its own characteristics — a slightly slowed down blood flow and a tendency to accumulate water. Therefore, it is necessary to include celery and cornel in the diet, the juice of which has a diuretic effect. Algae, rich in iodine, and sprouted grains of wheat, rye, oats, activate metabolism, and, therefore, metabolism.

During intense workouts indispensable and boiled lean fish.
But what should be definitely abandoned is flour and dry breakfasts.

Despite the fact that breakfast cereals, as a rule, consist of grain, they also have sugar and fat.

Also forget about snacks and chips that are saturated with fat and salt, causing swelling of the subcutaneous fat in the thighs. ”

To achieve the best effect from the exercise program, follow the daily diet menu from Mariyat Mukhina and the calorie table of products.



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Project partners: the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit and the clinic of Dr. Mukhina "Origitea".

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