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Vegetable Dishes

Vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals are an important and necessary part of our diet.

These are delicious vegetable salads, a variety of stews and saute, baked vegetables, soups, winter preparations, snacks, even jam — just not to list.

In this soup there is everything that can be said about Ukrainian cuisine. He is nourishing, fragrant,.

Very quick to make a baked pepper cream soup with a bright rich flavor, it doesn’t like it.

Lenten patties with potatoes to cook simply and quickly enough. Check out our statement on.

Lean dough is no worse than butter. This recipe can be used not only in the post, but in.

One of the most popular salad recipes on our website and in Russian Internet.

There are a lot of recipes for making cheesecake. The option that we offer you is pretty simple, but.

Have time to enjoy the taste of tomato soup, while real ripe ground tomatoes are still being sold. .

For carrot dough, you can use additives from other types of vegetables: pumpkins, sweet potatoes, zucchini.

Delicate broccoli soup with shrimps, fried with almonds and garlic, and soft cheese.

This is a very very tasty potato! It’s all about the dressing: spices, garlic, lemon juice and olive.

Very simple and tasty casserole! This is such a magic wand: how to quickly cook dinner for.

Even in hot summer there are cool days when you want something warming, which is to say about.

Already become one of the most popular in the restaurant Valenok — salad with avocado and poached egg served.

Recipe courtesy of the restaurant chef "Honest cuisine" Sergey Eroshenko

Recipe courtesy of the restaurant chef "Muesli" Vladislav Korpusov

Lavash rolls are always very helpful to the hostess. They can be cooked for a picnic, served on.

Stuffed zucchini — it is always tasty, beautiful and festive! And if as a filling.

The soup is elegant, nourishing, with a minimum amount of fat and maximum benefit.

Shrimps baked in the shell, on the one hand, retain all their juice in themselves, but on the other.

This simple and easy meal is good because you can serve it both before dairy and before meat.

Baked eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes and champignons with cheese and garlic sauce.

Eggplant caviar, and even cooked according to my mother’s recipe — it’s just a holiday of some kind! .

Cooked «rice» from cauliflower is perfectly stored: up to a week in the refrigerator or.

How do we usually cook potatoes? Well, cook, fry, mash will do or in a particularly ceremonial version.

How nice in the winter to open a jar of dried tomatoes, made with your own hands! This is perfect.

All the savory salad with shrimp, avocado and cucumber sauce is enclosed in wasabi. Is he .

Beef, green leaves and spicy chillies are a great set for confrontation.

The dish is pretty easy to prepare, but it looks festive and elegant. For a spectacular feed you.

This is not a bouillabaisse and not an ear, but even winter tomatoes are not able to detract from the spicy-sour grandeur.

The rustic-style thick soup from Tuscany consists of a minimum of ingredients. However it is not.

Tell me who can give up at least one glance at the soup with such an expressive and inviting.

This salad may well replace the second course, especially if it is cooked warm, that is, not.

Perhaps this is the best thing you can do with Brussels sprouts. Fast, easy and tasty so much.

Avocado shake for any season and occasion from Andrey Bublik, bar manager of Rose Bar. Suitable for.

The creamy consistency of this drink is beyond praise, but taste. It is better not to talk about it, but immediately.

Gentle, rich cream, which could well be called summer soup, if it were not so.

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