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Veche, heh, pyegodya, kuksi, and 5 more amazing Korean dishes

Veche, heh, pyegodya, kuksi, and 5 more amazing Korean dishes

Alexander Kan He is known as one of the most creative mixologists in Moscow. But recently, Alexander played a new role as a restaurateur who opened a network of home-made Korean cafes in the capital. K-Town. In them, Kahn offers to taste dishes that are traditionally prepared in his family.

Alexander told us about his favorite treats.

Veche — Korean cucumber salad

"Cucumber salad with the Russian name of veche is a very popular Korean dish. These pickled cucumbers can be cooked very quickly.

The main thing that is required is to draw out excess liquid from cucumbers. For this, cucumbers are cut into strips or slices, covered with salt and left for ten minutes, then poured with water and squeezed. Then marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, salt, sugar, vinegar, pepper and sesame oil, add ground coriander.

And it turns out an interesting snack.

Like cucumbers, but the taste of cucumbers is not. Such cucumbers are a traditional addition to many Korean dishes, for kuksi, for example. But as an independent snack under vodka — great.

I just plan to insist on vodka on ginseng, it will turn out to be a very useful thing, ginseng is very good for men’s health.

Usually, drinking on the potency negatively affects, and in my case everything just turns in the other direction.


Russified Koreans’ love for peppers, scrambled eggs and meat is concentrated in this dish. Medium spicy pepper is cut in half, stuffed with minced meat, roll in an omelette and quickly fried. Then pour a mixture of soy sauce with vinegar and pepper, as well as soy sour cream (a mixture of soy sauce, sour cream and kimchi).

It is in this combination that peppers give a unique taste.

Further, the main thing — to stop in time, so as not to eat everything alone.

Meat peppers in an omelet is a kind of Korean stuffed peppers.

However, the taste of this dish is fundamentally different.

In short — it is very tasty.

Meat Peppers in Omelet

The older brothers gave me a drink at the age of four. When we lived in Tashkent, a forty-liter can of rice drink stood in the barn with my grandmother. Boiled rice, which remained after the meal, was sent daily to this can, milled wheat, a little sugar and a little yeast were added to it.

Grandma poured it all with water and closed it.

For 3-4 days, rice ale was ready. I remember that on the can was always a scoop of pumpkin. My grandfather regularly visited the barn and rattled there with a ladle.

And the brothers once told me: "do you want lemonade"?

And I banged it "lemonade" and got drunk, walking around the yard staggering and singing songs.

There are four degrees in kamdi.

Alexander is mixing soft drinks in K-Town. The only exception is rice El Kumdi.

My favorite since childhood salad. When my mother was cooking it, we all went around the bowl all the time and took a bit.

Raw potatoes are grated on a grated straw (like a Korean carrot), put into durshlak and briefly dipped into boiling water.

Thus, it is slightly cooked and becomes soft on the outside and crispy on the inside.

Fried onions are added to the potatoes, and then everything is refilled: salt, soy sauce, a little garlic.

People, when they try this salad, do not immediately understand that it is made from potatoes.

Korean potato salad komdicha

This cold soup was coined from poverty. For broth, use laurel broth, which is then seasoned with ground tomatoes and garlic, add soy sauce and sugar.

Separately boil noodles, washed it in ice water.

A large portion of noodles is placed in a deep bowl, and omelette, noodles, cabbage in Korean, veche, boiled chicken breast, beef stew, and finely chopped tomatoes are laid on it. All this is laid around the noodles in a circle, and in the very center they add fresh cucumbers and radishes, cut into small strips, and sprinkled with sesame. In fact, this is such a Korean version of okroshka, but much tastier.

Summer, light, but hearty soup.

In the vegetarian version of the soup there is a fern, giving the taste of mushrooms, and instead of meat is used soy asparagus.

In winter hot kuksi is cooked in chicken broth.


Chapche — fried glass noodles, cooked in a special spicy sauce. Actually, this name belongs to the sauce.

Every Korean mistress has her own recipe for chapcha, but in every base there is almost always a natural soy sauce in combination with various seasonings.

Glass noodles with chicken and vegetables

This is the name of a salad of pickled pike perch with pickled radish.

Usually when it is cooked at home, there is a terrible stench — they put the raw fish in the pot and leave it for a few days, it starts to go out and stink.

In this state, it is taken out and mixed with radish.

This is not very nice and quite long. I simplified the traditional recipe — pikeperch pickled in vinegar, like Heh’s fish. To preserve fish tastes added Thai fish sauce, which is made using similar technology.

The kitchen does not smell, I save time, but the taste turned out to be one to one.

Panchane — pickled pike perch with radish

Heh is the principle by which Koreans marinate raw fish.

In Tashkent, where I lived in my childhood, it is very popular to make Xe from a carp.

Usually this happens on fishing: a fresh carcass of a carp is filled with vinegar essence, and it is pickled.

Then add ground coriander, onion, fresh cilantro, a little sugar, soy sauce and pepper vegetable oil.

In a similar way you can make Xe from chicken.

Roasted chicken marinated, but not in the essence, but in vinegar.

Warm Pickled Hye Chicken with Green Onions

Now in Moscow everyone knows steam pies pianse. Gone is almost the same. So called steam pies in Old Korean.

Years are made from yeast dough. The consistency of the finished pie should resemble a sponge — you drip soy sauce onto it, and it is immediately absorbed. This sponginess is obtained due to the fact that the ripening dough must be lowered and raised 3-4 times — the dough was replaced, it rose, it was mixed and kneaded again.

Then the dough becomes porous like a sponge. In the finished dough, traditionally, a beef, pork and white cabbage stuffing is put, then they are allowed to stand for a little more time so that the pies swell, and in this form they are placed in a double boiler. 40 minutes soar without opening the lid, otherwise the dough will settle.

Get a hefty cakes with a weightless dough.

My grandmother made a huge palm-sized holiday, and each wrapped it in a towel so that they would not cool down.

I recommend cutting the patties in half and watering them with two sauces — kandyay (a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and ground coriander) and soy sour cream. Why sour cream?

In childhood, when we ate dumplings at home, we always poured soy sauce on them, but, often, my friends came to visit — Vitka, Vovka and Seryoga, and asked for more familiar sour cream.

So we sat, dipped the dumplings into the sauce, then into the sour cream, everything was mixed, and I realized that it was so much tastier.".

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