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Varenichnaya Victory in Moscow

Restaurateurs from Kiev first opened a good meat restaurant on Novy Arbat Tarantino, and then on Arbat — the first point of the future network of varenichny Victory.

Just the second Victory opened on m. Aviamotornaya.

All these points are beautiful, each in its own way.

First varenichnaya Victory, that on Arbat, these are two spacious halls, in the cheerful interiors of which they feed with generous portions of Soviet culinary masterpieces. First and foremost, of course, dumplings: with cottage cheese, cherries, cabbage, potatoes, liver, mushrooms, liver, pork, lamb, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries.

There are boiled, and there are baked in a pot.

You can order monoportion, and you can assorted.

Prices are low — from 160 rubles for a huge portion of self-made, with a thin dough of dumplings, with sour cream and caramelized onions, with horseradish or with greaves.

In the main menu, all the dishes that our grandmothers cooked for our mothers, and our fathers served in city canteens. Network creators talk about their menu like this: “We remembered all the hits of the Soviet cuisine, added what we loved as a child, compared recipes with culinary books from the Soviet Union — and from this we formed a menu«. Be sure to try: sweet dumplings with blueberries; Siberian dumplings with pork and beef; multilayer liver cake with boiled carrots and fresh cranberries; Assorted five kinds of bacon, thinly sliced ​​and served with lard, green onion, dill and hot pepper.

And be sure to tincture: hrenovuhu, mead, cranberry and cherry.

Quotes from the menu:

  • Forshmak with croutons — 150 rubles.
  • Dumplings with cabbage in a pot with toasted meat — 200 rub.
  • Potato pancakes with mushrooms — 170 rub.
  • Chop Capital with mashed potatoes — 290 rub.
  • Chicken Kiev cutlets — 250 rub.

The wine list is also very nostalgic: Crimean semi-sweet, dry «Soviet»Champagne, vodka, cognac, tinctures and liqueurs.
Average bill: 500 rubles.

The interior is varenichny funny — pennants and porcelain figurines, gramophones and «waste paper»Classic in an old chest of drawers, dishes with bright poppies. The pre-war telephone set was purchased at one of Moscow flea markets: the seller assured that he was standing on the table by a large nomenclature manager. On the same flea market for the restaurant, many other beautiful things were purchased: a bust of Lenin, a carpet with Shishkin’s bears, a clock with a pendulum, a top.

On the tables there are lamps under green shades, on the walls of the guitar with scarlet bows and old skates with long-dull blades.

A kind of sincere kitsch, which, without pretending to anything, does not leave indifferent either an expat, a guest, or a native Muscovite.

Andrei Kanishevsky, Project Manager “Varenichnaya Victory”, First opened a varenichnaya in Kiev. And already after it became clear that in the capital of Ukraine dumplings «a la sovetik«Are very popular Victory It was decided to open in Moscow. The first point is on the Arbat, so that it is convenient for tourists and the townspeople on the outskirts of the dumplings hand-made did not have to go.

Andrei says that owners plan to open 5–10 restaurants a year. «But, unfortunately, in Moscow it is difficult to search for premises, we have been looking at options for a couple of months now, but we are very upset by the price-quality ratio«.

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