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Valentine’s Day: 7 quick gifts from the heart

Valentine’s Day: 7 quick gifts from the heart

Love prefers impromptu, romantic mood and not indifferent attitude to gifts!

Here are some interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Here are some ideas how you can always have time to congratulate your love on the Day of All Lovers. The main thing in gifts is speed and simplicity. Well, beauty, of course.

We arranged the proposed options in order of increasing complexity of execution.

Make some delicious sandwiches, for example, roast beef sandwich or sandwich «Three cucumbers» on Borodino bread, or hot sandwiches with mushrooms, pepper and pesto. Each wrap in food film.

Take a large sheet of pink paper and pack a sandwich in it, like a caramel.

Take a red marker, a marker or a pencil and draw a heart (or even a few) on the “candy”, write a romantic greeting.

In a word: go for it!

We draw hearts on the packaging of gifts by February 14

Wrap a chocolate with meaning and feeling.

Buy a quality chocolate.

Remove the paper wrapper from it.

Take a sheet of ordinary writing paper, write a poem on it (for example, one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, they are just the right size — not to mention the quality of poetry), preferably with ink and calligraphic handwriting. Let the ink dry, put the piece of paper on the table with the text down, put a chocolate on it, slightly diagonally.

Wrap the chocolate in paper, fix the edges in several places with glue or tape.

Tie a chocolate with a ribbon, preferably pink.

For packaging on February 14, choose the details of pink

Make an impressive color cocktail

For this cocktail does not require any special equipment.

Take a large mug and half a pomegranate, put the pomegranate seeds in a mug. Add 1 teaspoon white sugar. Mash pomegranate with sugar.

Fill the mug almost to the top with ice cubes and leave for exactly 1 minute alone. Strain and pour the liquid over 2 martini glasses.

Pour tequila glasses in half into each glass, then pour very cold sparkling water into the glasses to the top. If desired, add a small handful of pomegranate seeds.

Immediately serve.

Preparing a cocktail for February 14

This can be done if you have a lot of photos of your beloved or beloved. Print them in the same format and attach to the wall so that one photo slightly comes over the other, and together they create the outline of the heart.

Use glue stick, double-sided tape or buttons for mounting.

With all the simplicity, it produces a stunning effect. You can even without a contour, finally printing photos and collecting them in a photo album.

Just refer to the choice of photos wisely and select the best ones for your half to like them.

Finally we print the photos and put them on the album.

Prepare Chantilly Cream with Mascarpone

The easiest cream in the universe, but perhaps the most delicious.

Buy a bag of fatty cream, which you will find (not less than 33% fat), a package of crystalline citric acid, a box of powdered sugar, a small jar of mascarpone cream cheese and a package of cookies or delicious small muffins.

Pour the chilled cream in a bowl, add a pinch of citric acid and a spoonful of powdered sugar. Take the mixer, lower the whisk into the creamy mass and whisk — first at slow speed, and then at medium speed. When the cream is about 2 times larger in volume, try the cream and add as much icing sugar to make the cream seem a little sweeter than you need; powdered sugar is introduced gradually.

Then add half the mascarpone and mix with a mixer until smooth.

Add the remaining maskropone and mix again. You can add some sweet liqueur to your taste to the cream (ideally, oddly enough — Ammaretto).

Put the cream in a pastry bag and decorate them with muffins.

If you have time, bake them yourself. recipe Alexander Selezneva.

Using a pastry bag, decorate cupcakes with cream

Delight dear person pink ice cream favorite taste

Buy a large jar of good flavored ice cream and a bottle of cranberry, lingonberry, raspberry, or cherry syrup (remember what taste your half prefers).

Remove from the jar 3-4 tablespoons of ice cream (you can eat them), and leave the rest of the ice cream at room temperature for a couple of hours, until it softens. Add a little syrup, mix. Continue until the ice cream has the desired color.

Cover the jar with a lid and place in the freezer.

Every half hour, remove the ice cream from the freezer and vigorously stir with a fork. Within 2-3 hours the ice cream will acquire the necessary consistency. The main thing is not to eat too much in the cooking process.

Serve ice cream, best with berries.

We treat ice cream with fresh berries

Surprise homemade muffins decorated with pink chocolate

You will need 1 medium beet tuber, 200 g white chocolate, 100 ml cream with 20% fat and 2 teaspoons of sugar. We advise you to buy or bake yourself 4 muffin, so that there is something to decorate the resulting chocolate.

In this case, you will need a little more fruit jam, preferably red currant, cranberry or cherry.

Pour 2 liters of water into the pot. Wash beets and put in water.

Put the pot on the fire, let it boil and continue cooking for another 15-20 minutes.

Then remove the pan from the heat, carefully remove the beets from the boiling water (with tongs or just with a fork) and cut it with a knife into four or five parts (it will cool down faster). When the beets have cooled to room temperature, peel them and grate them. Fold the grated beets into gauze, gather the gauze in a knot.

Holding the knot over the bowl, squeeze the juice with force.

He will fulfill the role pink dye.

Take a deep bowl.

Put it in a colander. Take a pot of this size so that you can put a colander with a bowl on it.

Pour into the pan so much water that the bottom of the colander does not touch its surface. Put the pot on the fire, bring the water to a boil.

Place a colander with a bowl on the pot, pour about half a cup of cream into the bowl, break the chocolate bar there and add sugar.

Heat, stirring, until the mass becomes homogeneous. Add 1 teaspoon of beetroot juice and mix.

If you want the chocolate to become even more pink, pour in some more beetroot juice and mix again.

Do not pour all beet juice at once — it can be a real horror!

Allow the chocolate mixture to cool slightly. Put the muffins on a plate, pour with pink chocolate. Put the plate in the fridge so that the chocolate froze.

If it seems to you that chocolate icing could have been thicker, repeat this procedure, again warming the chocolate slightly over boiling water.

We bake muffins and drown chocolate for decoration

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