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Useful teas

Green tea: an effective antioxidant

Green tea comes to us in a teapot from the same bushes as black. But unlike black tea, it is very weakly fermented (that is, in the process of processing the tea leaf is oxidized only a couple of days, and not several weeks).

Due to this, green tea is extremely rich in catechins — very healthy substances that are stored in it better than in black tea.

Including a very valuable compound from the breed of catechins, which is unaesthetic called «epigallocatechin gallate«.

It acts as a very active antioxidant that can prevent cell injury. Therefore, he is promised a great future as an anti-cancer drug. In the meantime, scientists recommend drinking about 5 cups of green tea a day.

In addition, green tea, thanks to this valuable catechin, improves cellular regeneration and helps with recovery after a heart attack.

And finally, green tea is able to speed up the metabolism and fat burning, therefore it is indispensable for those who control their weight.

It is especially pleasant that even allergic people can drink green tea: it contains natural antihistamines and due to this reduces puffiness and inflammation.

Insist: 2-6 minutes
Water temperature: 70-80 degrees
Daily dose: 5 cups

White tea: a drink of youth

White tea is produced only in China and only in limited quantities.

It is made from tender buds and the youngest leaves of a tea bush of certain varieties — for the most expensive types of white tea, only 1-2 upper leaves are used.

But white tea fully justifies its price: since it is subjected to minimal processing, it retains as much as possible all the benefits that nature has endowed with tea leaves.

White tea has a powerful antioxidant effect and prevents the appearance of cancer cells.

It can be a cure for bacterial and viral diseases, so when you have a cold or an intestinal infection, Chinese medicine recommends drinking a kettle of white tea.

It knocks the temperature and stimulates the bowels.

And it contains a lot of nutrients: polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamins C, PP and group B — all that is necessary for youth and beauty.

Insist: 5-8 minutes
Water temperature: 60-80 degrees
Daily dose: maximum 16 cups

Black tea: a classic of the genre

Black tea contains a lot of useful substances, but most of all it contains flavonoids — healing substances with an antioxidant effect, which give the tea a characteristic bitter astringent flavor.

They prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, fight the development of atherosclerosis and prevent cholesterol from oxidizing (and it’s much easier for the body to handle non-oxidized cholesterol).

Black tea flavonoids reduce pressure, strengthen the immune system and promote detoxification of the body.

Therefore, black tea lovers do not need to change their green tea with the detox diet, the main thing is not to add sugar or milk to tea.

Insist: 2-4 minutes
Water temperature: 90 degrees
Daily dose: maximum 8 cups

Herbal tea: the synthesis of taste and benefits

A mixture of herbs, berries, flowers and fruits is called tea, of course, conditionally. However, with the leaves of the tea bush they have in common the original taste and undoubted benefit.

In each case, its own, special.

It has a calming and antiseptic effect.

Treats inflammation of the eyes and throat, has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

With increased acidity of the stomach relieves mucous irritation.

Relieves menstrual cramps.

It invigorates and improves digestion.

Rich in vitamin C, it has a pronounced cough, diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Reduces headache and dizziness.

Elderberry flowers
Soothe the central nervous system.

Well help from the flu, colds and inflammatory diseases of the throat.

Hibiscus (carcade)
Strengthens the walls of blood vessels and regulates pressure, has a calming effect, improves immunity, has anti-cough action.

Caution: allergies are not recommended.

Ayurveda tea: to each his own

At the heart of this tea-drinking is a philosophical teaching with a 5000-year history of achieving harmonious relations between a person and the world around.

It is based on the theory of the three constitutions of the body and soul: vata, pitta and kapha.

You can take the constitution test on the websites of ayurvedic clinics and schools.

It is a collection consisting of licorice root, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, with a very sweet and full-bodied taste.

It has a calming effect.

Tea pitta
The collection, which consists of dried rose petals or wild rose and cardamom.

It has a delicate flavor, refreshes and soothes.

Fragrant tea with ginger, saffron and cardamom.

It has an invigorating effect.

Tea detox diet

Three days of this diet is enough to return the body to vigor, to the skin — freshness, to the liver — a feeling of lightness.

The basis of this diet is a special detox tea.

See below.

Cleansing the body: 10 principles of detox

The body needs regular cleansing, and the beginning of spring for this is the most opportune moment.

Today — 10 basic principles of detox.

See below.

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