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Ukrainian green borsch, step by step recipe with photos

  • vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l
  • onion — 1 onion
  • bay leaf — 2 pcs.
  • carrots — 1 pc.
  • salt — to taste
  • sorrel — 150 g
  • pork on the bone — 400 g
  • bell pepper — to taste
  • wheat flour — 1 tsp.
  • boiled boiled egg — 1 pc.
  • potatoes — 4 tubers
  • spinach — 150 g

Borsch is a classic dish of Slavic cuisine. Borscht is a thick vegetable soup, the main ingredient.

Borsch is a classic dish of Slavic cuisine. Borscht is a thick vegetable soup, the main ingredient.

Meat broth can be prepared from any meat: beef, veal, lamb. From pork broth.

The phrase I can cook at first glance is meaningless. I know how to bake on coals — this is yes,.

If we assume that soup is the most Russian dish, then green soup is the most spring Russian dish.

Elegant brisket of lamb, any entrecote and ribs, ossobuco and even real roast beef.

I do not presume to judge whether it is real Ukrainian borsch or not, but it is delicious.

And yes, be sure to put sour cream on the plates.

The recipe is great.

That is how always cooked green borscht.

It is precisely said that how many people, so much borscht. I was taught by a friend who cooks very tasty, and now I cook borsch with sorrel like that. Broth (to your taste.

I love pork), in a frying pan I roast beets (beet) and pour broth into a frying pan, I bring it to full readiness (right there in the frying pan). When it is ready, add a pinch of citric acid so that the beet will get back color. If there is fermented beet, then it is not necessary to do this, just chop it and stew it.

In the broth cook shredded carrots and potatoes. When they are cooked, pour beets, shavel into broth (after washing, processing from tails and scalding with boiling water to remove the harm of sorrel), chopped green onions, dill, parsley, and boiled egg (cut in half) into a plate and sour cream in a plate .

I really like. No tomato, tomato, capsuses — that’s for sure

In our family, green borsch is cooked like this: Broth on pork with bone.

Add the new potatoes and young carrots cut into rings. Cooking dressing — crush in a mortar a small piece of bacon with greens (dill, green onion, green garlic-feather, dill flowers).

When the vegetables are cooked, add the dressing and finely chopped sorrel and quinoa. Let it boil, turn it off and let it stand.

You can fill with a beaten egg or serve with boiled egg and always with sour cream. (earlier piglets were stabbed on holidays, old lard was added to borscht, this is because there were no refrigerators, so they used lard that remained on the farm after the last holiday — Easter). Borsch is not thick, but very tasty and satisfying.

The proportions are arbitrary, you want a more acidic — sorrel big bunch.

The rest of the greens for the usual soup, maybe a little more.

read all the comments and amused. Especially smiled experts Ukrainian cuisine who say Burat. In Ukrainian, they are known as yak, but they speak in the Kursk region, maybe even immigrants from Russia in the southern regions of Ukraine.

Any soup should be red? Strange statement.

If we take as a basis the version of the origin of the word "borscht" (word fusion "beet" and "soup") — it somehow they surprisingly merged. I met the recipe for green borscht with beets and sorrel and without cabbage — Kherson region. Someone adds rice — I wonder when rice appeared in Ukraine?

And this is an ordinary green borscht, since in Ukraine it was cooked from time immemorial and they did not call them soup, cabbage is not a Ukrainian word.

. where is the green borsch ??))))))))))) (I’m occasionally baking croissants, so it’s not an Austrian dish, it’s cooked everywhere. Or maybe it’s also a Russian dish?)

I completely agree with GUEST, beets must be in green borsch, but pickled, sour cream, eggs, sorrel are the obligatory ingredients of green borsch

How many people, so much borscht!

And if meat is put in boiling water, then there will be no foam!

And we live in Moscow and imagine all life in the spring we cook this dish, only it was always called "sorrel soup", and not Ukrainian this dish, everywhere and in Russia and Belarus it is prepared.

The usual summer recipe with different variations, beets are not needed here at all!

And we love borsch with beet leaves, when she is still young, and do not need to put sorrel, the leaves give a pleasant sourness, the children always wait for me to weld borsch with beet leaves, they burst with pleasure!

Borsch is beautiful and very tasty!

Any soup cooked in different parts of Ukraine is very different in taste and ingredients. In its eastern part, if not added, fermented beet is not a green soup.

Cooked borscht for this recipe. Easy, freshly, once you can slurp.

I live in Ukraine all my life, so I’ll correct the recipe a little: if you do a zazharku, only without carrots, it is better to crush boiled potatoes right in the pan, egg or boil the egg into small cubes, or whisk the raw in a cup with a whisk (fork) and gently pour into borsch, stirring it strongly, so as not to have one com (my muzhiks like that). Well, in talelochku necessarily sour cream.

Be sure to have on the table black bread, commander fat and garlic with onions.

What are you arguing here? In principle, the recipe for green Ukrainian borscht is correct, just to add borsch it is necessary to add finely chopped, overcooked non-greenhouse tomatoes, no flour is needed, put some potatoes in and add to borscht, so it will be nourished! I advise you to chop and add to borscht! So my grandmother cooked from Donbass.

Such a treat for the ears can not be dragged.

any borscht NEVER boiled HEALTHY RICE. not ours is not Slavic.

We in the Kuban in any borsch put buryak, only for this grow its special variety. He is so called borshchevoy.

This variety is not red, but pink with white veins.

In Russia, this sort is not. therefore, they use the so-called grape varieties. And the borscht they get is not red from a tomato, like ours, but from beets, and the smell is why the borscht has a specific

I grew up in the south of Ukraine. How many can remember, mum cooked green borscht, only with rice. I cook with rice and without, as I want, tasty and so and so.

When she got married, her husband from Kuban, he said that his mother was cooking green borsch with beets. I cooked, also liked.

So, cook for health, as you like, it is tasty, healthy, diverse.

Ukrainian green borsch is like borsch (soup), but without beets and cabbage and tomato, instead young nettle or sorrel, other local herbs such as quinoa. Sour cream and egg (boiled or just boiled) necessarily. Zazharyuvati not obov’yazkovo, ale you can.

I am a native of Luhanshchini, mom envy so rob.

I completely agree with you that green borscht is cooked without beet and zazharki and more greens

Green borsch is called so because there is a lot of greens in it — sorrel, spinach, dill, parsley, green onions — everything that appears in early spring.

Tell me why fry this divine dish. — Meat broth — Potatoes — GREEN in large quantities — Eggs (sliced ​​or poured — not the essence) — Sour cream The rest is superfluous. HONESTY Want nourishing — add 1-2 tablespoons. rice for 3-4 liters of soup.

Enjoy your meal. P.S .: When adding more rice. porridge can and cook separately

Citizens, comrades! Be sure to be a beetroot (beetroot), just pickled and add this very juice in which the beetroot was sour. And no tomato or tomato!

This is another soup, with tomato. Beetroot fermentation is very easy to clean, cut into a glass jar, pour it with raw water and in a week the fermented beetroot is ready. A sign of readiness is a soft beetroot. Kvass is slightly sour.

But in general, only it would be delicious!

And I, along with sorrel, make a green onion. gusto

so touches the comments of people who say that if there is no beet, then it is not a soup! in Russia it is possible and so, but I declare that my mom (originally from western Ukraine) and all my friends and friends are preparing the dish described above. and it’s called GREEN BORSCH. only I prefer the raw egg straight into the broth.

and generally green soup netak cook. who wants a real recipe-knock

Green borscht in different parts of the former USSR is cooked in different ways, but an integral part of it is the sorrel, eggs and sour cream. SCHEDGEED KABBE (who cooks with potatoes, who with nettle). Red borscht is necessary with tomato and beetroot. B beetroot soup Tomato not put. TWO!

Well, what is the dispute about? in the Urals and in Siberia, this soup is called green soup and they add here sorrel or young nettle in half, or just one thing. Someone from the housewives adds tomatoes, someone does not add, but they always fill with sour cream. It is just that spring is boring winter food (stewed beef soup, pickle, saltwort, mushroom soups) and you want diversity, but sorrel and nettle are the first greens here and prepare it in spring.

This soup is summer, "cooling". I never knew that he belongs to the Ukrainian kitchen, my mother comes from the Urals, and I myself live in Western Siberia and they cook it here too.

I know this soup since childhood.

about greaves, and my granny dodavala, who pvlіtri and then more than a day, didn’t get ready to see the dressing, and just poured in borscht taka smakotaaaa, and schob bulo szmchnyo chshychone. in the furnace 2. on the nature 3. in the oven 4. on the plate

and my granny dodavala pEVlіtri and then th more than the first smetanka, not pslya for preparing a vidi refueling, and she just poured in borsch Taka smakotaaaa

Skіlki tsіkavyogo dіznasya!

1. We don’t put grain crops in our livestock 2. I sense the green borsch in the beetle. Navi not slyavayu. 3. Tomato — tako.

4. Shpinіn put I did not try. Підозрюю, що підійде.

Mom hoard leafing young buryak. Ale meni, honestly, it seems, do not follow. Here is a young man who sprinkles, there is more.

5. I throw significantly more than I am milling, I have already written in this recipe. Tse Well Zeleny soup — vіn Got Booty tart))) schodo refills — so zvichayno, obov’yazkovo Zi sour cream) Yakscho Absent reberets — like Zi shkvarochkami: on vitoplenomu zasmazhiti Tsibulya and hrustkі shkvarochki at the ready, tarіlku throw. І, you know, є seryozna porada — DO NOT throw carrots! Koll, if I didn’t want to gotowati, I wanted a green borsch.

I used to go to Internet, I knew the recipe and prigotvala. Result: tse unwillingly bulo yours! Just a hypo.

Zatelefonuvala mumi — complained about his armlessness))) Zyasuvalosya, now єdiyi Іngredієnt, who did not go in from the green borscht, until I called, — tse morkva. Prigotuvala without morkvi — gusto! So from: DON’T KEEP THE CARROT!

Over there is clearly a hoot.

Just try without it.

This is exactly GREEN BORSCH.

I come from Western Ukraine and they cook it that way!

And mother and grandmother. And I live all my life in Eastern Ukraine and here it is cooked that way! All my friends and neighbors.

So this recipe is truly Ukrainian. In general, there is popular wisdom that each housewife has his own recipe for borscht)))

Is not "Green soup"! In Ukraine, there is also a light beet or striped here and add it to the thickness and color of this borscht is really green and the grass should be two to three times more so that it has taste and smell. Hi!

I am from Western Ukraine.

Is not "green borsch", the dish can most likely be called "a la "Green borscht". Any soup should be red, i.e. add the beet.

That borscht "green" suggests the presence of fresh greens in large quantities, but this does not mean that it should be green.

And I am from eastern Ukraine, but we do not place beet in a green borsch, I hear about it for the first time. But a little tomato or tomatoes are added.

At the expense of cereals — this is optional, I want to be more satisfying or thinner. Only preferably not rice, but millet or semolina. Eggs in each family lay in different ways, who adds a mash from raw at the end, and who cuts steep ones.

And sour cream in the plate must!

Vkusnota! I went to cook!)))

Sour beetroot and beet kvass, in which it is sour, greens and sour cream, are surely added to the green borsch in eastern Ukraine. It’s really tasty, we don’t put rice.

This is Ukrainian borscht, but not all of the ingredients are slightly.

Be sure to refuel sour cream (and the color and acid required borscht) I live in the south of Ukraine and we cook it.

We in Ukraine cook really green borsch with rice, so that we can be more satisfying and whiten with sour cream.

It turned out nastoyaschy green borscht. With rice it would be more satisfying.

The only thing with sorrel and spinach protected. 300 g is a lot.

I put a maximum of 150.

Since childhood, I remember grandmother and mother’s GREEN BORSCH. But my relatives still added rice, I do not remember the presence of flour in the frying, but it is possible that the flour is delicious.

I’ll try. thank

This is the most natural Ukrainian green borscht, which is cooked with young root vegetables and greens. And cabbage is cooked in Russia with sauerkraut and no spinach and nettles are put there, because greens they appear much later.

And in general, borscht has nothing to do with Russia, there is soup and pickle.

Yes, if there is beetroot, then borscht means, and if not, it means cabbage soup.

And it does not matter in Russia or in Ukraine.

In the central part of Ukraine, where I was born and raised, it was called and is called green borscht, so everything is correct.

And I also fry green borsch with tomato or sauce.

And the cabbage soup is cabbage soup, in Ukraine it is called cabbage soup, you can’t even put cabbage soup next to green borscht in Africa.

It’s funny to read comments about the name of this dish, of course, this is not borscht, and not soup — this is Green Borscht — a separate dish, it’s under this name that half of Russia and Ukraine know. In the central zone of Russia, it is possible that it is called Green soup)), but what’s the difference — the main thing is that it is tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

I have never added flour to a fried soup in Green Borsch, this time I will try.

Borscht is necessarily beet and tomato, and this recipe is soup, soup, stew, anything else is not borscht.

Borsch is different from the cabbage soup because of the presence of beets in it.

Because the page is given recipe soup, not green borscht.

And we love sour beet, the same soup, only instead of cabbage — sorrel.

This is how my mother and grandmother cook, only when I fry onions with carrots I add a little tomato or freshly chopped tomatoes.

So it turns out soup, only green!

I always make green borscht according to this recipe, and my mother, grandmother, and godfather also do.

Therefore, I also think that this is a real green borscht.

At least, in our Ukrainian families it is prepared this way!

And you tried it yourself, what are you writing about? Green Ukrainian borsch was not standing right here.

This is the most natural green borscht! not even a hint of soup!

soup is not tasty, green borsch is more tasty

soup is prepared on the basis of sauerkraut, and this is exactly "green borsch"

This is not a green soup!

Nothing strange, just in Russia more often this type of dish is called cabbage soup, and in (on) Ukraine they call borscht!

If we take as a basis the version of the origin of the word "borscht" (word fusion "beet" and "soup"), then it turns out that borsch is nothing like soup with beets, and of tomatoes))) it tastes better with them!

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