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Tsar’s Easter, step-by-step recipe with photos

  • egg — 3 pcs.
  • raisin seedless — 1/2 cup
  • butter — 100 g
  • dried cranberries — 1/2 cup
  • sour cream — 1 cup
  • sugar — 150 g
  • Country cottage cheese — 500 g
  • lemon (peel) — 1 pc.
  • vanilla — 1 pod
  • almond sweet — 1/2 cup

No holiday Easter feast is complete without homemade baking and sweets. Apart from.

Here are some Easter recipes that we came up with especially for children. They are gentle, not very.

Easter in 2019 will be celebrated on April 28th. Even before the holiday, choose Easter recipes and.

Easter cake is a special, «festive» type of bread. It is baked from yeast.

Easter sweets are not only Easter cake and curd Easter. For the holiday and bake gingerbread, and.

On the holiday table must certainly be Easter.

Easter are raw, boiled and boiled. They .

Cooking a good Easter is much easier than a good cake. It doesn’t matter if you make it raw, brewed, or,.

Olga Zakharova, under the serum I had in mind the liquid that separated from Easter while she was standing under the yoke.

I heard that on this already sweet and fatty substance you can put a brew for Easter cakes, but I haven’t found similar recipes yet.

But the pancakes, you can probably try to mix.

Tatyana Shemyakina, you can bake pies and pancakes on whey. Beat the word "serum" in the search box on the main page of the site and choose for yourself the desired recipe, for example, this one: https://www.gastronom.ru/recipe/37378/francuzskij-hleb-s-chesnokom-i-provanskimi-travami or this: https: //www.gastronom.ru/recipe/37747/tvorozhnye-bliny-na-syvorotke

Delicate, moderately sweet Easter. The cranberries in it are very good. After cooking, the cottage cheese acquires a beautiful yellowish-pink shade and perfectly freezes in the refrigerator in the forms under the yoke, reaching even a friable structure in two nights.

Last year, made from a kilogram of cottage cheese, it was not enough. This year — of two, the thing is to treat relatives, friends and colleagues at work.

Great recipe!

It remains to figure out how to use the remaining delicious whey.

Very tasty Easter!

Excellent frozen, kept under the yoke for 1.5 days.

Now only on this recipe I will cook.


Thanks for the recipe!

The most delicious Easter! She hardened well, even earlier than a day. &# 127800;&# 127800;&# 127800;

Catherine, you got a mess after a day "keeping" curd mass under the yoke?

A terrible recipe. I bought the freshest cottage cheese and sour cream. All by measure and by prescription.

Brewed up the first bubbles. The result was a liquid softener, which in principle does not freeze.

Even in the fridge.

Will never do again.

Elena, with this ratio of products, Easter can not freeze only if you have not squeezed out excess liquid from the curd.

Not frozen at all. and kept more than a day. instead of Easter, I had to make a cake so that the products would not be thrown out. maybe there is something else in the recipe needed?

Easter turned out amazingly delicious!

The main thing is to stand under the yoke for at least a day.

And do not be intimidated by the liquid mass — everything is perfectly frozen.

Thanks so much for the recipe!

Easter was amazing!

I did everything exactly according to the recipe and the result met all the expectations! The only caveat: I could not find a form.

Instead, she used a plastic container for storing food (high) for storage of food, having independently made a hole in the bottom. Well, and, accordingly, Easter placed there in gauze.

In general, God forbid you!

Great recipe.

This year (2014) was preparing 2 different Easter, this one liked everyone more.

And for those who did not succeed: MAJOR ELIMINATE EASTER DAYS UNDER THE NEST. I even withstood 1.5 days and everything was fine. It is usually advised to put the whole mass in gauze and then in the pasochnica.

Pasochnitsa could not find in the city, but I have a very neat cone-shaped colander, so I put the whole mixture in it, but there was no gauze, so I just put a thick white napkin.

I put a kilo up for 3-4 hours, and after 1.5 days I had a great Easter, I removed the napkin without difficulties — you need to put down a really thick napkin, then it will not grow.

Wonderful recipe, thank you very much, by the way, I watched other recipes of the same Easter and there are no zest and cranberry in the ingredients, and without them there’s nothing at all — it will turn out too sweet, sourness is simply necessary here!

Amazing Pasha.

Cottage cheese, though shoplifting, but patience won out. liquid glass, and after 2 days, on Easter, they ate 20 minutes in total.

Those who have failed Easter simply do not do everything to the end.

It also should turn out liquid, for removal of liquid it and put under oppression. I have no form, I hang up a lot in the fabric for the night. Yes, a lot of liquid flows, especially if the store products.

And this liquid is very tasty!

Like condensed milk, only liquid. If you do not drain the liquid, Easter certainly will not freeze.

Do everything as it is written, and until the end.

And you will have a wonderful tender Easter!

terrible recipe, it turned out a liquid softener. Only the translation of products.

I will support Olga.

Easter is amazing.

My children, who especially don’t like cottage cheese, enjoy eating and waiting for Great Day to make this dish.

Even my friends, with whom we always celebrate this holy holiday, ask whether my curd Easter will be this year. Everyone always likes. And to be honest, I never linger for more than two days 🙂 I cooked this recipe for three years in a row, and now I will do it.

The main recipe is cottage cheese and sour cream should be homemade.

No store products. And pray before cooking, ask for help.

And all you get!

I bought plastic molds for Easter this year.

See how it goes.

I have never tried a raw Easter, I have nothing to compare with.

But that year, cooked for this recipe. And I can say one thing, this is the most delicious that can be from the curd. The recipe is awesome.

Easter melted in the mouth. Very tender and tasty.

This year I will cook only these paschka.

Despite all the difficulties of preparation, it is worth it. Thanks for the recipe

Cool recipe, everything worked out! Mass and the truth may seem too liquid at first, but within a day it freezes in the refrigerator calmly. The main thing is to boil eggs, but do not let the mass boil.

At the stove I had to conjure for about 20 minutes inseparably, stirring slowly over a slow fire. Serum must be poured 3-4 times.

Made in separable pasochnitsa with dried apricots and almonds, the whole family is delighted. Gentle, light Easter.

She took cottage cheese and sour cream "country" on the market in the farm shop, the most fat.

Who did not succeed — perhaps it’s in the ingredients. But maybe there was not enough patience.

On the trail. year repeat necessarily.

Easter turned out amazing. Prior to that, she ate her mother-in-law, and this year she decided to make her herself for the first time in her life!

Thanks for the recipe. Everyone who complains, I want to say that everything really depends on cottage cheese and butter!

Happy Easter to all.

Great Easter turned out! Yes, at first liquid semolina is obtained, but everything freezes.

Yummy incredible.

In vain you complain about the recipe, you just need real cottage cheese, not milk with calcium chloride, like most cottage cheese in stores

For Darya22, you are in vain, this is a great recipe. And according to this recipe it turns out a wonderful most tender Easter, which melts in your mouth and is stored for a week, no less, which does not look like a rather heavy one. "curd cheese" (which, cooked "raw" the way is stored much less). And in the pan it turns out not even semolina, but, as some even say, "soup".

NOTHING WRONG! 🙂 So it should be! Gauze in several layers, pasochnitsa, the load on the day, pour the serum — and everything will harden.

To the recipe itself: it is very important to mix the eggs into the hot mixture ONE, stirring the mixture after each egg to a uniform consistency. And all the additives (sugar, raisins, candied fruits, dried apricots, nuts — who are in that much) interfere only in the COLD mixture — otherwise everything may curl up a bit and lumps will be felt when consumed, although you carefully rub the cottage cheese twice through a sieve.

This Easter requires labor, but it is worth it!

A marvelous recipe.

The recipe is terrible !! I bought cottage cheese 12% fat, sour cream 30%, I did everything strictly according to the recipe and I also got semolina, which never froze! DON’T MAKE EASTER THROUGH THIS RECIPE!

When I first cooked custard Easter, I was in a panic. After brewing, a liquid mass is obtained. About how this mass will take shape and will stand on a dish in my head did not fit.

But I nevertheless decided to bring everything to the end of the recipe.

As she was able to squeeze in gauze, a certain amount of serum was gone.

Then she folded into shape, under oppression and in the fridge for the night. I. Oh miracle!

She froze!

Everything turned out) Cook for several years.

I do not heat!

I do not put eggs, but instead of eggs — condensed milk, vanilla sugar, and 100 grams. almond

I do so 10 years.

did everything according to the recipe, but instead of mass, when heated, it turned out to be some kind of liquid semolina ((I am cooling now.

But the cooled is unlikely to be put in shape. And if it is poured into gauze, then probably 2/3 of the volume will simply pour out the liquid ((

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