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Travel to Lipetsk region or Who lives on Kudykina mountain

Travel to Lipetsk region or Who lives on Kudykina mountain

There are traditional places for recreation in Russia. They are bright, everyone has heard.

There are absolutely reserved places of power and rest for the soul.

And there are not quite obvious cities and regions, which often become a real discovery for travelers. We will tell about the Lipetsk region and you will understand that there must urgently go there.

There are so many interesting things, colorful: from Kudykina Mountain to Don.

Lipetsk region, formed in early 1954 from adjacent areas Ryazan, Voronezh, Kursk and Oryol regions, freely sprawled in Central Black Earth region and is now known to most of its potatoes and earlier — Lebedyanskim apples.

Of course, after all, only 8% of the region’s territory is occupied by forest, the rest is black earth. We counted at least 8 more reasons to go there:

Church of the Sign (Znamenskaya Church in the village Veshalovka)

The Church of the Signs was created by architect Vasily Bazhenov (100% of his authorship has not been proven).

Externally — the Gothic castle on the Lipetsk land, and in fact — the Orthodox Church and part of the estate, with obvious signs of Freemasonry.

Crazy beauty creation of human hands!

Church of the Sign (Znamenskaya Church in the village Veshalovka)

Since 1787, the owner of these lands was the guard captain Yakov Afanasyevich Tatishchev. In those years, the entire manor ensemble consisted of a wooden main house and a small garden in front of it. However, in 1768, at his own expense, Yakov Afanasyevich lays the stone church of the Icon of the Sign of the Mother of God.

It was built for quite a long time: the year 1784 is called, but 1794 is considered to be the final date.

Catherine II then approached «Vassenka» (as she called Bazhenova), then she alienated. Yes, he is talented, but Catherine cannot forgive the architect of Freemasonry.

After all, Bazhenov is one of the first members of the Lodge in Russia. Thanks to him, Paul, the son of the empress, also became a freemason.

Signs of Freemasonry marked this church.

The railway station, previously — Astapovo, where the last 7 days of Leo Tolstoy were spent.

Such a tactile, textured place is something.

7 years ago, the “Leo Tolstoy” train stopped going there and now at the station there is only a place for freight trains carrying rubble and the museum.

House-Museum of Leo Tolstoy on the eponymous railway station

The museum is worth visiting anyone for whom the name of the Russian classic is not only a page from the textbook of the Russian language.

The resort is located in the Lower City Park on the banks of the Voronezh River.

Unfortunately, from the old resort, opened here in 1805, almost no buildings left. Here are all the buildings of the USSR.

But mineral water and local peat mud still work wonders, and doctors deserve the most sincere words of gratitude.

Lipetsk mineral water resort

Stroll through the resort and sip useful mineral water, go to the park, located nearby.

There is a very curious Water museum — in a small cozy house. It is there that you can learn about the former luxury of the local resort, and also play at the walls of the museum museum cricket in the fresh air. On weekdays by appointment (tel .: 8-4742-24-00-52), on weekends from 11:00 to 18:30.

The cost of the game with the training of 200 rubles per person per hour. It is very interesting and fascinating!

There you should definitely buy local craft chocolate with linden flowers and farm cheese in handicraft chocolate.

This is a great edible souvenir from the Lipetsk region!

Craft chocolate with linden flowers and farm cheese in craft chocolate

The reserve «Galichya Gora» boldly confirms the proverb «small spool, yes roads.»

This is the smallest reserve in the world and there is the oldest reserve in Russia. Galichya Gora, located on the right bank of the upper Don, is a botanical phenomenon. Here, on just 19 hectares, an almost complete portrait of the flora and fauna of the entire Lipetsk region has been assembled.

The places are very picturesque.

Most think that the Don River is an exclusively Rostov river. And no!

She and Lipetsk!

So traveling around Russia, we study the geography of the motherland.

Yelets enters Association of Small Tourist Cities, on a par with Yelabuga, Suzdal, Kargopol and others.

Hands with a camera just do not fall in this city, so it is original and colorful. Great just to get lost in the city streets and alleys.

But there is also in Yelets famous Yelets lace, and house of Ivan Bunin, and Workshop of the Yelena piano harmonica, where hereditary musician and harmonist Konstantin Matiukhin works.

The former director of a music school not only plays the traditional Russian instrument, but restores and manufactures it.

And in Yelets there is a centenary of the Grand-Ducal Church. This is a joy for the eyes and a challenge to all generally accepted ideas about religious buildings, the man-made miracle of Yelets. Totally outlandish place!

Decorated with majolica tiles and a crystal cross, it stands in an amazing way on a very ordinary street.

A hundred years ago, the temple was built by the richest Yelets merchant Alexander Zausaylov. The feverish king spent a fortune on the shrine. Translated into today’s money would have made about 2 million dollars.

The church had steam heating, electricity, running water. During the construction they used three styles at once — Neo-Russian, Byzantine and Modern.

The entrances to the temple were decorated with open cast iron passage.

This is some kind of space landing from architecture!

Arch of the Grand-Ducal Church

“Kudykina Gora” is a span of 500 hectares and an interesting filling worthy of any Russian resort.

Safari-region with various animals, reconstructed ancient Scythian fortress, Trojan horse, Lake of Hope, garden with rejuvenating apples, Trojan horse.

Part of the family park Kudykina mountain

It is necessary to come here with the whole family for the whole day, so that in the evening, with children’s joy, stare at a local resident — a three-headed dragon bursting with fire.

Three-headed dragon on Kudykina mountain

Wonderful place for joy and knowledge. Here they make Romanov clay toys — Romanushki and collect toys from other volosts.

They also arrange interactive weddings, teach the folk crafts of adults and children, sing and dance.

Romanov toy, full of light, soft color and warmth

About the novelUses. In the village of Troitskoe on Gagarin Street, 60 create a traditional Romanov toy from local clay.

Such toys are made from the XVII century.

At first there were whistles — birds and animals, then, when guests came to the Lipetsk resort — ladies and gentlemen from all over Russia and Europe — the range was expanded with figures of people.

Romanushka-whistle is molded on the basis of three forms. These are based on «dumplings». The ball is rolled into a pancake as thick as a finger.

Then its edges are folded and stained on the edge, forming a torso. Then a small ball is fastened from which the head is formed. Farther from the sausage — legs, wings and then smaller details are made.

The last stage is 2 punctures in the tail for sound.

It turns out, for example, sonorous magical bird-woman.

They always poked fun at the residents of Romanovo and teased them for the silly, in the opinion of the average man, coloring of the national costume. They called, like clay toys, Romanos. Red-blue-green.

And also there is a “tail-belt” of both beads and a handbag. Just look what a beauty!

Do not take your eyes off!

Romanushki from the village of Romanovo

Manor Skornyakovo located in Zadonsky district of Lipetsk region. She is known from the XVII century. The landlord Skornyakov-Pisarev, and the hero of the Crimean War Muravyov-Karsky, and the founder of strategic aviation and the first automobile plant Mikhail Shidlovsky were in the owners.

This is a truly historical place, abandoned and almost forgotten until 2007.

Every land and house must have a Master and only then will it flourish and live. This manor has a master.

They became an entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexey Shkrapkin.

He revives the former grandeur of the estate and slowly but surely turns it into a comfortable and elegant country residence for those who are tired of the noise and hustle and bustle.

Ponds, swings, boats, “Collectivization” tree stump, Church of the Archangel Michael, paths, fields, horses and sheep, poultry houses, manager’s house, glacier, forest, Don bank, Balmont restaurant for 100 people, stable and guest houses: two-storeyed A house with a mezzanine ”, a log house“ Birches ”and an outhouse“ School ”(4 rooms each).

A very worthy place, not quite typical for the Russian province — without dolls and dust in the eyes.

Everything is worthy, carefully and without busting.


Manor Skornyakovo

9 places that are recommended to visit this summer themselves Lipchane:

1. Vorgolsky cliffs, Elets district

2. Suspension bridge over the Don, the village of Volotovo and Cherepyan, Lebedyansky district

3. Safari Park, Zadonsky District

4. Kurapovsky rocks, Lebedyansky district

5. Veshalovka, Lipetsk district

6. Troekurovskaya HPP, Lebedyansky District

7. Church of Dmitry Solunsky in the village of Berezovka, Dankovskiy district

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