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Traditional New Year

“Traditional” doesn’t mean “boring” at all. Tradition has its own charm and comfort. There are many lovers of fashionable novelties around us, but there will also be those who remain loyal to the classics.

What kind of New Year is this, if there are no candles, Christmas balls, garlands, mandarins and Olivier on the table? For those to whom this atmosphere is close, we have prepared the script for the Traditional New Year!

Here you will find a classic, but bright and fresh menu, as well as tips on decorating and serving.

Do not miss any details!

  • spruce twigs and ribbons for glasses
  • hanging snowflake decorations
  • candles: red or white with a red pattern, long, thin or short, thick
  • snowflake curtain hooks
  • garland — imitation of fir branches — for the interior
  • classic dinner service
  • red satin ribbons for decorating furniture
  • Christmas-tree decorations, balls and garlands — necessarily gold or red
  • family photos — shelf with frames and flashlights
  • candies and tangerines in high glass vases
  • red dining room and white tablecloth with napkins

2016 is the year of the Red Monkey. Therefore, this time the red color in the decor of the New Year’s Eve will be not only a symbol of the classics, but also an anticipation of the “fiery” year! As they say, the “mistress” of the next year is very capricious and loves everything bright and defiant.

Trying to please her or not — this is already your choice! Choose more shiny jewelry, and be sure not to forget the red color.

Let all this diversity shade calm tone service. In general, the table can be decorated in white. Use a white cotton or linen tablecloth.

Let the dishes be white too, glasses — traditionally — glass, and appliances — without frills. No frills, all worthy and beautiful.

Glasses can be decorated by tying ribbon with Christmas tree branches on the legs.

And on the plate for each guest — for the joy of him and the symbol of the coming year — put small ripe bananas as a welcome treat!

If you lay the red carpet on the table, the contrast with the white color of the tablecloth will accentuate the festive image of the table. No wonder that such a combination is considered to be the most suitable for the New Year or Christmas. You can buy a few meters of red satin ribbon and decorate with it the handles of cabinets, chairs and other furniture.

Red color always looks very festive and noble.

And if you want to add even more comfort to the decor, tie yourself or buy ready-made elegant white snowflakes and decorate furniture handles and light sources with them.

After all, snowflakes — according to custom, are a favorite decoration for the winter holiday.

One of the most important components of the New Year’s holiday is the Christmas tree. Its design should reflect the style of the evening.

To make the tree look traditional, use gold and red balls and garlands for decoration. Decorate the interior with artificial Christmas garlands, for example, decorate them in the kitchen hood.

Do not forget about the festive lights — lanterns and candles.

They can be added to any element of the interior.

Only, the main thing, be careful with fire and electricity.

What is a traditional New Year without tangerines and favorite sweets? Do not forget to put them in a high glass vase and put it in the most prominent place! The integral elements of the holiday are gifts.

Tie them with ribbons with red and white patterns — this will give them a New Year’s «character.» A little more winter can be added to the interior just by decorating the curtains with sticks in the shape of snowflakes.

It will be impossible to hide from the New Year’s mood!

It would seem that we took into account all the important details of the New Year holiday, except for the participants themselves, those who make it truly beautiful.

For loved ones and loved ones, make the evening even warmer and more soulful. Ask your family and friends to bring along photos from recent trips and other vivid photos taken in the past year. Arrange them on the shelves, and to enhance the atmosphere, highlight them with lanterns.

The holiday will be filled with stories and joyful memories. And let the spirit of love, friendship and harmony — eternal values ​​— hover over everything.

After all, how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it!

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