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Tour to France — a trip to school holidays

Before departure, it is worth thinking about the advice of a familiar American woman: “If on the third day of your stay Of france, you think that two hours for lunch is normal, go ahead! If you are still a fan of snack bars and excursions «all inclusive», you do not need in this wilderness … »
Brive-la-Gaillarde (Brive-la-gaillarde), the trade capital of the department Correction, located in the south of the region Limousin. Charter flight from Paris via Limoges or easier by train from Paris station Austerlitz.

Tickets to Briva next weekend will cost 60 euros, but if you order e-tickets in advance, it will be three times cheaper, 17-20 euros.

If we already go to this wilderness, then at least for a week.

Big companies or with children — more fun: almost everywhere there are children’s menus and entertainment programs. A weekly rental of a house or apartment in the city or in the countryside will cost 250-350 euros for five (all the information can be obtained from the local tourist office), add to this a rental car — and enjoy true French hospitality, not spoiled by organized hordes of tourists.

The only «but» — the route of any trip is better to «punch» in advance on the Internet so as not to be at the closed doors.

Benefit every decent museum and restaurant has its own website or page on the tourist office Briva.

City Tourist Office (Office de tourisme), located — who would doubt! — on the square on July 14.

Laughing employees, most likely, will be delighted by foreign tourists and, interrupting each other, will begin to explain: “In an hour — a free tour of the city in English, out on that street — a great restaurant, and on Saturday … la-la. Monsieur, Madame, how, you know nothing about our market? «

In anticipation of the tour, you can follow their advice and dine in one of the many restaurants.

Be on the lookout, most of them are open only during lunch and dinner: after 12.30 in the afternoon and after 21.00 the kitchen may no longer work.

Frog roast

First address: Chez francis (Have francis) — hearty and tasty cuisine in the atmosphere of a typical French bistro with a hint of a literary cafe. On the walls — autographs and recordings of visitors, including popular French actors and writers, passing through Brive during the annual November Book Fair.

With time, literary inclinations were discovered by the owners of the institution: on their website they run a popular blog in the city with recipes and photos of breathtaking taste.

In the menu of the restaurant — traditional for the French Riviera, fried dumplings, barbajans (barbajuan — in the local dialect «Uncle Jean»), frogmeal roast with artichokes (poêlée de grenouilles et artichauts poivrades), as well as traditional regional dishes.
Cuisine of the region Limousin simple: potatoes, vegetables, beef. From fruit — apples and plums. All beef is only regional, and this is not a matter of parochial patriotism: the famous Limousin cows are considered one of the best meat breeds.

And, completing the meal, do not forget the cheese!

Local, Correse, slightly curd white kayad (caillade) from cow’s milk.

Another useful address is La cremaillère: window Briva to the world of haute cuisine.

Veal brains, fried with green onions (Cervelle de veau du Limousin, poêlé aux oignons nouveaux). Creme brulee with a slightly toasted foie gras (crème brûlée au foie gras fumé).

Against this background, a souffle with nut liqueur (nuts and alcohol liqueurs of them — another regional pride) looks less bold, but therefore no less attractive.

Three times a week to the famous market Briva Mistresses and owners come from all over the district, especially carefully preparing for the Saturday trip — the most festive and rich day for the market. Once upon a time George brassens wrote about him not quite decent, but extremely popular song (in the Russian translation “The Massacre” or “Hecatomb”) and now, in gratitude from the residents, the market officially bears the name of the bard-hooligan. It is worth running here at least for a jar of foie gras, always with local purple mustard (moutarde violette or moutarde de Brive), a specific color which gives grape juice.

Or for inexpensive truffles, according to Parisian standards, which, in a season — in January-February — special rows are assigned here.

Two steps from the market, the main attraction and the heart of the medieval city is the church St

Martina (église St.Martin).

The patronage of the saint more than once helped the inhabitants steadfastly withstand the siege of the city, for which Brive and got the name «Gayard«-» strong «,» brave «,» cheerful. «

France: holidays in the countryside. Continuation

Southwest central France, the Corrèze department is a fresh idea for traveling with children for the next school holiday. Here, tasty food, there are few tourists and a lot of cultural sites.

See below.

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