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Top 10 products to grow

Human growth is genetically programmed. However, due to improper diet or lack of any beneficial substances, it may fail.

In order for a child to grow and develop well, his diet must be correct and balanced.

Here are 10 key products that significantly affect the growth process.

1. Oatmeal

Plate of oatmeal for breakfast "throw up" the body of useful trace elements: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, fluorine, zinc, iron, chromium, and also vitamins of the group "A", "B", "E" and "K".

All these substances contribute to the development of bone and muscle tissue.

2. Bananas

Banana is one of the best food sources of potassium, and this means that eating your own bananas daily, your child will grow well.

Moreover, they can be eaten in pure form or added to milk porridges or flakes.

3. Legumes

The source of vegetable protein and vitamins of group B, as well as a complex of vitamins and trace elements that promote the active growth of muscles and bones.

4. Chicken eggs

Eggs are high-quality protein and a source of vitamin D. Children should get them on a regular basis if you want them to develop normally.

Boiled eggs are fully absorbed by the child’s body.

5. Beef

It contains much more protein, iron and zinc than other types of meat. All this takes an important role in the growth of the child.

Beef is also rich in vitamin B12.

6. Seafood (salmon, herring, crabs, oysters, clams). Another source of high quality protein.

Plus, a record amount of vitamin B12, which, among other things, stimulates the brain.

Any seafood is recommended to eat in the evening, as they contain a lot of protein and little carbohydrates, which means the child will produce growth hormone during sleep.

7. Walnuts

The benefits of walnuts, and in particular, their beneficial effect on the growth and development of the organism, have been known since the time of Hippocrates, who pointed this out in his treatises. For example, boys and boys were advised to drink nut milk every morning, which was prepared according to the following recipe: chop 10 walnuts kernels, pour cold boiled water out of 100 g and insist for at least 2 hours.

Then strain and add 2 teaspoons of honey.

Since Hippocrates, little has changed.

8. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is the undisputed leader in the ease of assimilation of proteins by the body, so it must be present in the diet of children.

Under the influence of sunlight from the provitamins, which curd is rich in, the human body produces vitamin D. This vitamin is actively involved in the exchange of calcium and phosphorus, which positively affects the state of the bones and teeth of a child.

9. Honey

Bee honey supplies the child’s body with a complex of mineral elements that are necessary for its growth and development.

Honey in the diet of the child allows calcium and magnesium to be better absorbed, which contributes to the normal development of bones and teeth. Honey can be given to a child instead of sugar by adding it to tea, milk or yogurt.

Honey cannot be given to babies up to one year — it is difficult for the baby to digest and can cause severe allergies.

10. Apples

For the normal growth and development of children, they need apples.

They are rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, beta carotene, B vitamins and many other beneficial substances that can significantly increase bone density. In addition, unlike other fruits, only apples contain boron and flavonid floridzin, which best strengthen the bones.

Therefore, it is simply necessary to give these fruits to children in a period of rapid growth.

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