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Tomatoes in their own juice

  • black pepper peas — 6 pcs.
  • Celery Celery — 1 pc.
  • salt — 1 tbsp. l
  • plum tomatoes — 1 kg
  • sauce "Tabasco" — 2-3 drops
  • sugar — 1 tbsp. l
  • dill — 5 sprigs
  • parsley — 5 sprigs

Tomatoes are beautiful in any culinary genre — pickled and salted, in the form of jam and juice, dried and dried … There are many options. One of the most simple and popular is canned tomatoes in their own juice.

Special skill is not required here, a set of related ingredients — elementary, and the taste is obtained as natural as possible.

A variety of preparations are made from tomatoes for the winter: they are salted, pickled, preserved -.

Lecho (Hungarian lecsó) is a Hungarian vegetable dish that is also popular in many other countries.

Nowhere is culinary skill closer to alchemy as much as in preparations for the winter! Not so easy .

Who has it, and who has it not so much :)) I once sank like this one night at 3, so that the whole family woke up. Apparently during the conservation of some mistake made.

Made 2 banks, both deteriorated in the end.

Stored 1 year at room temperature, about 20 degrees

A very interesting recipe for tomatoes in their own juice. Tell me, how much is stored? And where?

In the cold or at room tº?

Galina lemon is citric acid

Nina, and at what volume should add 1 st. Of spoon of sugar and salt?

pour the boiling water over the tomatoes and skip through the juice extractor then boil the juice for 15 minutes and immediately pour the tomatoes into the jars. Prepare cans in advance. That is, put the tomatoes in cans. Pour on a hundred tablespoons of sugar and salt. And roll them up. and under a fur coat.

I, like Galina, like to pickle with less effort, and to look for a tobacco plant to filter the tomato mass through a sieve is more expensive. This is written by the one who did not do it. The simpler it is, the tastier.

And I really like tomatoes in garlic.: Put tomatoes into prepared jars, pour boiling water and cover with sterile lid.

Cooking grated garlic (3-liter jar, tablespoon horseback) and marinade separately: For 1.5 liters of water, you need art. l top of salt and 100g. (half a glass) of sugar. When the marinade boils, we pour the water out of the jar, and in the jar we put 0.5 hl of lemon and 1 tablespoon. riding grated garlic, pour boiling marinade, roll up the lid, turn over and wrap. Everything is eaten: both tomatoes and pickle.

OOOOOOOOOchen delicious Try, you will not regret.

I’m doing this. I put tomatoes in 1.5 kg jars. I pour boiled water twice. while they are steaming. At this time I make tomato juice. boiling water. At the same time I fry pepper in a pan. After I poured water in the tomatoes twice. pour them with tomato and in each jar a box of 2 fried peppers and roll it. Very tasty

I add twisted horseradish 1 glass and twisted or crushed garlic, for myself I add another twisted pepper 1 glass pouring turns out very thick and oooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeen delicious

A very good recipe. Good as a snack and as a sauce for pizza and other dishes (beat in a blender). Thank you.

Everyone has long known that aspirin can not be consumed. All the marina without him and everything works fine.

Tatyana, and hydrogen peroxide is better.

Exactly help. 20 tablets of aspirin, this is how you have to be insane, so that "spin"

I love when preservation is prepared quickly, so I choose recipes for those that do not take up my precious time. I want to share a recipe for tomatoes in my own juice. 1. We twist tomatoes (one bucket should turn out masses).

It is possible through a juicer, through a mixer. The mass should be with pulp.

2. In the bucket add one glass of salt, one glass of sugar, one glass of twisted garlic and 20 pieces of aspirin tablets (crumble) Shuffle and leave for a day. (Occasionally stirring until dissolved) Banks of my (Soviet) soap and rinse with boiling water. We give water to drain and we plant tomatoes (if large tomatoes, can be cut into 4 pieces, and we throw in trifles) Tomatoes, of course, need to be washed. pour tomato paste and close with plastic caps. Omit to the basement.

Before use, shake the jar slightly, because the mass will rise to the top, but it will not turn sour.

Tomatoes are very tasty, the pickle is even tastier.

But it is better to use Tobasco — it has an unreal aroma!

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