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Tomato soup with vegetables, step by step recipe with photos

  • canned red beans — 400 g (1 can)
  • canned green peas — 100 g
  • frozen broccoli — 100 g
  • black pepper and salt — to taste
  • potatoes — 2 pcs.
  • carrots — 1 pc.
  • white cabbage — 100 g
  • tomato juice — 1 l
  • Chives — 4 feathers
  • garlic — 2 cloves

Borsch is a classic dish of Slavic cuisine. Borscht is a thick vegetable soup, the main ingredient.

The phrase I can cook at first glance is meaningless. I know how to bake on coals — this is yes,.

There are two opinions about the “cabbage soup” diet: bad and good. We will introduce you and c.

Chicken soup — always in place.

How many colds he cured!

How many families saved! But

A cream soup is a thick soup made from pureed vegetables, cereals, meat, poultry, or fish. Soup

Cabbage soup made of fresh cabbage is a simple and rich dish. We can say that this is the main soup of Russian cuisine. .

Onion soup has been popular in Europe since ancient times, and it was mostly cooked in.

Seafood soups as no other beautifully combine the nourishment, ease and benefit. WITH .

If you think that fish soup is the same as ear soup, you are mistaken. Fish

Cheese soup is a real winter food: thick, high-calorie and also slowly cools. Cheese for soup.

Young vegetables, with the exception of potatoes, it is better to eat raw. They can be served to the table with various.

Great soup.

Very easy to prepare and tasty.

Added another tabasco.

It turned out great.

Dear osakhan131!

No need to make such statements, that you at least offend those people who have already prepared the soup for this recipe.

And I have an offer for you, start publishing your recipes, and we will discuss them.

It’s always easy to criticize.

What a rare burda! I especially do not understand those who cook in summer. how?! if fresh vegetables are plentiful ..

Only in this soup is better to use fresh broccoli, and add it at the very end. Peas can be taken frozen, and it is also better to add, too, at the end.

Beans can be used and canned, so how to cook it for a long time is not necessary, but if you have time, you can soak and boil before half ready, and then add along with broccoli and peas.

I agree that something is missing. All ingredients seem to be separate. the next time I’ll just boil the cabbage just in the water, otherwise it is solid, damp from acid.

It seems something is missing)) We must try to make it with zazharkoy.

when and where to add garlic?

Great soup! I cook all summer and can not stop 🙂 Very easy to prepare.

Pretty hearty.

But at the same time easy and vegetarian.

Did even with cauliflower, everything is ok.

It is possible to put sharp cheese in the ready — excellent. (When it is melted) If you put sharp mussels on a plate and pour soup over it, that’s fine too.

In general, lightweight and versatile.

Very tasty and hearty soup. I upgraded the version to my tastes — I didn’t add green peas and cabbage, but it still came out very satisfying. And the soup is very colorful, it turns out — the redness of tomatoes is interspersed with burgundy beans, and the green blotches of broccoli make a fresh touch.


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