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Tomato soup with rice balls

The name of this class of soups is derived from the French purée — “products chopped into mush”, so the main feature of the preparation of mashed soups is the complete grinding of the ingredients. Vegetables, meat, fish, cereals are rubbed through a sieve or, which is much easier, beat with a blender.

The rule here is simple — the better the blender, the faster the process goes.

Soup puree perfectly assimilated, so it is indispensable in the diet and baby food. As broth, you can use not only meat, but also vegetable broths, which turns the cream soup into a vegetarian dish.

True, for this recipe, it is still recommended meat broth.

By the way, if calorie in principle, then there is an additional reason for joy: chicken broth will taste better than pork or beef.

In general, we make broth and proceed to the next ingredient.

It is known that tomatoes born in Peru were grown for a long time in Europe and North America, as a plant exclusively decorative and considered terribly poisonous. The American textbooks on botany included a story about how a bribed chef tried to poison a dish of George Washington’s tomatoes.

George, who suspected nothing, enjoyed his dinner and went away without learning about the treacherous betrayal. And then he became the president of the United States. More proof that tomatoes are extremely useful.

But seriously, tomatoes, in addition to the vitamins characteristic of vegetables, contain the antioxidant lycopene, which helps in the prevention of cancer.

And as you probably already understood, today we will need these vegetables.

In addition to them and the broth also need green onions, butter, flour, rice, garlic and herbs.

Boil the tomatoes, peel, put in blender HR1377 and cut, using a nozzle for shredding. We spread it on the pan and let it go with the onion, after which we return the mixture to the blender — let it wait.

At the bottom of the pan fry the flour in butter for a few minutes on low heat, add the broth, mix and send the resulting blender to the “bored” tomatoes and onions.

Since in Philips HR1377 blender the bowl-combine has a volume of one and a half liters, everything fits perfectly and will save you from having to use intermediate dishes (and the most pleasant thing is from having to wash them afterwards).

Grind the mixture into mashed potatoes and cook for ten to fifteen minutes until cooked.

In the meantime, the soup is cooked — we make rice balls. Ready boiled rice salt and send in a blender with garlic and herbs, then carefully grind. The power of the blender is very large — 700W, so that the usual problems with garlic can be happily avoided.

From the resulting mixture we make small balls, which we then arrange into plates.

Salt and pepper to taste.

You can serve the soup with sour cream, but you can also “empty” — it is already very tasty.

You can put a couple of sprigs of parsley on a bowl on a ball — useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Despite the presence of a certain amount of flour and sour cream (if you add it), this soup contains very few calories, which is extremely important in our harsh sedentary lifestyle. If you do not sit on a specific diet, but simply counting calories, tomato soup is entitled to a place of honor in your diet. Not calorie, healthy and very tasty — what else is needed for the happiness of a modern woman?

Well, the spouse, who hardly considers calories, can be plentifully sprinkled with grated hard cheese. Spouse appreciate, do not hesitate.

Well, children are always delighted when a strip of freshly melted cheese lasts behind a spoon — this is generally one of the easiest ways to feed a fastidious child.
Enjoy your meal!

We use the HR1377 blender combine harvester from Philips, a shredder attachment and a metal chopper with double-sided curved knives.

Tomatoes — four to five pieces, meat (preferably chicken) broth — 300 ml, green onions — 100-150 grams, butter — 50 grams, flour — four or five tablespoons, rice — boiled glass, garlic — five cloves, greens — 100 gr.

Additional Information:
• Rice can be taken the cheapest and not be afraid that it will boil soft and stick together.

In contrast to the absolute majority of situations in this case, this is exactly what we need.

If you cook the rice correctly, the balls in the soup can «float» and fall apart, but we absolutely do not want that.
• A vegetarian version of this soup is quite possible.

Instead of broth, add water, but in this case do not feel sorry for the seasonings, so that it does not turn out freshly.
• When the soup is boiling over, and you sculpt balls, take a break from time to time to stir the soup.

The fact is that on the one hand, the larger the tomato, the tastier, and, on the other, the larger the tomato, the more chances the soup will burn.

So do not forget to mix.

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