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Tom Yam soup, step by step recipe with photos

Tom-pits need to eat a hot bit of sugar with boiled rice.

Enjoy your meal!!

  • cherry tomatoes — 7 pcs.
  • fish sauce — 2 tbsp. l
  • champignons — 200 g
  • Kaffir lime — 10 leaves
  • parsley — 20 g
  • Lemongrass — 2 pcs.
  • lime juice — 1 tbsp. l
  • galangal (ginger root) — 30 g
  • coconut milk — 100 ml
  • large shrimp — 200 g
  • chili sauce — 1 tbsp. l
  • chicken broth — 450 g

Tom-pits need to eat a hot bit of sugar with boiled rice.

Green soups are called so because they are made from young greens — nettle, sorrel,.

Soups with shrimps are in many culinary traditions of the world. One of the most amazing -.

Once again I am convinced that sometimes COMMENTS are much more interesting and useful than the recipe itself. This case is one of those. And I was interested in this recipe because it was placed in the section KOREAN KITCHEN.

As noted below, the author of one of the comments: ". .And Taiwan has nothing to do with it. if only thailand. ) " From myself I will add that I also think so: And Korea has nothing to do with it. if only thailand. :-)) Can site administrators (moderators) fix this error? Still, she is rude.

Irina, in the list of ingredients describe all used, and then in the process of cooking your recipe, it turns out surprises.

And if you are not able to copy the recipe from other sources, then do not touch it at all, and thus do not confuse people sincerely trusting you. Respectfully)

Irina, galangal is not ginger root, but substitution is acceptable. Kaffra lime is a separate type of citrus fruit, like hilly limes.

But fragrant leaves are used in the soup — they are included in the set for tom-pit, which can be bought in supermarkets. In the absence of replacing subtly removed lime zest and juice.

Lemongrass — lemongrass, is not replaced by anything.

Guest from 01/16/2014, read your comment. I think you should go to a psychiatrist, a psychologist will not help. so many emotions, a real psychosis.

Question on the case: can anyone know how to replace some of the ingredients? The fact that galangal is a ginger root, I already understood, but what is a kafir lime and lemongrass?

Maybe they also have the usual name?

Lord, girls.

You are from what century? If there are no such stores in your city, there have been MASS of online stores selling similar products on the Internet for five years already! Take elementary Asian sites like http: //www.fuji-san.ru.Spice shops and so on. Now delivered to any region, in what deafness you would not be! Well, as small. all they need to find, finger poking. Get interested! If you are going to cook soup, read the story of creation, find possible variations. This is a kind of art, unless of course you just flop everything in the pan according to the instructions.

In the end, type in Yandex "fish sauce" and read what it is, what happens and what is better. Adult women, but no independence!

At the beginning of my story, with cooking soup, I also faced a big problem — where to get all these ingredients, in Auchan sometimes there are sets of tombs, but there is only weed and no pasta and fish sauce, and there are no such patterns. Now I order on the Internet.

So all the components in Moscow can be found, all of them are made in Tailand.

The recipe is absolutely not correct. (I can make a mess of it and write the correct one. I agree with the previous speaker in many respects (but not in everything))) Many people already know what the lemongrass is and sell it in a simple store.

And Taiwan has nothing to do with it. if only thailand. ) I do not recommend cooking according to this recipe, either be rastroit or will never recognize the taste of this wonderful soup.

I really like these recipes. Fish sauce — what? Sauce for Tom Yam — where to get? (and if you take nowhere, then what to replace?) Leaves of kaffir-lime and lemongrass — have you seen anywhere on sale?

In Taiwan, I admit that this is something on a par with dill, every first one knows what it is about. In Russia — well, the cooks of super-elite restaurants (and even then only in Moscow), probably, also know, although I’m not sure that they always have it in stock. In general, for whom such recipes are published — this is a mystery for me personally.

Although to get the recipe for Tom-Yam, adapted to our conditions, would not refuse.

The soup itself is wonderful.

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