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Tom Kha Kai (home version), step by step recipe with photos

  • water (broth) — 1 cup
  • small red pepper — 1 pc.
  • 2 shallot bulbs
  • cilantro
  • grated fresh ginger — 1-2 tbsp. l
  • coconut milk — 400 ml (1 can)
  • chicken breast — 1 pc.
  • Fresh champignons — 3-4 pcs.
  • Sesame oil — 1 tbsp. l
  • lime — 2 pcs.
  • boiled shrimp

Instead of mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms can be used (1 pack).

Sesame oil can be replaced with sunflower or olive oil.

Probably, every family has its own favorite homemade recipes. In the absence of the Internet and huge.

Oh, sorry, for some reason did not notice your question. You try to taste the powder — coconut is not confused with anything.

Coconut milk powder turns into "wet" in the simplest way — it needs to be mixed with not very hot water.

The ratio depends on the number of servings indicated on your spice bag. Coconut milk does not roll, boldly dilute

So no one answered the previous comments. I also want to cook soup from a set of spices bought in Tae. There is a bag of white powder. this, as I understand it, is coconut milk powder. there is no instruction.

How to be? Can anyone know how to properly dilute it and when to add, so as not to curl up ?? Thanks in advance for your reply!


Help me please. I bought a ready set for Thai Kha soup.

The set includes powdered coconut milk.

Spread it, boil it with spices, as if by prescription, add chicken and mushrooms to boiling milk, and MILK CONVERTER?

Did anyone have it like that? and why it might be.

If anyone can help, thanks in advance. Olesya

local make this soup based on coconut milk, which is purchased on the market.

The use of coconut milk in bags (from TescoLotas, for example) changes the taste of the dish. Pobole mushrooms, lemongrass, ginger — are required

This is my favorite soup.

Year lived in Tae, already two weeks in Russia and wildly began to miss Thai snacks.

Replacements are well matched.

But you need to add a little more ginger root (not pickled) and of course chili pepper.


Why argue about the missing ingredients that are used in Thailand and in high-end restaurants. It is written: Tom Kha Kai (home version). I focus on parts (home version))))))))

Good evening!

I love this site very much, there will always be all the necessary recipes! Regarding the soup, she prepared her husband yesterday, ate it with great pleasure, almost like in a restaurant. 🙂 My changes: 1. I bought coconut milk, 400 ml, Blue Dragon, it is very thick, therefore I diluted almost 2 st. Of chicken broth.

2.Nice zest of 1 lime, but added 1/2 of the soup, as the recipe is very sour. 3. Stir-fried chicken pieces, mushrooms, shrimps. there was a lot.

Did not regret. In general, thanks for this recipe, now in my piggy bank one more tasty soup is more ..;)

very tasty and similar!

Guest, nothing like that.

There is no bitterness.

do not put zest! the soup was bitter, horror! (((

The guys today to cook such a soup does not make any problems even in the Voronezh steppes. The main ingredient is grass lemongrass. This is the main feature that gives the non-repeatable.

The smell of shrimps and all kinds of sea bastards are sold at the store to mine in any way. Although many people take chicken broth as a basis for a grass called a kafir, complete crap is an ordinary leaf of a wild lemon. It grows in the Krasnodar region right on the street. There is no sense in searching for it. Well, fish sauce is used only when roasting garlic and pepper. You can replace ordinary soybean. I do not put kaglanan nuts, use only ginger, and as for coconut milk, they do it in taay and without it. Coconut now for sale in any supermarket for the price of 45p. Today I took a thing on the merry-go-round so Limongrass remains a stone of pre-innovation. You will have a soup no more an ikote more ginger and lime and still a soup No good luck from Thai appetite

Ate on Phuket in several places.

There were also cherry tomatoes and red onions in the soup.

Oyster mushrooms, champignons and shiitake can be used from mushrooms.

In Ashan, sometimes dry spices are sold for making soup, the taste is very similar.

In Moscow, you can buy seasonings in Auchan, on the shelves "Fresh greens"- sold a set of fresh spices for Tom Yam and Tom Kha Kai soups.

She bought there yesterday.

In nabote all sorts of leaves, pepper, ginger and other things you need !. all fun is 200r!

Two days ago, I ate such a soup in Phuket in PLA restaurant, that on Surin beach — I agree 100% with the chef — in this recipe, Lemon Grass is definitely not enough, because he, for my taste, gives an unforgettable flavor to the soup.

Maybe this is certainly not quite the soup, but the similarity with the original will definitely be. And the fact that you have already written about the ingredients that lacks — a circus.

And where are you going to look for them in your Zaporozhenka?

Maybe Muscovites will manage to find a couple of underground shops with them, well, or buy for big money in super-stores, and what will the rest do?

Better in my opinion so than nothing at all. Thank you so much for the recipe, today I will try to cook a soup, then if I don’t forget, I will accomplish my goal — how it happened. 🙂

The chef of the restaurant is right, this recipe lacks at least half of the spices that give the base flavor to this soup, and cilantro is not there at all. I often go to Thailand on business trips, and I love this soup very much, but it’s unrealistic to cook it, as it’s difficult to buy these spices from us, not to mention coconut milk (what’s sold in banks is not exactly that). and more, you can cook this soup without chicken, only seafood, as I like 🙂

It’s just awesome-delicious soup.

Strange you are a chef, and here is Tom Yam soup, in which you put all the ingredients listed by you and the above described coconut soup Tom Kha where you don’t have to put them?

And training in 3 schools.

Guest, please write how to properly prepare it.

My friends .. you are writing a poland .. and cooking is also not right. in your recipe there is at least a shortage of basic ingredients (lime kafir sheet, galangal root and lemon gras .. I’m not talking about the cooking method myself. I’m telling you as a chef at a Japanese-Thai restaurant .. (trained at 3 Thai schools).

SORI .. no offense.

Zapped for a living ..

Tellura, unfortunately, was not.

But I really love this soup and have been looking for a recipe for a very long time! As a rule, in our restaurants it is served as Tom Yam.

Guest soup on the fan.

well you give! Have you been to Tae? This is a rare yummy.

I am happy, because like cooked earlier and more than once.

Very tasty for my taste.

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