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Tiramisu with mascarpone, step by step recipe with photos

  • sugar — 170 g (3/4 cup)
  • Cognac — 3 tbsp. l
  • bitter chocolate — 80 g
  • strong coffee — 250 ml
  • Mascarpone cheese — 300 g
  • eggs — 5 pcs.
  • Savoyardi cookies — 36 pcs.

There are many legends about how this dessert known all over the world was first coined. And the same number of versions of what its name means, which literally translates from Italian as “lift me up”.

Someone thinks that it is about raising the spirits, and someone calls tiramisu the medieval counterpart of modern Viagra.

In general, cook and try — we are responsible for the good mood.

Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert. He appeared at the end of the XVII century, however, then he was.

Italians are great gourmets and recognize only the best in their food. Italy is more.

I love this dessert and cooked it more than once.

Now, instead of brandy, I add rum, it is more fragrant and pleasant to the taste. And I replace the bitter chocolate with cocoa powder.

Mascarpone I add to dessert much more than what is written in the recipe. But this is someone as you like.

It seems to me that this way tiramisu is more airy and tender.

Cooked for the first time.

I had 24 cookies, so I took only 2 eggs.

The cream turned out quite thick and nothing spread. tasty and easy!

He cooked 2 times) Very tasty) Cognac was replaced for the second time with Amaretto, and instead of 5 proteins he added 4, the mixture is thicker.

Whipped with sugar yolks add a little hot milk and boil the mixture on the steam bath for about five minutes with constant stirring;) I always do that "Tiramisu" My favorite dessert 🙂

Alain, thank you.

I will cook the second time, take your advice. Thanks for the recipe

Masha, I’m afraid you haven’t whipped squirrels tightly enough. Frankly, in these recipes, I advise you to split the sugar in half: half rub with sugar, add half by whipping proteins. Sugar acts as a stabilizer, allowing the proteins to be whipped into a strong, stable foam without fear of killing them, from which the proteins "are painted".

Perhaps I will make the appropriate amendment to the recipe, thanks for your question!

Tell me why the consistency of the cream turned out to be liquid according to this recipe? As a result, it did not thicken in the refrigerator, and it remained liquid, although it was very tasty)

Very tasty and very simple.

Very cool recipe, thanks a lot! Instead of the purchased cookies, I prepared the cookies myself, very light and tasty, I think it gave a special tiramisu taste)))

Great dessert turned out!

To be honest, there was no certainty that a good tiramisu would turn out.

But in fact, for the New Year holidays, tiramisu, according to this recipe, got on the conveyor at the request of the guests)))) the only thing I took was less than 4 instead of 5. By the way, the recipe on the Italian saroyardi wrapper was similar — the same sequence of actions, the same products. Do not be afraid!

Recipe valid.

I love tiramisu. For the first time cooked it myself. She did not find the cookies, she made the biscuit herself.

It turned out great!

Although not like in a cafe, but very tasty!

My favorite homemade dessert. Only I make biscuits instead of cookies. eggs — 5 pieces of flour — 1 cup sugar — 200g of starch — 1 tbsp baking powder — 1 pack Proteins and yolks are shaken separately.

Grease a large sheet well with butter.

Pour the dough into a thin even layer.

Bake until cooked at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Good recipe. Also, only 4 eggs took!

Only the whites were not whipped, apparently due to the fact that a drop of yolks got into them, I had to run for whipped cream. Not regretted, the cream turned out awesome.

Instead of rum / cognac, I have Amaretto liqueur for desserts.

A simple recipe for dessert. Quick and tasty.

She took only 4 eggs, instead of brandy added dark rum. You need to beat the yolks and whites cold in pre-cooled dishes, if you wish, whip the dishes in which you can beat them with ice — as a result you will get a very thick consistency.

Everyone who tried it was like it.

Several times already prepared tiramisu for this recipe.

Only we lay out portions in creamers — amazingly tasty and beautiful. Mascarpone in Metro buy — there are many options

Cooked tiramisu over the weekend for this recipe, it turned out very tasty! in order for the cream to stiffen and bake soaked, how should you keep the finished product in the refrigerator for about 6 hours ..

My cooking mistakes: I soaked a cookie in coffee too much, just pour it over; I listened to the advice and added cream while churning proteins, the cream did not work, I began to exfoliate (((I had to throw it out and start the process all over again.

A familiar pastry chef advised to divide sugar into 2 parts and add half of it to proteins, and not only to yolks.

And use the mascarpone is not the same well-known company (for it is very liquid).

And add a little cream to the whites. I will try

It seems to me that it is better to take less protein (say, 2, but not all 5), then you will not have to add cream.

And, yes, I agree that tiramisu in individual serving always looks better.

The cream turns out to be a little thin If I replace proteins with whipped cream, it may be stricter.

It tastes good, but looks so-so. Maybe, if we do it in portions, in glasses, a wickedness will not rush into my eyes))

Tasty, simple. Love)))!!

I’m shocked. I read komenty and even confused!

This is a fan site. "Live healthy". If you ever in Italy, in your home cafe, try REAL tiramisu, then you will not care whether the eggs are raw or not, chicken or quail!

Prepare this wonderful dessert, make a cup of coffee and enjoy!

After all, there is nothing tastier than Italian dishes !!

It is nice that everyone discussed salmonella, sorry no one wrote about the recipe itself.

Did it work out tasty?

Citizens-comrades, salmonella live not in proteins or yolks, but on the surface of an egg-shell. And if you do not drop the shells into the dough, break the eggs gently with a knife and wash your hands with soap (you can "chicken fruit" wash with soap and water, why not), then raw protein will not cause you any harm. I speak as a person who had the sad experience of illness with salmonellosis as part of the whole family.

At the hospital, doctors all explained in a popular way — what, where and why.

Eggnog is safe, but the children, who first fry the scrambled eggs, and then take bread with unwashed hands — very much so.

I cook tiramisu regularly from raw eggs, simply by washing them beforehand with soap.

And why all the raw eggs turned against?

Who is very afraid of salmonellosis — whipped proteins can be replaced by whipped cream.

When cooking mayonnaise, raw eggs are also used. Does anyone bother?

I’m not talking about the store, about the home.

all eggs and chicken and quail and even more waterfowl eggs are planted with salmonella, in order to use them raw without fear, whole eggs should be washed in soda solution, and then a drop of houseos or a drop of whiteness in a solution of a glass of water and then rinse in running water and no salmonella threatens you.

Chicken eggs in order to avoid salmonellosis can be replaced with Quails, 15 pieces of quail eggs will be enough for this recipe — tasty and safe.

Yes you . RAW EGGS are put into Tiramisu. Horrible.

I even think about eggs and vomit.

Ayayay It seems to me that in the dessert there are RAW eggs in feeders should somehow be reported.

Always ask. but on the subject of sauces. and here.

I already felt bad.

And I beat the yolks with sugar in a water bath (I don’t use proteins at all) and this is how heat treatment takes place.

Yes, by the way, I am also confused by raw eggs. how to deal with it? there is still tiramisu for children. but there are also raw eggs, and instead of brandy, orange syrup (fresh juice) is added to me, but that stops me, although I really want to try. I thought chicken eggs could give me salmonella, too.

It is very interesting to me, when you order tiramisu in a restaurant or in a cafe, do you think about salmonellosis? And here in the recipe suddenly remembered.

Thank you so much for the recipe. Today I tried to do, let’s see what happens.

This is my favorite dessert.

And the main thing is that it was very cheap to do it.

Thanks again.

Chicken eggs may well be a source of salmonellosis, as the doctor says, very often

About salmonellosis — this is complete nonsense! Salmonella occur in waterfowl (duck) eggs, this does not apply to chicken. So you can safely eat tiramisu, it does not threaten you! 🙂

In this recipe I was embarrassed by two points. The first is that the cream is prepared entirely from raw eggs and is not amenable to any heat treatment, which is a bit alarming and makes us recall salmonellosis. However, I took the risk and did not regret it!

The second moment, which embarrassed me already in the process of preparation — in my opinion, the cream turned out to be watery.

But after the dish stood in the refrigerator for 5 hours, it froze perfectly, everything was very well soaked and smelled incredibly delicious. The taste is simply divine! Incredibly gentle and pleasant dessert, be sure to try!

The main thing do not forget to carefully wash the eggs with soap.

Oh, how I have long wanted to make such a cake, thanks for the recipe, and most importantly, described in detail how to do it, I think that on Saturday I will please my relatives))

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