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Tiramisu on

Tiramisu is a fresh invention, it is not more than fifty years old, but traditions are strong.

Tiramisu is made in a very specific way from well-defined products.

One well-known and most commonly loved by me Finnish company hung posters all over the city. On some of them it says: «Tiramisu — this. «- and then goes the image of a pack of sour cream. Well, let’s say, the fat content of this sour cream is almost like that of a woman, over forty.

But this is not enough! And where does creamy come from in sour cream, when is it a fermented milk product?

In general, we, as Grandpa Lenin used to say, will go the other way, the traditional one.

This is the creamiest of all cream cheeses — a specialty of Lombardy, but now it is made all over Italy. The standard fat content of mascarpone is 70–80%.

There are also «fat-free» options — up to 40%.

Mascarpone — the essence of tiramisu, his soul, heart and all 125 calories per teaspoon.

I do not think it makes sense to replace it with other products, whether it be cream mixed with gelatin (or it will flow) or other cream cheese.

Yes, many do with “Philadelphia” — but this is a little dietary and almost also expensive.

A very interesting variation of the dessert (I would hardly risk calling it tiramisu, but still) I did it in a tiny town where sellers of the word “mascarpone” did not hear: I mixed market cottage cheese, rubbed twice through a sieve, with greasy cream and whipped with a mixer with yolks and sugar, as it should be.

Many people are concerned about how to protect raw eggs.

Those who do not care about this question (like me) simply never had salmonellosis. For those who are worried, there are three options. The first is to use eggs of a bird that does not suffer from salmonella, quail.

The problem with them is technical: proteins are very difficult to separate from the yolks. The second option: boil egg cream in a water bath, as for Sabayon.

Third: chicken eggs can be pasteurized so that they do not curl, although not very high quality. From a portion of sugar, boil the sugar syrup from a ratio of 4 parts of sugar to 1 part of water and brew whites of proteins for them — as in the Italian merengue.

First, whip the whites in a lush foam.

Then pour a thin stream of freshly removed syrup from a fire, whipping at medium speed — to a state of stable foam.

With yolks, that’s what. 3 yolks mix with each other, then with ½ tsp. lemon juice and 2 tbsp. l water in a utensil suitable for a microwave. Cover with foil, put on the power of 800 watts and watch without tearing: as soon as the surface of the yolks starts to rise, count for exactly 8 seconds, remove, very vigorously mix and put back in the microwave.

Perform the same operation again: 8 seconds after the start of the «rise» and vigorous stirring.

Everything, consider, is ready — pasteurization has occurred.

This air cookie as they call it! And «ladies fingers», and «long fingers», and «boudoir biscuits.»

Savoyardi is an Italian version of the name, denoting that these cookies were from the 15th century and were invented by the chef of the Duke of Savoy in honor of the visit of the French king.

Previously, finding a Savoyardi in our country was a problem: it was necessary to run around the supermarkets and pay some completely disproportionate money. But for some time there is a way out! «Ladies fingers» with unexpected consistency are sold at gas stations BP.

If your path lies past these non-gastronomic places, bake Savoyardi yourself. The recipe is a classic well-beaten biscuit dough with a little more flour added to keep the cookies in shape. And you can not give them any form at all.

Just bake a biscuit on a baking sheet, and then cut into long rectangular pieces.

Please brew coffee for tiramisu!

By espresso machine, coffee machine or turkey. Strong, tasty, fragrant, can be sour — these varieties are perfectly combined with heavy and sweet cream.

Instant coffee options will spoil the whole effect of mascarplona, ​​savoyardi and other regular and wonderful products.

Traditionally in tiramisu They add Sicilian fortified dessert wine Marsala, it is of the same class as port wine, Madeira or sweet sherry — therefore it is best replaced by these drinks. But, in principle, any fragrant tasty alcohol will suit, especially spiced rum or brandy. If you make tiramisu in the summer version, with berries, add berry liqueur (blackcurrant is just fine, but the cranberry is nothing).

If autumn tiramisu, with apples baked or roasted in syrup, take Calvados, with pears — Poire Williams, with peaches — peach schnapps. But in all cases, instead of coffee is better to take, you will be surprised tea.

In the first — black or earl gray; in the rest — green jasmine or milk oolong.

Chocolate or cocoa — traditional elements tiramisu, but optional.

In the same fruit and berry tiramisu chocolate in general to anything. I wouldn’t even sprinkle cocoa on top — it will kill all the delicate taste of fruit and berries.

But if you use, take the best, the most delicious. If you like dark — then bitter, without any vegetable oils.

If milk — it is also only the best.

You can make a sauce of chocolate by melting it with cream, or simply grate it and sprinkle some layers.

Cooking tiramsu in the presence of products is easier than ever.

Assign this to the children by giving them a plan. The plan is:

  • Beat the yolks with white sugar.
  • Add mascarpone, mix thoroughly.
  • Beat the whites with a pinch of salt into a lush foam, add to the yolk-maskarponnoy mass, gently stirring with a spatula top down.
  • Mix coffee and alcohol.
  • Dip the biscuits into the coffee mixture, lay them out in a deep bowl, pouring cream on each layer and seasoning it with varieties (chocolate, fruit, berries, spices).
  • Sprinkle the last layer of cocoa powder, chocolate or decorate with berries.
  • Cover with foil and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Dietary option
Do not entertain yourself with hope.

Dietary tiramisu can not be.

Make yourself better panacotta on skimmed milk with berries.

Stuffed Stuff
In summer, tiramisu simply has to be a little easier.
* If you use very watery berries or fruits, quickly scald them with sugar syrup or lightly drizzle in butter — so that your tiramisu does not become watery from berry juices.
* Hard fruits (for example, July miracle-tree-peaches) can be cut into slices and baked in the oven.
* Especially good in “adult” tiramisu fruit, soaked in alcohol.

If you are preparing a holiday in a week, it’s time to make blanks: cherries in cognac, cherries or apricots in rum, pears in wine (yes, the same ones).

Filing is not easy
* Verriny: great confectioner David Leibovitz, an American living in Paris makes tiramisu in Ikeevsky transparent cup-candlesticks: comfortable, beautiful, immediately portions, no one will fight to lick the bowl.
* Cupcakes: charmer Michelle makes tiramisu-cupcakes.

Biscuit-like dough with the addition of espresso — and a lush cap of thick cream according to the recipe for tiramisu.
* If you want to get tiramisu-cake or tiramisu-cake, which can be cut with a knife, do not add proteins. They not only give lightness to the cream, but also make it less monolithic.

You can put more yolks and add some espresso flavor to the cream.

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