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Timeless classics

The world around us is changing so quickly that a return to tradition at least once a year is simply necessary!

Olivier, turkey, aspic.

The smell of Christmas trees and tangerines, clinking glasses, bubbles, from which a little bit nipped in the nose. Regardless of how old we are and who we are now, you can return to childhood and revive your favorite memories.

The jellied turkey thigh — clear, tender, slightly trembling, on a rich strong broth, with tasty meat and without a gram of gelatin — a great start to the New Year’s meal.

How many families — so many options Olivier. And more often than not, the family loves the familiar option most of all — but sometimes it still agrees to experiment.

This Olivier — with a turkey hip and pickled apples — is worthy of changing the family tradition.

It turns out surprisingly harmonious and very "Russian" — our old specialty, a peeled apple, slightly crunches, giving the salad freshness and pleasant sourness.

A wonderful hot snack that doesn’t take much time and effort from you — a delicate cream julienne with mushrooms and turkey breast.

The use of elegant white porcelain cocottes will add a French flair to the New Year’s mood.

Another closer snack — from turkey liver.

Add a little brandy to the pate — and it has a deep aroma, and the taste becomes even more saturated.

Every day the pate, insisting, makes it only tastier — so you can safely increase the number of products in half, useful January 1-2.

Stuffed Christmas turkey with baked garlic potatoes

The Queen of the New Year’s table, of course, the whole turkey baked. We will have to work a little over it, but the result will justify everything.

And — not least — it will definitely stay for tomorrow!

"Napoleon" — a cake that everyone loves, but usually it is heavy, especially after a rich New Year’s table. This option is much lighter than the traditional one, because part of the butter cream has been replaced by raspberry — bright, not too sweet, very tasty.

You will surely love it!

How good it is to wake up in the morning (well, fine, in the afternoon) on January 1 — and understand that you have all the products to make a great, rich and spicy soup!

Meatballs for it can be prepared in advance, and strong flavored broth is cooked from the back of a baked turkey very quickly.

Eternal classics means eternal values, and what could be more valuable and more beautiful than gold.

Use in your holiday table decoration more gold-colored accessories: dishes, cutlery, napkins and candles.

For convenience, you can prepare and print a festive dinner menu on beautiful paper in advance.

We are sure that after the party your guests will take it with them as a souvenir.

Make personalized cards for guests in gold tones, and you can use bright tangerines as a stand.

4-12 player game

The essence of the game is to describe another person so that they can guess as much as possible, but not all. Everyone goes in turns and chooses who to describe, and the others guess by writing their own version on a piece of paper.

For example, a tattooed head of a family who doesn’t like to talk a lot, but who has a great sense of humor, would have to be described as a person who "comfortably silent" or makes the funniest sounds whenever it wants. But not like "a man with a lizard tattoo".

The reward system is thought out before the game starts.

You can prepare a lot of chips in advance and give each one who guessed the chips, and if you have guessed everything or no one, take the chips (and then give them particularly tasty food or a cocktail, for example).

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