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Timati: I still really love everything my mom cooks

Timati: I still really love everything my mom cooks

Timur Yunusov is not only a megapopular artist Timati, but also a reputable producer and co-owner of the Black Star group of companies, which leads more than a dozen different lines of business.

Recently, Timati and partners are actively developing a culinary niche.

— Is it important for a musician that he eats every day, or is it not the main thing for creative people?
— There is an opinion that a hungry musician is good, the best songs are written on an empty stomach. I strongly disagree with this.

If I do not sing properly before the concert, it will not be the best of my performance. I spend a lot of energy on stage, so I need to charge myself.

But Gregory Leps, on the contrary, admits that if he eats even two hours before the concert, he feels unimportant on the stage. I generally like to eat and am not going to limit myself to this pleasure.

Being superstructure and having cubes on the press is not my type. I love pasta with all sauces, I love fast food, I love spicy
the dishes.

Of course, now I have to be more careful with such food, I’m not 18 years old anymore, but I still respect all these tasty hazards.
— Your first independent income is related to burgers, the opening of the first McDonald’s restaurant in Moscow.

Did it somehow affect the fact that your first culinary project was the burger?
— Probably not, when my partners Pasha and Walter decided to launch a food project, we wanted to start exclusively with chicken dishes. And only later did the concept change.

Honestly, about the burger we didn’t even think about it, since we couldn’t imagine how to get into such a popular market segment. And now I understand that everything is possible.

If there is a cool concept, you have a good team, as well as the right marketing, really swing any industry.
— Do you plan the expansion of Black Star Burger to other cities of Russia or abroad?
— Yes, we are already building and a place in Los Angeles has been selected. New York will be next. We are not going to Europe yet.

There will be uniquely CIS countries. And, of course, there is an expansion to the cities of Russia, there are already 4 places in cities with a population of over 1 million.

By the end of the year, we will open 10 points throughout the country — in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar and Rostov.
— How interesting is the topic of food to you — is it just a part of the business, a fad or something more?

Do you consider gastronomy a type of art?
— I am 100 percent convinced that gastronomy is an art, and quite complicated. To make a cool product, you need a lot of skill, experience, some inner flair and talent.

All famous chefs are talented people and extremely efficient.
— Do you plan to open a more serious restaurant?
— We have already launched the first Black Star Burger PRIME.

While it is positioned as a snack bar, but in fact it is a serious restaurant.

We worked out the kitchen for several months long before the official opening, and now we are not ashamed of the menu.
— How important is music in a cafe?
— This is a very important component that creates the right atmosphere.

We have no problems with music: always the most fashionable and fresh content, because our radio station is Black Star Radio.
— You have your own brand of clothes, a perfume line, a tattoo salon, a barber shop, a music studio, a gaming business, a fast food chain.

What other areas of activity are you planning to master in the future?
— We are now actively expanding the project Black Star Food.

We are preparing for the release of a wide range of drinks: it will be cold tea, cola, and juices, and some very original combinations.
— Do you have family culinary traditions?

What do you like to eat at home?
— I still love everything that my mom cooks.

Our homemade food is a mixture of oriental elements with traditional Russian cuisine.

And from the obligatory family traditions — Russian salad for the New Year. Only in
our family, he always cooks without pork.
— What or whom do you believe in?
— I definitely believe in God, as well as in my strength and in my country!

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