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Tigranin Berry Pie, Step by Step Recipe with Photos

In winter, this cake can be made with frozen berries (having thawed them out beforehand and thrown them into a colander to make the juice stack) or with not very sweet jam from anything.

Another option is to mix jam and some berries, it turns out very tasty.

And sugar for the filling is better to take brown.

  • 2 eggs
  • 200 g butter
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 3–3,5 cups flour
  • 1.5 cups of berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries)
  • 5 tbsp. l Sahara
  • 2 tbsp. l starch
  • powdered sugar

Tigran Tigranovna was the name of a wonderful Armenian aunt who was born in Karabakh, but lived almost all her life in the Urals.

She cooked amazingly: Armenian pilaf, dumplings, and waffles … But this cake, it seems to us, was a special star at her country parties.

She baked it with blueberries, with forest raspberries or with apples — and in any case it disappeared from the baking tray in a split second.

It seems that the open cake is a new, and overseas type of cake, that’s why we call it.

Elvira, since we learned this recipe from an aunt from Karabakh, we called this recipe that way), and according to your method of grinding the butter on a grater, the cake will be called Elvirin for sure!

The dough is wonderful, this is my firm dough, not Tigranovny Tigranovny. I have been using it for a long time in all my pastries with various fillings, and meat, and with cabbage, and with cottage cheese, berries, apples, etc. and so on with the same proportions.

Only I do not rub eggs with sugar and butter, I rub half-frozen butter on a large grater with flour, make crumbs, rub them with my hands, then add eggs and the rest and be sure to baking powder or baking soda, quenched with vinegar.

And do not knead much, put together and put in the freezer for 20 minutes, it is easy to roll.

Very elastic, soft, airy, crumbly and very tasty dough.

Try it.

Very tasty cake))))) all relatives loved it)

Baked 1 hour at 180, the cake is wet, sticks to the teeth) hard cake, soda definitely need to be added. I took honeysuckle for cooking, the filling was due to starch — a lively jelly, the recipe’s enough berries, but the overall impression of the resulting is not very good.

I do not recommend this recipe.

My test turned out for 2 such cakes, with very thick sides, although the shape is large, also added more flour to the glass, because the dough did not want to become suitable for skiing.

If the recipe was not glasses, but in grams it would be much more convenient. I put cherries on my eye, about 500g (there was no more), but in order for the cake to be with a sufficient amount of filling, there should be more berries, and even more so for such a number of dough.

The dough turned out to be very sticky. Such a quantity of berries is clearly not enough! The cake was not baked, although it baked for about 50 minutes at 200’S. I think the cake without the filling must first be cooked.

very sweet, you could not make such a sweet cake !!

A wonderful cake. I will cook it often) Flour added more for one glass, berries (blueberries) are also a little more.

You can combine the oil-egg mixture with flour and portions add sour cream, achieving the desired consistency of the test.

With any method of kneading does not need to thoroughly knead the dough, it becomes tough from this.

Dough with proportions turned out unbearably sticky and went to add more flour — almost a whole glass.

Because of this, the dough turned out hard.

How can this be solved?

Maybe it was necessary to take eggs only from eggs?

ja testo (niz) ispekla vsjo taki otdelno, t.k. ja povor po obrazovaniju ja znaju sto takie pirogi v 50% esli niz ne ispekat otdelno bez natsinki hotjab 15 minut- ostajutsa s6r6mi.

Ispekla niz otdelno, pris6pav orehami stob rovnoe dno b6lo i zatem uze nas6pala

Hello, I want to thank the author for a wonderful recipe.

I want to note that everything is baked very well, I cooked the cake many times with various fillings (with frozen berries, grated lemon with sugar, with apple sauce) each time the result is excellent. The pie does not live to see the evening =)

A glass of 250 ml, it is about 150 g of flour.

In the recipe a glass of 200 or 250gr means?

The cake really turned out to be damp.

It doesn’t spoil it much, but the dough sticks to the gums and looks damp in the morning, although it did not burn for 30-40 minutes. whole hour I think it is because of sour cream. I used 15%.

And the berries are absolutely not spread, everything has risen, formed in a thick filling and tasty.

everything is perfectly baked. a thin layer of dough is obtained, and the berry filling is on it; the berry juice does not spread at the expense of starch. I had frozen raspberries, after defrosting, they are not at all, after adding sugar and starch, the filling on the consistency turned out like sour cream is not thick. As I know, baking powder is not needed in any kind of shortbread. It turned out very tasty and beautiful cake! I sprinkled when it was just baked, but had not yet cooled down with chocolate. Thanks for the easy and delicious recipe!

And how does the presence / absence of baking powder affect the dough baking? In the filling there is sugar and starch, which thicken the berry juice, and he does not soak the dough. In addition, the lattice provides quick boiling of this juice — there is where to go a couple.

So it will not be damp, especially if the berries are whole, not crumpled.

But if you really want, you can propechat.

The cake will be raw, for the first time there is no ripper or soda, and secondly, the dough (the base of the cake) is better to pre-cook, and then the filling with berries and the grate and back into the oven.

Then maybe that will come out.

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