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Three Roman dishes: tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, saltimbocca, open berry pie on

Three Roman dishes: tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, saltimbocca, open berry pie

Giuseppe D’Angelo — brand chef De cecco in Moscow — invited the correspondent Gastronom.ru on a master class in Italian cuisine.

Giuseppe showed how to cook three dishes that are popular in Central Italy, in the Lazio region, including in the capital of the region and the whole country — Rome.

Of course, it was not without pasta, which was followed by a saltimbocca meat dish and a delicious dessert — an open berry pie.

Lazio pasta is very diverse. Here they cook noodles fettuccine and spaghetti, short large rigatoni and long, holey inside the bucatini, as well as gnocchi dumplings.

Pasta is prepared with carbonara and amatricane sauces; Meat (pancetta, guanchiale), local pecorino romano cheese, mushrooms, legumes, tomatoes, herbs (mint, rosemary, basil) are used as additives to pasta.

Pecorino romano in this recipe can be replaced with another hard cheese: Giuseppe, for example, used parmesan. If there are no shallots, you can use regular onions.

Instead of tagliatelle, you can take a paste of another kind.

Giuseppe, who hails from Abruzzo, claims that square spaghetti from his home region (spaghetti quadrati de cecco) fit for this recipe no worse.

What do you need:
ceps — 400 g
olive oil — 50 ml
garlic — 2 teeth
cream 20-30% — 500 ml
green basil — 2 sprigs
dry white wine — 50 ml
pecorino romano (parmesan or other hard cheese) — 80 g
tagliatelle (or spaghetti squares) — 360 g
Shallot — 1 pc.
salt, pepper — to taste

The word «saltimbocca» in Italian means «jump in the mouth.» And it is really very tasty!

Saltimbokka — Roman specialty: they say, in Rome there is no restaurant where the menu would not have this dish.

However, you can try saltimbokku not only in the capital of Italy, but also in many other cities of the country, as well as in neighboring Switzerland, Spain and Greece.

Saltimbocci is a good veal.

They beat off the meat, put a piece of dry-cured ham on each piece (prosciutto, ham, you can also use bacon) and sage, and then fry it on both sides in olive or butter and wine sauce.

Usually for cooking saltimbocca alla romana veal, prosciutto and sage are rolled up and fried in butter and Marsala wine.

Other options are possible: Giuseppe, for example, used olive oil for roasting De cecco.

Sertimbocca is served with capers, fresh bread, green peas, and peperonate — a salad of baked peppers.

Giuseppe suggested saltimobokku with mashed potatoes — also a nice option.

What do you need:
beef tenderloin — 1200 g
Cheddar cheese — 300 g
bacon or dried ham (prosciutto, jamon) — 300 g
sage — 10 leaves
olive oil — 0.5 l
baking flour — for crushing
flour of semol — for crushing
egg — 8 pcs. (for crushing)
black pepper, salt — to taste
white wine — 3-4 tbsp. l

This is a real summer recipe — an open pie with seasonal berries, custard and shortcrust pastry.

Berries can vary depending on the season, the main thing is that they are sweet enough and juicy.

Sand cake and cream need to be prepared separately, and combined almost already before serving.

milk — 400 ml
pod vanilla — 1 pc.
egg yolk — 6 pcs.
granulated sugar — 250 g
corn starch — 35 g
lemon — 1 pc.
cream 33% — 100 ml

wheat flour — 300 g
icing sugar — 120 g
butter — 180 g
lemon peel — 1 tsp.
pod vanilla — 1 pc.
egg yolk — 2 pcs.
salt — to taste

— for the berry filling:

fresh strawberries — 275 g
fresh blackberry — 100 g
fresh blueberries — 100 g
fresh mint — 1 sprig

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