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Three crusts of bread: sets in the most expensive restaurants in Moscow

Three crusts of bread: sets in the most expensive restaurants in Moscow

It is scary to enter an expensive restaurant, it seems that the counter is switched on from the very moment the courteous doorman opens the oak door with gilded handles.

Feel like a nouveau riche for 1900 rubles until the end of October in 100 Moscow restaurants, ordering a set Moscow Gastronomic Festival.

We chose the 10 most reputable institutions participating in the MGF with an average check above 3,000 rubles.

Restaurant, which occupies 23 place in the ranking 50 best restaurants in the world, led by the chef Vladimir Mukhin.

The set is vegetarian, but out of five innings: thanks to an unusual combination of ingredients, it is quite possible to form an opinion on the best restaurant in Russia.

  • Young corn with olive tapenade
  • Curry Cauliflower
  • Broccolini
  • Raw Cashew Cake with Condensed Coconut
  • Grape Candy

Chef Emmanuel Mongillo arranged a gastronomic Riviera with Italian sculptures, palm trees and crystal chandeliers in a high-rise on Kudrinskaya Square.

Historical sculptures on the perimeter of the building, depicting ordinary Soviet citizens: athletes, workers, soldiers, and mothers with children, as if they hint — the place is out of place, not inside, to the interlopers.

  • Broccoli Snack
  • Ravioli with pink shrimp and fried foie gras
  • Duck breast with Brussels sprouts and rosemary

Restaurant of Italian cuisine in an elegant mansion on the outskirts of the Patriarch’s Ponds, whose kitchen is managed by Sicilians Giuseppe Davi.

If you are lucky, you can catch the performance of a string quartet, but even without this the entourage is very ceremonial.

  • Tarte tatin from tomatoes and burrats
  • A crudo of two types of shrimp (mazancanle and red sicilian) with mango, celery and green apple
  • Fried squids with olives and potato mousse
  • Spaghetti with sea urchin caviar, powdered coffee crumb
  • Sea bass with leek fondue with baked tomato sauce
  • Dessert "Chocolate fantasy"

Feel like a complete unit "Beautiful society" possible thanks to the efforts of the financier and deli Oleg Krymasov, who occupied almost a whole floor in the shopping gallery "Fashion season" (in the building of the Four Seasons Hotel).

  • Portobello mushroom mousse with port wine jelly, fresh blueberry and green apples
  • Agnolotti with rabbit and marsala and morel sauce
  • Tongue behind cheek: veal tongue cooked in sous form for 48 hours with beef cheeks stewed in barolo sauce with cocoa and juniper and chestnut puree
  • Lemon meringue sponge cake

La bella societa

A luxurious Chinese restaurant on the banks of the Moscow River with an average check of 4000 rubles.

The set includes only three dishes, but usually for 1900 rubles, you can only drink tea with Chinese cookies with a prediction.

  • Marinated Salmon Tartar
  • Crispy dorado in spicy sauce
  • Pineapple Carpaccio with Lime / Basil Sorbet

The restaurant, located closest to the Kremlin and the kilometer zero — in the hotel Four Seasons.

The restaurant’s check can really reset the accounts of ordinary Russian citizens who wish to have a solemn supper under the shine of ruby ​​stars.

  • Smoked veal tongue, Jerusalem artichoke on coals, celery root puree
  • Ravioli with pumpkin, sage, roasted hazelnut powder
  • Stewed snails with the aroma of garlic and parsley, polenta, parmesan
  • Smoked apple, carrot sorbet with celery, ryazhenka

Very beautiful place with stucco, mirrors and gold lamps, and even overlooking the expensive boutiques of the Kuznetsk bridge.

Here, of course, the atmosphere is almost like in France, but many dishes are still with Russian aftertaste.

  • Meat Snails
  • Butcher steak with dauphin potatoes and bearnaise sauce
  • Crepe Suzette

The legendary Moscow restaurant from the dashing 90s, whose cuisine is now managed by a chef Anton Bulygin.

Sometimes it is really alarming to cross the threshold of the restaurant: at the tables are scary beautiful women and scary rich businessmen accompanied by guards.

  • Sweet Potato Soup with Pike Caviar and Smoked Sour Cream
  • Rib of marble goby with autumn mushrooms and root vegetables
  • Isabella sorbet with birch sap and geranium
  • Autumn chestnuts with chocolate and Madagascar vanilla

Restaurant Alexander Rappoport in the hotel building "National" with a beautiful view of the Kremlin, Baccarat crystal and author’s cuisine.

An ideal place to get acquainted with the deputies of the State Duma or a selfie with visiting pop stars.

  • Green radish rolls with Kamchatka crab and black caviar
  • Sea urchin with sturgeon caviar and bone marrow mousse
  • Glazed in the hips rose chicken with mashed chestnut and leek confit
  • Chocolate honey cake

An old fish restaurant on Leninsky Prospekt, specializing in "marseille’s ear".

Thank you boss Anis Sharif for the presence of branded bouillabaisse in the tasting menu!

  • Mixed salad with tuna, grapefruit and cheese crumble
  • Bouillabaisse
  • Sea bass fillet with sweet pepper sauce and zucchini spaghetti
  • Chocolate mousse

Tasting menus are valid until October 31.

In most restaurants daily from 12 to 18 hours (specify in advance by phone).

Reservation tables required.

Drinks are not included in the set price.

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