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Thomas Moran, wandering chef

Thomas moran was born in Bordeaux, lives in Monaco.

After graduating from culinary school, he trained at a Paris restaurant Jamin (3 stars michelin) Joel Robuchon, as well as in the restaurant La ferme saint michel in bordeaux.

In the gastronomic circles became known primarily as a private chef: Thomas cooked for the actress Salma Hayek and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, for the star guests of the Cannes Film Festival, participants of the race «Formula 1» in Monaco, as well as for many millionaires during their vacation on the Cote d’Azur.

— Thomas, our famous chef Anatoly Komm was recently on tour in Paris and complained that there was a lot of misunderstanding with the team of the «receiving» restaurant.

— Oh, I have no such problems. I had been preparing for private clients for twelve years and had learned to adapt to circumstances. I used to rely on the receiving side: I always come alone, without assistants, even when I need to hold large events.

You know, I had to cook for people in Africa, in the middle of the sands, with the help of a team made up of people from the nearest village, with whom we barely understood each other.

And it turned out very well.

— What did you do in Africa?

— I went there every winter in the last ten years, when the season ended on the Cote d’Azur.

It was a project in Senegal — luxury camp: such a luxurious adventure in a completely lost place.

People came to the island in the reserve.

They lived in large Moorish tents — by the way, very comfortable, with beds, with beautiful furniture. I cooked for them, and every time it was a real performance.

To buy food, it was necessary to sail for four hours on a boat, but in the evenings people ate from silver and crystal in the middle of the desert, under a sky strewn with stars.

— In Africa, you cooked only from local products, did not order oysters from France?

— Of course not!

Voluntarily, I will never use products that need to be delivered from the other end of the world. Only if customers really want.

I once worked for Pakistanis, and they recognized only one type of mango, which they brought in a private plane from Pakistan every few days. I call my kitchen “instinctive”, the main message here is that there are good products wherever you turn out to be.

You need to look around, go through the market, try, feel the aromas and decide on the basis of what to cook.

— Where are you headed in Moscow?

— In Moscow, unfortunately, this trick was not entirely successful. We were limited in time, so I sent the menu in advance.

Some products, as I was told, are difficult to find in Moscow — for example, special mustard or dough bricks for spring rolls, so we replaced something, and I brought something from Monaco.

— Your Moscow menu is very eclectic: ravioli with foie gras, gazpacho with grapefruit, risotto with shrimps and truffles — exactly as we like.

— I confess, I found out what I like
Russian For me the main thing is not just to express oneself, but also to give the guests pleasure, to please them. I worked for very important people who are in the most expensive restaurants, and my clients have repeatedly said that they like my food more.

I am not at all such a master as Alain Ducasse or Joel Robuchon, but I put my soul into it.

— In general, is a private chef a dependent profession?

— You know, there are about ten people in France, known as private chefs, — they are recommended to each other, “booked” in advance, they are trusted. I usually quickly begin to feel the tastes of people.

First, we always do interviews about what they like, what their preferences are (our clients always have some kind of allergy, products that they don’t eat — they have to be special!).

But within the limits of what they love, I cook everything I want. It seems no one has complained.

My techniques are French, but from traveling around the world I give different recipes, moods, sensations.

And I manage to cook in a new way every day, to be a truly «instinctive» chef.

— Do you have a base — a restaurant, a kitchen?

— No, and I never even dreamed of my own restaurant. Routine kills, and life is so short, and I have too many ideas to be tied to one place for several years. For example, now I am carrying out the idea of ​​a “culinary opera,” in which food will be prepared with classical music.

It will be a “traveling” project: ten days in one city, ten days in another, and so on, all over the world.

It is possible that one day we will come to Moscow with my culinary opera.

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