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The terrible secrets of bouillon cubes

5 myths about bouillon cubes: can I eat them all the time?

Bouillon cube — the universal assistant in the kitchen. Contrary to the name, it is suitable not only for soup, but also for main courses, sometimes it is even used as seasoning. However, with all its popularity, it is surrounded by a considerable number of myths (both positive and negative).

Which of them is true and what is not?

1. This “semi-finished product” appeared in the 20th century, when people had less time for cooking

Already in the 18th century, a product appeared that could be called the “great-grandfather” of a bouillon cube. It was a «military development»: special dry tortillas made of bones, protein and salt, took with them on long military campaigns.

In the XIX century, they guessed to evaporate the broth, get the extract and deliver it in jars to the front again. A little later, this product was finalized and began to be used already in peaceful life. For a long time it was considered the food of the poor and was intended for those who cannot afford natural meat broth.

Today, this product is associated primarily with the speed of cooking.

Its composition has remained unchanged for more than a century: fat, flavor enhancer, salt, flavors.

2. Cube broth is much inferior to natural, meat can not be replaced with a cube

It really is. Just look at the composition of the cube to understand how much it differs from a piece of meat.

The main ingredients we listed above. Various «tastes» (chicken, beef, mushrooms, pork) are obtained through the use of flavors and flavor enhancers.

In addition, the cubes have starch, maltodexin — they are needed to obtain the desired consistency and "bonding" all components.

And only a very small part are meat or mushrooms.

Replacing the meat with a cube is not worth it for the reason that the cube does not contain all those useful elements that a natural product contains.

Perhaps the taste will be similar, but the nutritional value of the resulting dish will definitely be different.

3. Bouillon cube — the same broth, just evaporated water from it

Once such cubes really existed — in the second half of the last century.

They were not popular then, and with time they were replaced by modern ones — a real miracle in the food industry.

The composition of the cube, which we discussed above, clearly shows that it is not evaporated broth.

4. Bouillon cube — a great solution for those on a diet.

Yes, the calorie content of the bouillon cube is small (on average 6.5 times less than that of natural broth), but it is hardly suitable for a diet. According to nutritionists, the danger of products containing such a large number of improvers, additives and flavors, is that they dull the sensitivity of taste buds.

After that, eat cottage cheese, lettuce and boiled meat do not want.

5. Bouillon cube is not suitable for family nutrition and nutrition of children.

It really is.

Although the temptation to speed up the process of cooking lunch or dinner is very high, we still advise you to abandon it and give preference to classic recipes. Such food is definitely not good for children. And besides this, only healthy people can «pamper» themselves with bouillon cubes, without any problems associated with the work of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, even bronchial asthma.

Again, given that monosodium glutamate is part, such products are not suitable for permanent use.

Summarizing, we can say that bouillon cubes can help out in some situations. They are indispensable in long hikes, in the country and in nature, will help out an inept chef, if he does not know how to cook the first dish.

But to include them in your diet on an ongoing basis is not worth it, since their composition is not optimal.

Examination of chicken soup from the bag — read on the portal Roskontrol.

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