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The right barley porridge, step by step recipe with photos

Pearl barley porridge can be prepared not only in the dessert version — with sugar or honey, but also as a main dish — with fried onions and greens.

Cereals — foodstuff from grains of various (most often cereal) cultures which passed.

Serve barley porridge is with salad, fish, meat or cheese, it is often refilled finely.

Porridge is one of the main dishes of Russian cuisine. Porridge cooked from wheat, oats, buckwheat, barley and even.

I soak the cereal at night.

Then half an hour cook in a pressure cooker. And then for 15-20 minutes I boil the porridge with the addition of milk, salt, sugar.

Butter is added directly to the plate.


Laziness, dear friends, prevents you from moving on and eating better.

Chet some high-class food no one will be so zamarachivatsya nonsense IMHO

oh how complicated it is. They took it soaked, drained, washed, poured, boiled until soft and sweet aroma, ate. Everything.

And no additives to it are needed, nor to any natural product.

Everything is incredibly tasty in itself, just your food receptors are so killed that they have forgotten how to feel it.

lyk, griby i cmetana = the best!

Up to 45 years, considered barley, in any form, inedible. Now one of my favorite cereals.

It is very simple to cook: wash 1 part of the cereal and pour 3 parts of boiling water as soon as you boil it — mix and close the lid. Cook for 20 minutes, NOT OPENING COVER.

DO NOT OPEN COVERS cover with a towel and leave for 30-40 minutes. Add butter (I add olive oil, infused with garlic and chili and turmeric, at the tip of a knife) and mix thoroughly.

Let stand for another 5 minutes.


The son studied at the military institute.

Three years in the barracks on the barley. She of course there is nasty, easy to cook. But, hair, skin and health were excellent.

I will come to visit him take the underwear to wash, but then it does not smell.

Like a child.

Her hair glistened as if specially courting. On the 4th course went to the apartment.

He began to eat himself. Well, naturally. which is simpler and faster.

Immediately became dull hair, started having problems with the skin.

The result is obvious.

Now in the army, the reform began to feed as in a cafe. Army we lost. There will be no endurance from a cafe meal, but there will be health problems in a few years.

And then I looked about "pearl porridge" on php. Our ancestors treated her and increased the potency. Not in vain!

I -"BEHIND" pearl barley.

I bought a slow cooker and now I don’t bother, the porridge turns out great!

It is easy to prepare, at night I fall asleep in a slow cooker, washed porridge, water (taking into account soaking), salt and sl.maslo.

I put the timer in the morning. And straight to the table delicious porridge (we eat it simply, without anything)

Garnish a side dish from it, to meat with a large amount of onions and carrots, and add perefarku with vegetables immediately in the barley



After six hours of heat treatment, its useful properties are hardly preserved.

After six hours of heat treatment, its useful properties are hardly preserved.

Finally I found a recipe for this (not just a side dish) barley porridge without milk (not everyone can).

Thank you so much.

I do not soak and cook for no longer than an hour, it turns out great — crumbly side dish.

Rinse 1 cup of pearl barley, pour 1 liter of cold water and put on for 12 hours. Drain remaining water after soaking. Pour 2 liters of milk, cook in a water bath for 6 hours.

When ready to grind into a homogeneous mass. add salt, sugar, butter.

It turns out just a song.

Although preparing for a long time.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of fuss with her, which is why she is obviously not popular, and how useful and tasty she is!

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