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The original cake Bird’s milk in the author’s interpretation, step-by-step recipe with photos

The original cake Bird’s milk in the author’s interpretation

Many people think that Cake pigeon’s milk appeared in ancient times. But the first cake with this name was baked in the confectionery shop of the restaurant. «Prague» in 1978.

Its author is Vladimir Mikhailovich Guralnik, Head of the pastry shop of the restaurant, master pastry chef.

This recipe is its original formulation.

  • 140 g wheat flour
  • 105 g sugar
  • 110 g of butter (in the primary source — margarine) plus for baking
  • 2 eggs
  • 460 g sugar
  • 200 g butter
  • 3 squirrels
  • 20-25 g of granulated or 13-16 g of leaf gelatin
  • 95 g classic condensed milk
  • 2 g of citric acid

Sprinkle biscuit cakes for the cake with a small amount of any cream liqueur.

Just the other day, examining the archive of the magazine Gastronom, we stumbled upon a treasure -.

Cake Bird’s milk — one of the most favorite cakes of the Soviet era.

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Cook sugar syrup for 30-40 minutes? And then there is also a gelatin plunk. (Gelatin is not heated above 80 degrees, because it loses its properties to gel, but agar does not lose). Boil the syrup to 118-120 degrees Celsius, it will take up to 10 minutes on medium heat.

And yes, sugar syrup is not cooked over low heat, in order to avoid crystallization.

Natalia, if you think that agar-agar influences the taste and texture of the cake so much, prepare it with agar-agar. I am not going to prove to you that this recipe was personally transmitted to us by the author himself. I can only say that in those times when he got to us — the beginning of the 2000s, agar-agar, if it was available, only to restaurants and the elect.

All the rest was prepared on gelatin, hence it is in the recipe.

The cake developed by Guralnik is prepared not with gelatin, but with agar-agar, the consistency of the mass depends on it.

By the way, in cooking on the Arbat (in the building of «Prague») still work only on agar.

Irina, you burned the syrup. The temperature was higher than necessary

The soufflé turned brown and, unfortunately, bitter: (

The recipe, of course, is not very accurate.

My soufflé was the color of creme brulee, because I still overdosed the syrup and it seems to me that it is still burnt taste.

It agrees with Elena that it is better to remove earlier. Chet even rastroilas (.

Let’s see what happens.

It is better not to cut the biscuits, but to make each one separately: draw a form on paper and put dough on it.

Very tasty cake turned out, the taste of childhood. Cooking is easy!

Thank you very much Gastronomy! The result is here: http://mamaolya.ru/retsepty/article_post/tort-ptichye-moloko

And I cut the sugar in the souffle in half and cooked not as it was described, but much less, just dropped a drop of caramel on a spoon and that’s all. And I added some salt and vanillin to the dough. And I think next time I will replace butter in a souffle on mascarpone and I will put less sugar too.

And I liked it so much — the souffle turned out to be incredibly tender and froze well.

An amazing recipe, very simple and quick. Delicious!

Thank you very much!

Sergey, 460 g. Corrected.

There was a typo in the ingredients.

The list of raw materials for making souffles indicates 160 g of sugar, and in the description of the preparation of syrup for souffles is already 460 g. In the end, which of the masses is correct?

Very sugary turned out! Souffle softer (not at all what it should be). And one more thing: when you boil sugar with water to get a viscous consistency, it gets dark!

And the soufflé does not turn white.

Either the author didn’t finish something, or this is not bird’s milk at all.

Film " school waltz" filmed in 1977 and they mentioned bird milk cake.

And my mother claims that it was sold after 75 years.

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