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The more there is, the more you want: favorite products of different nations

The more there is, the more you want: favorite products of different nations

We have collected for you interesting facts about what people can be considered leaders in pasta, chocolate, cheese, ice cream, and so on.

And here they are.

For example, who eats the most macaroni — so it is Italians, consume up to 30 kg per year, the Germans are in second place, then the Swiss and Russians. The latter eat about 5.5 kg. Pasta lovers should remember one essential detail: only products made from durum wheat, rich in easily digestible fiber and protein, bring health benefits.

Therefore, in the composition of high-quality spaghetti, for example, such as Pasta zara, there should be only flour and water.

Most cheese eaten french, about 23 kg a year for a brother, and the Dutch for 10 kg, while the share of a resident of Russia is only 5 kg.

When buying cheese, you also need to pay attention to the ingredients: valuable human proteins, calcium and other beneficial substances are found only in the natural product, but not in the surrogate, where up to 30% of milk fat can be replaced with palm oil.

Most Americans use ketchup, but they are followed by Russians, holding one of the highest rates in the world — about 1.7 kg per capita. The most popular sauce on the planet not only has a wonderful taste, but also contains the natural antioxidant lycopene, whose concentration in ketchup is higher than in raw tomatoes.

However, only a natural product, such as Heinz, containing only specially grown tomatoes, natural vinegar, spices and spices.

Largest consumers chocolateSwiss, each swiss eats almost 12 kg of chocolate a year.

Our sweets get no more than 5-7 kg, which is much lower than the consumption in the USA and Western Europe.

If you want to buy a natural delicacy, do not be seduced by a chocolate bar made from tropical fats: cocoa butter, cocoa powder or cocoa mass must be part of the quality product.

Ice cream most eaten by New Zealanders, more than 26 liters per year, Americans — 24.5 liters, Australians — 17.8 liters. Meanwhile, the average Russian inhabitant eats less than 3 liters of chilled dessert. And even then, 60% of the ice cream sold in the country is a substitute made from palm and coconut fats. As part of this ice cream, such as, for example, "Clean line", contains milk, condensed milk, natural cream, and sugar.

And no vegetable fat.

Pizza more like not Italians, and the americans, each of which absorbs 13 kg of this baking annually. And only in second place — the Italians, who eat 7 kg, despite the fact that in a week the inhabitants of the Mediterranean country eat 56 million pizzas!

Russians lag behind, consuming less than 2 kg per person per year.

Pizza can be not only tasty, but also useful, provided that it is made from natural products.

Those who are afraid to get better, it is desirable to prefer chicken and vegetables to sausage and fatty cheeses.

Meats are eaten more than other residents of Luxembourg, where annual consumption of beef is 43 kg per person, they are a little behind the americans — 42 kg, while the Austrians and Germans hold the championship in pork — respectively, 60 and 55 kg per year. The Russian accounts for about 17 kg of beef and 12 kg of pork. Meat products — a source of essential vitamins and amino acids.

However, for the sake of safety, it is better to purchase them in trusted outlets, where they will provide a certificate of quality for meat.

Fish prefer, of course, Japanese, they eat about 70 kg of fish per year, which is 4 times more than residents of other countries. Russians cost 20-25 kg. Fish must be present in the diet.

It is a healthy food that is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and many other vitamins and microelements.

Here, just buy it preferably in specialized departments of large supermarkets or in specialized stores, where the freshness and quality can be documented.

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