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The main gastronomic sights of Israel

The main gastronomic sights of Israel

In Israel, the season is not hot yet, but you can already swim, the markets are full of fresh fruit, and the restaurants of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are determined to lure you to try the summer menu

In the best humus series of the city — a tiny institution known as Ali caravan in old jaffa. From 6 in the morning there is a queue here, on the surrounding ruins picturesquely located customers places with plates of hummus.

However, local hipsters prefer another place — Garger hazahav in the area of ​​the Lewinski market, there is a cafe with an open kitchen, where it is hosted by a colorful character in piercings and tattoos.

Here trendy guys hang out who share breakfast with their dogs.

Hipster Hummies in Jaffa

In the cafe «Ras el Hanut», where they treat baked whole cauliflower with olive oil, as well as a mixture of vegetables, baked in parchment.

In the bakery and pastry shop Adouelafia, operating here since 1879.

Here they make traditional sweets, as well as bread and other pastries, for which many specially come from other areas of Tel Aviv.

In old jaffa there is an art object — an orange tree, which is suspended on ropes in a stone egg.

It symbolizes the achievements of Israeli agriculture, because in just a few decades the local desert has become a plantation of olives, oranges, tomatoes. “And trees grow on stones,” perhaps it’s said about Israel.

By the way, unusually fragrant and juicy oranges from Jaffa — this is already a local specialty, it is from them that the famous orange pie is made.

In the Basma coffee shop in old jaffa.

Cafe’s owner, Alia, prepares coffee and pastries according to the recipes of her Lebanese grandmother.

Maamul rings are especially good — rings filled with date paste and sprinkled with sesame seeds, as well as Bedouin sweets, such as brushwood sumsumit.

Desserts of Israel: very sweet and very tasty

Tel Aviv

At the Lewinsky Market at Pereg Spices Shop, where two vigorous old women sell various herbs — sumac, zaatar, saffron, and most importantly — original mixtures, for example, majadara (rice with lentils, raisins, herbs and fried onions). Boil for 20 minutes, and it turns out a bright aromatic dish.

It is not necessary to cook some mixtures at all — it is good to sprinkle mashed potatoes or oven-baked potatoes with a mix of fried onions with pistachios and herbs. peanuts with spicy herbs and olive oil are great for bulgur, quinoa or vegetable salads.

Ready-made mixtures of spices and cereals in the Lewinsky market

In confectionery Albert. An old shabby institution c furniture that has done the best of times, where they make stunning marzipans, wet meringues and other goodies.

The dusty glasses of the restaurant are plastered with dozens of colored paper — the restaurant guide mapa.co.il annually recommends Albert to local and weed-in lovers.

In the Carmel market — on Fridays here is a flea market and food market. A lot of street food — falafel, donuts, bureks, pies, Venezuelan and Mexican dishes.

In huge pans fry vegetables, kebabs and shakshuku.

Fresh juices are squeezed out and fruit mixes are made.

There are a lot of hacks in Israel’s markets too.

In the chocolate workshop Ika, which opened in the city of chocolatier Ica Cohen. Ica works in tandem with Danish pastry chef Peter Svingingsen, and this couple has already managed to win several international competitions.

Ika came up with an unusual water ganache for sweets, for which she uses the purest water with a neutral taste Iskilde. This, by the way, is served in the restaurant Noma. The second find, which brought Ike many awards, is ganache from olive oil.

Peter used to work as a graphic designer, then became interested in desserts, and now he is experimenting with various kinds of chocolate and fillings.

Ica is sure that she can make the best chocolate in Israel and compete with the leading chocolatiers of the world.


Eucalyptus Restaurant. Moshe Basson, the chef and the owner of the restaurant, restores Old Testament recipes, does not use products that are prohibited by the rules of kashrut, but actively uses new technologies and cooking techniques. Eucalyptus is a restaurant with traditionally-revolutionary cuisine, however strange it may sound.

Chef Basson is a cook of a wide profile, and in his restaurant everything is thorough, decorous and noble.

In the restaurant Machane Yehuda.

Three chefs-owners every day compose a new menu of products that they bought in the morning on the eponymous market located in the same side.

The main star in this top three is Assaf Granit, he hosts the culinary television show Knifes Fights — the equivalent of the famous Master chef show.

Hummus. Those who think that hummus is just a spread on bread are mistaken.

May the wrath of Yahweh fall upon them!

Hummus is Israeli “our all”. One of the main local specialties and the most popular ingredient in many dishes.

If you want to eat on the go, all the products will be laid in a pita, you want to have a quiet snack at the table — put it on a plate.

There are several variants of hummus — there is humus ful with Egyptian beans fava, there is a mesabah — hummus, which is cooked for 24 hours and served warm, and finally — the most common option is a cold creamy substance, homogeneous or with boiled chickpea.

In the hummus, boiled cauliflower is served, it is plentifully added to baked peppers and eggplants, and to various salads.

In many restaurants, hummus is used as a pillow base for vegetable and meat dishes.

A few years ago, they even made an ice cream with a hummus flavor, but it was not very popular, the Israelis prefer the original version.

Hummus in Israel is prepared according to several recipes. And everyone is good

Hatsilim — traditional Israeli snack. In fact, this is a variation of the famous Baba Ganush — baked eggplants are peeled, the pulp is ground in a blender together with roasted onions and garlic, lemon juice, tekhina and olive oil.

Some also add brown sugar.

Local Chocolate Orange liqueur sabra.

Shaksuku — scrambled eggs with peppers and tomatoes. By the way, shakshuka is a topic for experiments of young chefs who make green shakshuku with spinach and even sashimi shakshuku. Young chefs are trying to create a new Israeli cuisine — experimenting with recipes of grandmothers who came from different countries.

This is how the modern culinary style of Israel is born.

Top 10 Israeli specialties:

hummus, shakshuku, shavarmu, sabyh, falafel, labane with zaatar (fermented milk drink or creamy cheese with spices), feta with watermelon, a mixture of freshly squeezed berries and fruits, afuf coffee («upturned coffee» — something between cappuccino and latte ), dry red wine from the Judean Hills and Limonan region (lemon juice with mint leaves, sugar and ice, crushed in a blender).

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