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The effect of wine strength on his taste

For a long time, it was believed that a wine with a high alcohol content has a more intense taste and more like the consumer than a «weak» wine.

Recent research scientists refute this assertion.

Neurologist Ram frost of Basque Center for the Development of Intelligence, Brain and Language published on the portal Plos one publicly available results, such controversial for many studies: “Over the past few decades, winemakers have relied on the production of wines with a higher alcohol content, suggesting that it has a higher consumer rating.

To test this hypothesis, we used magnetic studies to compare the human response to different wine samples.

At the same time, they focused on the areas of the brain that are responsible for processing taste and selecting the best product. ” Ram Frost and his colleagues used MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to measure brain activity in 21 people (exclusively amateurs, not professional sommeliers) who, under the supervision of inquisitive scientists, regularly — no more than once a week — drank wine. The experiment participants were invited to try samples of various red wines.

A scan showed that brain activity was stronger when tasting a weaker wine compared to a stronger sample.

This study showed that consuming “weak” wines, people focus more on the aroma of the drink, because “strong” wines often lack grace and alcohol overshadows the subtle nuances of aroma. «A wine with a smaller strength is more likely to reveal a general taste than a stronger“- concluded the Spanish scientist from his research.


Andrei Fisenko, sommelier of the restaurant “Projector”
It is not necessary to be a scientist in order to draw the conclusion proposed in the article, it is rather a matter of experience. A simple example, if a person wants to spend an evening with wine, this requires a special mood and atmosphere. He will order 90% refined, meditative wine, which will be interesting to drink.

If the drink is only a part, accompanied by the evening, then the wine will most likely be simple, quick to read, not requiring analysis. To understand and love the Burgundian wines, you need to treat them with attention and knowledge, because the taste of such wines is very subtle, they do not try to please everyone.

And there are more alcoholic, more powerful and simple wines, they will be available to the man in the street and the beginner. Hence the conclusion, why strain, if you can immediately choose a more understandable? Even an experienced person needs time to understand elegant wines with multi-faceted taste, and it is doubly insulting to order an expensive position and not appreciate it.

It seems to me that a sommelier should not operate with categories better or worse; it is worth replacing them with words that are understandable and not clear.
The statistics and information presented in the article do not cause controversy, my experience confirms it, but it is not clear why to go in such a difficult way and use high technologies.

If a sommelier is a professional, then he can, without deep research, designate the above.

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