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The economical hostess: six dishes from Brussels sprouts

The economical hostess: six dishes from Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts is a super vegetable!

And the economical and skillful hostess will always have a place in the kitchen for her.

We offer 6 proven recipes.

Guest from Belgium have a lot of advantages. First, it is miniature, which means that it is not necessary to shred and clean it. Just boiled, fried, baked whole.

Secondly, it is easy and convenient to work with it. Brussels sprouts are often cooked in two stages: first boiled in salted water or steamed for 5-7 minutes (for frozen it is enough 3 minutes) until it becomes soft and can be easily pierced with a fork. Then fried or baked.

If you put boiled cabbage into ice-cold water, it will acquire a bright green color. Third, pick fresh Brussels sprouts easily.

Buy dense coaches without yellowness and stains — those that seem heavy to you for their size. You can also freeze it easily. To do this, blanch the cabbage for about 1 minute, then put it in a bag — and in the freezer.

So it can be stored for a month.

And she didn’t fill the edge with everything and always brings something new, her own, into the dish.

The emerald coaches of this miniature cabbage are included in a peculiar list of products of the national heritage of the Belgians, along with chicory (aka endive), chocolate, waffles and cookies. Start your acquaintance with her by preparing this hearty dish.

Brussels sprout with bacon can be a snack, and the main hot — all at your will.

Brussels sprouts with bacon

Such a lush, ruddy and delicious omelet made from affordable products is an excellent dish for working days. Preparing fast and easy. And if you add Brussels sprouts to it, it will go beyond the usual omelet.

Perhaps an omelet with Brussels sprouts will even become your signature dish.

Omelet with Brussels Sprouts

This is another variation of soup. Cabbage is, but it is Brussels and color.

Try to cook cabbage soup with brussels sprouts and cauliflower, and you will be something to surprise home.

Cabbage soup with Brussels sprouts and cauliflower

Aintopf (eintopf) — a dish of German cuisine, both the first and second. Aintopf is a thick soup that is cooked in water or broth.

We prepared Eintopf with Brussels sprouts and were satisfied with the result.

Ayntopf noodles with Brussels sprouts

Clafoutis is one of the most famous French pies.

By tradition, this cake is made with fragrant wild cherry without removing pits from it.

French peasants took such a cake with them as a dinner during haymaking.

The name comes from the word clafir, which means “fill in.”

The cake is also interesting because it contains almost no flour, and the basis is eggs and cream.

In addition, if any other fruit appears in this dessert instead of a cherry, then according to the rules it should be called flognarde (flonyard).

Probably, this pie with broccoli and Brussels sprouts should be called that in a salty version. but we like klafuti more.

Klafuti with broccoli and Brussels sprouts

For this truly winter cake, you can use a lot of different cabbages. In the course go white, broccoli and Brussels. They differ from each other in taste, and the cake will only benefit from it.

First, fry each separately in vegetable oil until golden brown.

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