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The economical hostess: five dishes of beans

Alyona Spirina, a food blogger and a noble baker, prepared 5 dishes from white and red beans — salad, soup, stews in two versions and toasts for a snack.

Dry beans — one of the most undervalued products, in my opinion. And it is in vain!

Dry beans are available, inexpensive, healthy, and you can make anything from it, from snacks to desserts.

In addition, a variety of varieties, colors and sizes of beans provides space for culinary creativity.

The only drawback of dry beans is that it takes quite a lot of time to cook it.

Therefore, it makes sense to cook a lot at once, at least a kilogram.

But you can cook different dishes all week, and no one will complain about the monotony!

On a day off, I boiled two kilograms of beans for a family of four: the usual red and large white lima.

Cooked beans as usual, pre-soaked in salted water, with onions, carrots and spices.

By the way, boiled beans weighs two times more than dry, keep this in mind. I cooled it, put it in separate containers and put it in the fridge.

And during the week I cooked five wonderful dishes, spending quite a bit of time, effort and money.

Chili con carne with beans — for vegetarians and those who fast

To taste, this vegetarian version is in no way inferior to chili with meat (chili con carne).

And if you exclude sour cream, vegetarian chili turns into a full-fledged hearty and flavorful lean dish.

Vegetarian chili

Cooking this nutritious bean salad with pepper and celery will take only a few minutes if you have pre-cooked beans.

It is convenient to take it with you to work as a separate dish or serve as a side dish to a fried chicken breast.

Bean Salad with Peppers and Celery

Stew with beans — rich and fragrant, for friends and not only

White bean stew with smoked bacon is a great idea for lunch with family or friends.

This chowder will warm the body and soul in the cold season.

White beans with smoked bacon

Hearty, aromatic, exceptionally healthy dish.

Preparing a bean stew with turkey and pumpkin rather quickly.

And if you exclude a turkey from it, you get another version of the dish — for vegetarians and those who keep the post.

Bean Stew with Turkey and Pumpkin

White bean puree toasts are an original appetizer that is suitable for both everyday and festive table.

For the preparation of bean puree in the season of cherry can be replaced by ordinary tomatoes.

And this bean "pate" it would be nice to cook on the eve of the filing — he "pick up the taste" and it will be even better.

White Bean Puree Toast

It must be said that the products used to prepare all the dishes were bought in an ordinary Moscow supermarket, and their cost amounted to 1,880 rubles.

Of course, this amount does not include the costs of some basic products that are bought for the future and is always on hand: salt, sugar, pepper, spices and spices, soy and Worcester sauce.

The remaining beans would be good to put in a container, pour water or bean broth (if preserved) and put into the freezer. Ready beans at the right time you can get, quickly defrost and cook any of the proposed dishes or something else no less beautiful.

For example, to collect in the refrigerator all the meat and sausage leftovers, add one stewed duck leg and cook something like a kassule.

You can, of course, buy canned beans. But in this case, do not forget to pour the brine out of the jar and rinse the beans with running water. And, by the way, canned beans are significantly more expensive than dry.

Do not believe — count yourself!

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