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The descendant of General Charles de Gaulle revolutionized space

The descendant of General Charles de Gaulle revolutionized space

Those who are interested in human space flight know how thoughtful the cosmonauts’ food is.

At the same time, until recently, only rare products were banned in space. This is yeast pastry / bread and carbonated drinks. The descendant of General Charles de Gaulle made a revolutionary breakthrough by developing a bottle for champagne.

Now space tourists can sip champagne in orbit while glancing at Earth from a porthole.

Perhaps someday the astronauts will raise a toast in flight.

In 2015, we were able to visit Star City for a tasting of space food. Its participants were the future crew of the ISS 44: Gennady Padalka, Mikhail Kornienko and American astronaut Scott Kelly.

The conquerors of space tried dishes from the menu, which was compiled by Russian experts, and dishes that they rated perfectly and well should have been their food during the 93-day space expedition. After the tasting, we talked a bit with the crew and asked them a few questions.

Among them was the question of what cosmonauts lack in space.

Russian cosmonauts called kvass and rye bread, Scott mentioned Pepsi and Coca-Cola and joked that sometimes I would like to drink a glass. «After all, even the submariners have alcohol in the rations, and the worse we are?«.

Why such exceptions?

Even the most microscopic particle of brewer’s yeast used to bake bread can have a negative impact on the work of the spacecraft, as well as uncontrollable bubbles of carbon dioxide.

How to adapt the yeast bread for the space menu, experts still have to figure out, but carbonated drinks will soon become the norm in space.

Maison Mumm, specializing in the production of barbecue arsenals, together with the space agency Spade and its founder Octave de Gaulle, descendant of the famous hero of France, presented project Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar Project. This is a champagne bottle, suitable for space flights in all respects — in conditions of weightlessness it will not lose more than one drop of bubbly beverage.

Plus special wine glasses.

The bottle consists of two parts.

Champagne is poured into the top, and a special valve in the lower part, working on the carbon dioxide power of the drink, supplies the wine foam in small portions.

She is already in the mouth turns into a real champagne.

However, while innovative bottles will not be delivered to the ISS. Now the use of alcohol on the International Space Station is prohibited. Champagne will delight only space tourists, because they do not need to perform professional tasks on board and they can drink some alcohol.

Crews of the ISS can only rejoice special space espresso coffee.

To drink or not to drink.

Not to drink!

Back in 1985 US Federal Aviation Administration conducted a study whose goal was to find out the effect of alcohol on a person at a high altitude and performing complex thematic tasks.

The study involved 17 men. They drank vodka both at ground level and in a cell in which conditions were the same as at an altitude of 12,500 feet (3.7 km).

They were asked to perform mathematical operations in the mind, to track the movement of signals on an oscilloscope using a joystick, and to undergo many other tests.

Researchers have shown that and on Earth, and at a height of about 4 km, alcohol affects a person almost equally.

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