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The chef of the century Joel Robuchon died

French chef Joel Robuchon, whose directory Gault & Millau called «the cook of the century», died on August 6 in Geneva at the age of 73 years old.

Without this man, the fate of French and world cuisine today would be different.

He was called the best French-speaking chef of the century, the legend of the culinary world. By the age of fifty, he had reached the pinnacle of recognition — a nominal restaurant, three Michelin stars, popularity and respect of his colleagues, but … Joel Robuchon decided to change the scope of his activities and focus on the transfer of his knowledge. He rendered the ready haute cuisine on television and with film director Guy Job over more than 10 years led the most popular program Bon Appetit Bien Sûr.

Every week he invited one of his colleagues, and together they demonstrated simple and refined recipes, gave advice and showed techniques that made high-class cuisine more accessible to the general public.

His two monumental works — «Big cookbook» and «French Regional Cuisine» were transferred to 20 languages, including Russian.

Robuchon generally set trends with ease.

He revived the recipes of regional cuisine, which, it seemed, were of no interest to anyone with the advent of molecular technologies, and introduced them into the menu of his restaurant, and then completely into the global cooking world.

No wonder Joel Robuchon will go down in the history of world cooking, including as the author of the world’s best recipe … mashed potatoes!

AT 2003 he created the main project of his life — the first restaurant L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon opened its doors in the 7th arrondissement of Paris and at the same time in Tokyo, thus breaking the traditions of high cuisine. Disregarding the canons of creating a classic French restaurant, Robyushon took the kitchen into the hall, seated guests along the bar and showed them in real time the whole process of cooking.

It was from Robyushon’s hand that the notion of “open kitchen” became a worldwide phenomenon of restaurant reality.

Success in Paris and Tokyo pushed Joel Robuchon to develop this concept across continents: Las Vegas in 2005, New York, London and Hong Kong in 2006, Taipei in 2009, Publicis Drugstore in Paris in 2010 , Singapore in 2011 … In the intervals between trips to countries and continents, he stayed for a long time in his Paris laboratory, where he developed, prepared and tested recipes of dishes that were then replicated around the world.

He seemed tireless and his energy and imagination would be enough for everything: a 3-star gourmet restaurant in the castle right in the center of Tokyo, a 3-star restaurant in Macau on the roof of a casino, a 3-star restaurant right in the center of the MGM casino in Las Vegas … Tea shops, pastry shops, sushi bars based on Japan adored by them … K 2015 year Robyushon institutions brought him a total 28 Michelin stars, more than any other cook in the world.

It seemed that this brightest star will never go down. But alas …

According to the newspaper Le figaro, For several years, Joel Robuchon struggled with pancreatic cancer, but tried to hide the disease from family and the press. Shortly before his death, he sold out his establishments, since he could not personally control them. The star has gone out, but its reflected light continues to live in those to whom the “cook of the century” passed on their knowledge and experience.

And there are a lot of them.

No wonder his friend and colleague Pierre Gagnaire said: «Every second cook in the world can consider himself a student of Joel Robuchon.»

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